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Bird Boyz Builders is proud to offer the eclectic and attractive wood sheds kits and products designed and manufactured by Handy Home Products. From small, simple garden sheds to larger, barn-style wood sheds, as well as gazebos, solar sheds and other outdoor wood shed kit accessories, Handy Home Products is sure to have a wood shed or item that suits your needs and compliments your yard and home. For a full product line of wood sheds from Handy Home Products please browse our online shopping site.

Handy Home prices do not include tax (no sales tax except for Wa residents) and delivery (if applicable) Handy Home prices include delivery to most areas. As one of the largest and oldest manufactures of wood sheds in the USA, Handy Home Products is quite a popular choice for backyard friendly and durable shed, storage and decorative products.
Our goal is to help you save money on a high quality product, as well as provide great customer service in helping you choose a wood shed that is right for you.

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