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72 hours -- it's the "generally accepted" time period that most mainline preparedness experts say we should all be ready to rely on ourselves with absolutely no help.
The Featherweight bag is designed with this concept in mind, but as I mentioned, we give you a few more items to increase your chances of stretching that 72 hour window out a bit. The Featherweight Go Bag allows you to grab one single, lightweight bag and go out the door with confidence that you have enough food and water to stay alive for 72 hours -- plus extra equipment that run of the mill survival kits do not have. We purchase insurance for things like our cars and homes -- even our life -- and we are quite happy to NOT use it.  Being prepared to obtain clean water, food, and safety is no different than any other type of insurance. Life-giving essentials, like clean water, food, and safety or shelter -- these are the the things Americans must be prepared to provide for themselves in the case of a crisis.  Historically, FEMA cannot cope with large scale disaster.
The right piece of equipment can make your life easier, allow you to do things that otherwise you couldn't, and let's be honest, sometimes it's just plain fun, right?  Identify how comfortable you want to be if the power was out for good, if the stores had no goods to sell you, and if you could not leave your home for weeks at a time.  Once you have the answers to these questions, you can begin the process of saving the money you need to purchase the equipment that will help you do what you want to do.

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