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As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. NEXT POSTHey Kids, Meet Frederic Chopin Learn about Frederic Chopin with a free printable worksheet. While my Lego club was displaying at a train show, during some down time I wandered the vendors and stumbled upon a store selling the Whittle Shortline cars. I've just uploaded shots of all of my freight equipment, click on the photo to see them all. My favorite is probably the SW1200 and it is a more complicated build than many 6 wide trains. If you poke around the photos, you'll see that I kept jumping around between different track options. It does perfectly combine all the wonderful things the LEGO universe is giving us: In the local TRU kids want to play hours with the Brio set-up they have there - pushing along trains, cranes, going up the slopes and all that. Flipping it over seems to work, but then it is a major pain to attach (I have not yet tried building the entire train upside down though).
The regular wheel holders are too narrow for wooden track unless you flip the train wheels backwards. Meanwhile, doing a quick google search, it would appear I'm not the only one at the intersection of lego and wooden railways.
Railbricks 12 has a really great motorized 4-wide train by Alban Nanty with smaller spacing between the rails.
The trucks are the same for the top two variants, while each of the bottom two are slightly different.
I like the bottom design (aside from the colors) but the transition from straight to curved kept breaking when played with. I also tried the ball joint couplings but found that they cause derailing on S curves (change of direction from curve to opposite curve). Great, my friends son has some of that wooden track and is really into Thomas and co right now. Earlier this week, I demonstrated how to attach LEGO bricks to wooden trains for LEGO minifigures to hold onto.
Using small balls of the poster putty, attach LEGO bricks to the outside of the wooden trains you want to customize. Just remember, this is not an activity for children who may still put toys (or poster putty) in their mouths. For long, thin LEGO plates, I found that a single line of lumps of the poster putty down the middle worked the best. Also, when it comes to Thomas and Friends engines, I would avoid putting poster putty on the engine’s faces.
Once I’d covered the first one, the Little Engineer’s hand was drawn like a magnet to the LEGO-covered train the instant he saw it! Other than the wobbling on the boiler, the LEGO bricks stick pretty well to the trains (until you want them to come off).
Also, if you have any traces of poster putty left on your trains or in your LEGO bricks after removing them, they come off easily if you dab them away with a larger ball of the putty. One of the engines we collaborated on was turning wooden Rosie from Thomas and Friends into the Smoothie Express, as the Little Engineer named her.
We were inspired by the LEGO Friends 41035 Heartlake Juice Bar set, which we had to have so our Star Wars minifigures could make smoothies for each other, just like we do in our own kitchen. Now, with the blenders from the juice bar set attached, Rosie can blend up two smoothies while she steams around the tracks! He thought it was funny, and wanted me to explain the name and what a phoenix was over and over. I think Wedge came in and saved the day, putting out the fire on the Heartlake Smoothie Shop.
We’ve since had even more adventures with more trains, but when I tried to take Fawkes apart to make something new, I was told to build him again.
Some product links on this site are affiliate links for products we think are worth checking out. Whittle Shortline Railroad's handcrafted railcars are made from reforested birch hardwood offering durability to outlast most childhoods. Tholepin it 12.00 Sir Henry Joseph Wood take aim Wheels Trucks Trains different types of Construction Equipment Children's Toys Lynden. Com Over one hundred release Wooden diddle Woodcraft Plans at disembarrass Crafts Network Toy wooden toy train plans free natural rubber banding Gun dally Train Tractor Cab Vintage Model wooden toy train plans.
Pins about Wooden Toys hand picked by Pinner John Lackland Bragg pick up more about Sir Henry Wood toys woodwork plans and wooden toys. In the midst of trying to get Epic Fun for Kids -- our new blog and YouTube channel -- up and running, I've been making preparations for the coolest summer wooden train layout ever. Bringing holidays and season into train play is always a fun way to renew interest in the trains and learn about these special times of year at the same time. Of all the kinds of scenery we've come up with to decorate our wooden train layouts, my favorite is most definitely snow. I kept my first two activities for the Winter Play Days series intentionally simple because I knew I was gearing up for something epic: wooden train ski jumping in honor of the Winter Olympics! These DIY wooden toy castles look fantastic with our wooden train tracks, but they were so easy -- and inexpensive! Our third Fall Invitation to Play in the series is a squirrel small world sure to delight any child who loves both woodland animals and trains! So easy to make, these DIY face stickers for Troublesome Trucks are a great way to add some personality to a child's wooden trains.
Warm breezes, blue skies, and -- most importantly -- dry ground: there's no better time to take toy trains outside to play in Seattle than the second half of summer. The Little Engineer has always loved having animal passengers for his trains, so it's no surprise that we jumped at the chance to make a zoo for his wooden trains as soon as we had the idea! When I'm asked for advice on beginning a wooden train collection, one of my first recommendations is an engine shed. From the earliest days of his train obsession, the Little Engineer has always loved sheds and roundhouses. In my post about our Valentine's Day in Vicarstown train layout yesterday, I promised I'd share my secret way to stick things to our wooden trains and buildings without worrying about ruining them.

Print a Worksheet Play Chopins Music Watch a YouTube video of Frederic ChopinsPolonaise Op.
17 (Xinhua) -- The Canadian stock market closed higher on Thursday amid rising commodity prices and positive U.S. Plus, you have shown how beautiful and diverse the trains can be made - this is what LEGO is about - there is virtually no limit to the varieties of rolling stock, trains, and track side stuff (provided you have the skills to do that, as you have). I will post more about the various track options I've attempted when I have time next weekend. The obvious solution of using the wide wheel holder doesn't work on wood track because the underside does not have enough clearance to make it across the track joints.
They work great on the old GeoTrax track as long as you don't have any facing point switches. It even includes instructions for the train, but you'd likely have to modify it to put rubber wheels for wooden track. Most notably, I used the two stud wide wheel holder for the wooden track and flipped the train wheels backwards to get the necessary vertical and lateral clearance, respectively (the trucks used in the top two designs are too low and catch on the wooden track joints). Well I've got to tell you, that little train of yours is a tour de force in using every square mm (and I bet it could pull a pretty good sized train too). Though we frequently have derailments because one of my boys likes long trains (I have no idea where that came from).
I’ve often wished that LEGO made a train that was compatible with wooden train tracks, but could be customized with any LEGO bricks he wanted to use. If you click on one, we will receive a small commission — at no additional cost to you — on anything you buy at Amazon or Lego for a certain length of time afterwards.
Flat LEGO bricks work the best, but feel free to get creative with whatever you have in your child’s LEGO collection. In addition to the choking danger, the little LEGO bricks were too difficult for the Little Engineer to build with himself until he started getting the hang of them at the age of three-and-a-half. The LEGO bricks wobble from side to side when placed along the round boiler, but I found that putting putty along both long edges of the LEGO didn’t improve stability. However, note that you can build up the front and back to the point that the magnets on your engine won’t be able to reach other train cars.
I think it would be fine to do it once or twice, but I’d worry about rubbing off the paint on the faces over time.
But the whole point of putting the LEGO on the wooden trains was to put more LEGO bricks on them!
But a pinner on Pinterest had a great suggestion to use a cheap wooden train and superglue the bricks onto it.
I thought this version of the Smoothie Express was fun, but when I was busy elsewhere, the Littler Engineer made it way better. I didn’t get a photo of it, but the Little Engineer also went and added the citrus juicer to the wooden train he had covered with LEGO and called it the Juice Express. Click on the banner ad below to see Mixel sets on the Lego website, or look for them at stores like Target. While playing trains for the last four years, my Little Engineer and I have had a lot of fun and learned so much together. This attention to detail on each wooden train component has entertained both children and collectors for years. DIY Wooden Toy Bulldozer Plans The Dozer Blade moves book binding & forth as the little Bulldozer rolls along There's something special approximately handcrafted. Devising Wooden Toys presentation 03 02 10 Fancy Pull Along Train twenty-two Wooden Toy Scripture 03 06 Patterns parts and kits for fashioning toys and models.
Wooden Natural Train Table and Train Set by KidKraft come to let you kids express their creativity.
Not only is it pretty, but it's also interactive: trains can plow through the snow on the tracks, or haul it around in freight cars.
When the Little Engineer extended the need for costumes to his stuffed animals, I thought, why should they have all the fun?
This is our second year making a Halloween train layout, and we had a lot of fun building on what we did last year. The Little Engineer was so excited to play Squirrel Train, and it turned into a creative, relaxing play experience for both of us. I have three other working solutions (including one with actual wooden track) that you can see in the various photos and that I will post more about in the future.
I am tempted to give this scale a try, given that we have a respectable collection of wooden tracks at home.
The newer GeoTrax track has a gear rack in the middle that causes similar problems as the wooden track. And while in the 4-wide land, RB12 even has instructions for building one of the Chuggington characters. He was especially pleased to see my full size LEGO trains running around, but seemed to want to push it.. I'm excited to share our discoveries with other people who have kids who love trains in their lives. STOP PRESS expectant We are developing a new Jnr Series of plans drawn especially for those new to the by-line of. Here are several easy ideas for ways to incorporate the holiday into any kind of toy train play.
This is a fun project to do with a child, teaching them about measurement along the way, or to give as a gift to round out a train collection with a unique piece. I wanted to build my own realistic looking trains that ran on wooden tracks, but I'd do it out of lego.
By temporarily attaching flat LEGO bricks to the outside of wooden trains in a way that won’t damage them, this makes for a really fun design project for any kid who loves trains.
Brightly painted and finished for added safety of the colorful base map with water, grass, and existing roads makes kids think creatively about where to place the wooden tracks. The curved rail segments do not have studs for most of the distance, allowing the overlap at all of the ties.
But it’s especially great for children who are into LEGO now but still love their old favorite trains, or for older and younger siblings to play together. Toy Plans 3 Pinned from Woodwork Project Paper programme wooden toy train plans to Build Wooden Toy.

VISIT US astatine http and start building now Your friends and customers bequeath screw this authoritative Vintage 1955 Wood Toy. Fun wooden play accessories are included and its compatible with Thomas the Train tracks and train.
The two drawbacks of this design are that you can only turn one direction (I think you could turn both ways if you strictly used 12v rails) and you can't have any switches.
The ability to build their own roads with a mountain, tunnel, and bridge obstacles further encourages original ideas. The forest Store Sponsored away woodwind instrument clip over 175 downloadable plans and Cornerstone Designs Great site for plans for flirt trains trucks Free plans and books for fashioning wooden toy.
They specialized inwooden toys, and in 1957, began producing a miniature wooden railwaysystem.
Peter Reynolds began importing BRIO trains into the UnitedStates in 1977, and continued to run the U.S. BRIO trains and tracksare manuctured in Sweden and China and are very high qualityproducts. Their train sets have become the standard that most othermanucturers compare themselves to. Thisadds some playability to the battery driven trains that isnt availablefrom anyone else (that I know of). Learning Curve licenses theThomas name in the United States, and its line ofwooden trains re-creates the characters of this seriesinwoodentrain and track sets thatare highly compatible with the BRIOtrains. However,around that same time, BRIO began expanding their line and also gotinto character-related trains. In addition to theirwooden furniture products, Nilo has recently introduced a couple ofunique accessories for your train set: KNEX Industries, Inc. One of the unique features of theMicki trains are that all the track pieces have only female cutouts,and theyuse small plastic connectors to join the tracks(seeimages).If you can find a retailer, theseconnectorscould be veryhelpful in filling those gaps in your own wooden track setups! Ofcourse, since I dont have any, I havent verified that they actuallyfit the other tracks from Brio, Learning Curve, and so forth, but theyappear to be compatible. They started in 1999,and products includemaple track, accessory buildingsincluding a nice roundhouse, a unique stackabledisplay case system Create-A-Case, and under-the-bed train tables.They also sell Thomas,Whittle Shortline Railroad train sets,and Tomy products. TheChinese trains that I saw in K-Mart still looked good, but Ive neverseen them outside of the packaging so I cant say for sure!
Ive also beentoldthat the sets use plastic connectors much like the Dixieland sets onthe main wooden railroads page.
Although this makes for danger forsmall children who might swallow them, it is great for flexibility. They have been in business since 1962,though Idont know when they began offering wooden trains. They feature awidevariety of sets and train vehicles, and they are generally compatiblewith BRIO and Learning Curves Thomas the Tank Engine sets. The additional blocks allow you to create bridges, passes, andtrackside buildings as your imagination allows. As of 2004, the separate stores haveclosed, and the products have beenabsorbed into Toys-R-Us stores.The Imaginarium line of trains werereleased November 2001, and a selection of products can be found atToys-R-Us stores. In some cases, Whittle Shortline RR mayeven buy back your older railcar if you decide you no longer want it.Some cars are considered collectibles, and you can call WSRR to seeif they would consider buying back yours!
By 1999, the businesshad grown too large to continue working out of the mily garage, andthey moved into the old Frisco Hotel, which coincidentally had beenbuilt in 1880 for the Frisco Railroad crews! The Maxim sets probably make a goodchoice for those starting on a budget, perhaps with a few BRIO orThomas trains added for character. Some of you parents may know KNEXthrough their unique building block toys that were highly popular a fewyears ago.BRIO advertising states thatBRIO wooden toys are made frombeechwood and birch. The wood is free from insecticides and toxicchemicals, and are selected to be free from knots and cracks.
BRIO uses paintrather than decals for the train colors (decals are used for logos,etc.), and some trains receive up to 60 coats of non-toxicpaint to resist chipping. The Heros Wooden Railway range started in the 1980s, afterstarting with the use of plastic track. Their main headquarters withits administration and production cilities arelocated in the outskirts of the renown Bavarian Forest climatic healthresort of Lam, near the Czech border. These will likely be less durable thanaluminum, but are also less expensive, at least for USA purchasers! Some of the items include a fire station withfire truck, a railway train with cargo truck, a railway lifting bridge,and a train station with car. The engine lookslike an animal(either a dinosaur, an alligator, or a frog), and a whole series ofcage cars are available, each with a rubber animal inside.
The reasonthey are called the AlphaZoo Express, is that the entire alphabet is(or was) available. Each letter car features an animal whose namestarts (orin the case of the lynX, contains) the appropriate letter of thealphabet. The animals are very realistic looking, since the ofrubber animals is Sari Ltds specialty. They offer a Mountain Set with a plasticmountain (about $70) and a Western Set with Timber Logs (LincolnLog®type) buildings.
They feature trains with little people,such as aconstruction car and worker, a school bus, and a tractor with rmer.Some oftheimport sets I have seen on e-Bay and elsewhere appear to be Maxim setseven though the sellers dont say who the manucturer is. New sets for BRIO Wooden Railroad Suppliersinclude a line of Disneycharacters (Mickey Mouse) and a new Network line of track andcharacters, that go along with a cartoon. The cartoon is of a series ofcharacters that live inside a computer, and have to combat the Viruscharacters that are always trying to mess things up. The plastic even looks wood-grained, and fits the otherwooden tracks as featured on these pages. You can click the buy onlinelinks at the manuctures website to find sites that sell the trains onthe Internet.
Itis a flexible, bendable length of track that can be shaped in a varietyof ways to make sharp curves, unique ramps, and so forth.

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