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Hiking months are April - November, and the snowshoeing season is December - March at Whistler Train Wreck.
Decades ago, a train derailed here but since the cost to clean it up was considered too high, seven train cars were left scattered next to the beautiful Cheakamus River. Luckily for us they lived in a time when rock music was by its very nature amateur and obnoxious. In 1964 our Dallas band began as The Imposters, a name that truly fit us, for our musical abilities were – at best – crude.
The dog-friendly Whistler Train Wreck is located south of Whistler Village near the intersection to Function Junction. Our stage acts were notoriously stupid, our original songs were downright dumb and yet our ability to draw a crowd was very good. We played at the standard affairs – high school dances, local teen clubs, private parties and so on.
We actually hold the all-time attendance record at the famous Studio Club in Dallas outdrawing such bands as Kenny and the Kasuals, The Briks, The Chessmen and even The Yardbirds! We booked one hour, recorded four songs and ultimately released them on an extended-play 45. The results were pretty bad, but since our reputation was one of stupidity-with-a-beat, it didn’t matter. We never knew how many of the group would show up, or which ones of us would be among the present. If we were playing at a birthday party or gas station grand opening or some other gala event, and four guys showed up, it would sometimes be just the bass player, the harmonica blower, the tambourine rattler and the guy who carried the amplifiers.
So in 1965 we booked one solid hour in an upstairs, downtown recording studio, which was famous for recording on two tracks!

This turned out to be more than enough and we spent the last five minutes smoking cigarettes and planning our Grammy acceptance speeches. In The Rain Kings’ performances, we not only began to enjoy this audience confusion and sometimes anger, we courted it. After all, the only reputation we had was one of weirdness interrupted by occasional music, so we decided to maximize our public image and go for it all. Our reasoning was that merely being bad was not enough to bring in the patrons, and being bad and weird was somehow even worse. They will stop at an empty field and say “Look, here’s where old Henderson’s barn used to be.” They will watch mimes perform. Therefore, if it is presented right, people will watch anything.Crowds of curious and disappointed fans flocked in the high single digits to our Stupid Show.
We sang a hillbilly ballad from the 1930s accompanied only by the sound of tire tools pounding on wooden objects. We referred to this as “singing in the key of ‘R’”.We planned to be stupid, even billing ourselves as the world’s worst band. Richard Parker and Steve Howard Steve Howard and Richard Parker Richard Parker Richard on washboard, Jon Clifford shaking the antlers The Gretta Spoone Band – first lineup, 1967A Cabbage By Any Other NameBy our second year of playing I Know What You’re Trying To Do But You Can’t Get Away With It at various parties, fried chicken restaurants and parking lots, our reputation was solid and widespread. Therefore we could not get a job playing anywhere, not even if we paid them.We solved this problem by changing the name of our band after each performance. And by the time the word spread that you should never hire “Solid Jackson and the Catfish” for any reason, it was too late.
We had already changed our band name and were stinking up the joint somewhere else as “Gretchen and The Japanese Luggage”, “Andy Bednigo and The Dippy-Dippy Strolls” or “Little Patty Ann Montgomery and Her Fat Friends”.Eventually, while going over our list of potential band names for the week, we decided to make a demo recording at the same small walk-up recording studio downtown, where we had earlier inflicted four songs upon tape. One song we recorded at the time was about a blind man who received a magic pie from an angelic vision that promised to restore his sight.

It had a snappy beat and a cavernous organ lead that sounded like funeral music played at the wrong speed. It was a dandy song.Another song we unleashed that day was either called Bird Droppings or Mother Cabbage Makes Good, we could never decide on the final title. We also recorded other songs that day such as I’m A Little Fat Boy and I Do Believe You’re Dreaming, the latter a story of a man who talks to birds.In spite of the fact that the songs were dreadful, poorly conceived and badly executed, a local record company was delirious enough to think that something (God knows what) in the songs might accidentally catch on with some small portion of the great unwashed public. We still hold the recording industry’s all-time record for the “Single Recording Most Quickly Pulled From Release and Forgotten”.Luckily this horrible musical event did nothing more to besmirch the already lousy reputation of The Rain Kings.
The rest of us were hounded out of the business by music lovers.The 1992 reunion featured the original five Rain Kings.
We also re-recorded the original Imposters Living Room Tapes and after 27 years we still sounded like a train wreck.Richard ParkerThank you to Richard Parker for sharing his recordings, photos and history of the band.
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