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The pressure really mounts because there is little time in between trains and everything needs to be just perfect for each train.
Museum members are afforded the priviledge of purchasing Polar Express tickets before they are offered for sale to the general public. This train departs daily from Williams, Arizona, about 30 miles west of Flagstaff just off Interstate 40. The Polar Express trains are expected to sell out, so Bassett said he recommends families buy and reserve seats early to avoid missing out. A museum official stated that many people became members solely to be allowed to purchase Polar Express Tickets early. At least this year, a family did not need to purchase a museum membership for each member of their family in order to purchase tickets in advance of the general public. The trip measures 65 miles and takes 2 hours and 15 minutes each way, 45 minutes faster than in 1901 when the train made its first trip.

I would strongly suggest that people make reservations so I saw this before & thought it may be worth a look. If a family purchased a $20 children's membership to the museum this year, they then had the opportunity to purchase, in advance of the general public, an unlimited number of Polar Express tickets.
Membership to the musem offers much more, however, than the mere chance to purchase these tickets early. All memberships include: Free Admission at the California State Railroad Museum Free Excursion Train Rides on the Sacramento Southern Railroad* 10% Discount at the Museum Store in Old Sacramento + 15% Discount on Photographic Reproduction Orders from the California State Railroad Museum Library. Home to the scenic and historic Royal Gorge Route Railroad, considered one of the most spectacular scenic railroads in the world. The railroad prides itself on providing both a spectacular scenic rail journey through the Royal Gorge and offers exceptional service. Annual Membership Pin Donor Book Recognition *During the regular operating season April through September and excluding special ticketed events and train rides As of the date of this article, the museum stated that they do not intend to add additional Polar Express rides during the 2009 season.

If, however, additional tickets do go on sale this year, this article will be updated immediately. As the NNRy begins its trips to the North Pole for families and people of all ages to enjoy, Bassett said the trains represent the best of the holiday season and something that can draw families back again and again. Wanted ads are starting to appear , appealing for ticketholders to part with their tickets. Families can still visit with Santa, on Thanksgiving weekend, by purchasing a 'Train Time for Santa' ticket.(916) 445-7387 During the month of October, the museum will offer the Halloween-themed, Spookomotive train .

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