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Blast your horn to the beat of the tracks with the Trigger Horns Convoy Single Trumpet Train Horn. Use this product in a safe and responsible manner, at a distance of at aleast 100 feet from others.
I've seen this tonight at a local mall's parking lot ( nope, not a wallmart ) on a Mazda pick up truck , truly amazing !
I agree, as I've seen quite a few guys with HD trucks run them - but the thing is they usually take the to mount the horns on the frame rails tucked up and out of the way, rather than mounted on a rack such as this fellow has. The perfect way to bolster the one-of-a-kind style of your truck or SUV, air horns direct a 115 decibel shot of customized sound to anyone within earshot.

Tuned to capture the spirit of the railroad, train horns announce your unmistakable arrival on the scene like a locomotive tearing down the tracks.From hood to cargo area, you can add an air horn kit to virtually any spot on your truck or SUV. In fact this train horn kit provides the most popular freight train horn of the 60s, the AirChime P5, paired with a reliable, fast-filling 5 gallon air system. What's more, thanks to the included heavy-duty mounting hardware and detailed installation guide, they are a breeze to install. The construction of these horns includes rubber gaskets to help prevent wear and tear on the diaphragm through use. Designed to run on either 12V or 24V systems, these SUV and truck horns are as versatile as they are powerful.The folks at Trigger Horns are known for manufacturing the loudest and most durable horns around.

These horns will provide years and years of service with the least servicing of any railway horns.
Crafted from elegant stainless steel, Trigger train horns for trucks and SUVs are stylish, rust-resistant and built to last.
And, your Trigger Horns Convoy Single Trumpet Train Horn is backed by a solid limited Lifetime Warranty.

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