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Skirmishers work seamlessly with other regiments in 9th edition, so there will be no problem with this play style.”Thanks to Molemantle for the tip off!So look out for Wood Elves coming in May! Log in to Reply admiralbiatch1991 133p said: On April 16, 2014It looks like the Wild Riders of Kurnous will be riding Thranduil-style and using Deers or Elks. Log in to Reply willy2fly 733p said: On April 17, 2014Can anybody give me a flavour of how Wood Elves currently play on the table top?

I imagine it will be slightly different when the new army book comes out but any advice would be useful thanks! Log in to Reply stew 48p said: On April 17, 2014The army is made up of light armoured troops (elves) or forest spirits (dryadsetc). I tend use a combination of the 2 troop types hitting bigger units with bow fire then gang up on it with the cc units with at least 2 units.

Log in to Reply chibi 3474p said: On April 21, 2014Apart from the Treemen I always thought the Wood Elves had rather good models, though the horses in the Forest seemed a tad weird to me.

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