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Stately sequoias and other conifers planted near its edge trick the eye to believe one might be in the High Sierras rather than in the heart of Old Town Tustin, a community between Los Angeles and San Diego, California. 1885 Victorian cottage housing a small restaurant and tea room, as a necessary but uninviting parking lot. In 2007, when after 22 years the business transitioned to a seasonal and special event venue, they were ready for a change. The women decided to rip out the asphalt and restore the quarter-acre lot into a naturalistic landscape.Their expanded cottage garden is now a wildlife-friendly mix of flowers, berries, edibles and ornamentals, which butterflies, bees and songbirds quickly discovered. At the heart of the garden, tucked in a space where cars once parked, Audrey envisioned a rustic alpine lodge. Sampson was hired, and the little lodge was completed last fall.Built in the Craftsman style, Sequoia Lodge shares the skyline with the gingerbread-trimmed original cottage and a nearby garden gazebo, called Summerhouse. Together, they evoke a small village where each building has its own character but relates companionably with neighboring structures.

Cobbled pathways and planted borders knit together the architecture and lure visitors to stroll through the grounds. Run your hands along their surface and you can feel each chisel mark made during the bark-peeling process. Tucked under the roofline, at its peak, are two small clerestory windows placed to invite light and provide ventilation. Pine-framed glass doors line the garden-facing side of the lodge, creating another source of natural light for the interior.
Garland, owner of 10 Forward Design, based in Mission Viejo, California, drew her inspiration from historical national park lodges, such as one at Yosemite.
A slate-lined niche reveals a Jotul cast-iron stove, the source of warmth on chilly evenings.
A 1940s bench-style sofa, piled with cushions and pillows, is pulled in front of the hearth, its upholstery inspired by a woven horse blanket, softened with use.
Decorated with pine, fir and cedar boughs, and voluptuous red pomegranates, the dessert and pastry buffet is visually satisfying as well as delicious. The afternoon and evening events will feature delicious holiday treats and great conversation with kindred spirits. The lodge is also the venue for private events, such as fireside author readings and musical performances with theater-style seating.

This intimate environment existed long in Audrey’s subconscious imagination before it was ever built.Piled with a mix of pillows, the 1940s bench welcomes visitors to the Sequoia Lodge. Like all of her canvases, the artwork reveals layers of meaning, symbolic imagery and love.
In the foreground of the painting, a lace-covered table is set for tea and dessert; the Christmas tree is festooned with garlands, strands and sparkling objects. The five petals symbolize Audrey’s five children (the number five appears in several places, including five book volumes resting on the mantel and a clock hand pointing to five minutes after the hour). Fanciful wallpaper scrollwork is actually a pattern created with the letters “M-C-C-H,” for McCharles House, “V” for Vivian, and “A” for Audrey. The candy-cane shaped cookies appear here in the painting, but real ones are ready to eat on the lavish buffet inside the lodge.

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