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The Woodland Critters (mistakenly referred to as Christmas Critters) are a group of deceptively cute, warm and welcoming, yet unimaginably evil creatures from the adult comedy-series South Park - although they were originally nothing more than figments of Eric Cartman's imagination they would later return as actual threats and the secondary antagonists of "Imaginationland". Although appearing as sweet, innocent animals in the style of old cartoon movies these sinister creatures are in reality one of the most outright malevolent forces in the show (at least in the episodes they appear in).
This is ironic as they were also worshippers of Satan, who - despite his reputation - is actually portrayed as a rather mild-mannered individual in the show and rarely commits true evil: in contrast the Christmas Critters not only commit evil but revel in it. Originally dedicated to giving birth to the Anti-Christ the Critters tricked Stan Marsh into building a nativity scene for them, believing they were going to give birth to the savior - however once Stan killed the mountain lion that routinely came down from the mountainside to stop the Critters they soon revealed the truth to a horrified Stan but seemed surprised he hadn't caught on. However Stan (with aid from Santa Claus and the mountain lion's cubs) managed to defeat the Critters and saved the world from the Anti-Christ - however these events were later revealed to be part of a story told by Cartman.
Yet despite this a while later the Christmas Critters would return, this time very much real, to lead the Evil Army in the war in Imaginationland -even the mass-murdering horror icon Jason Voorhees was disturbed by their intense sadism.
The members of the woodland critters are Beary the bear, Deery the deer, Woodpeckery the woodpecker, Rabbity the rabbit, Mousey the mouse, Porcupiney the porcupine, Squirrely the squirrel, Foxy the fox, and Chickadee-y the chickadee. Religion, God, and Theology Discussion of God, religion, faith, theology, and spirituality. You say you are NOT a religious person, yet you take the time topost a lengthy treatise on a particular religion (Satanism) on these boards. If I was a Satanist I'd have no problems admitting it to a bunch of strangers on the internet. The thing is , from what I understand , so called modern Satanists don't even consider it a religion.
It seems rooted in the belief in one's own power and the world in which we live, not some of hope of some divine being and the existence of an afterlife. The Woodland Critters are deceptively cute, but truly evil animals imagined by Eric Cartman, as shown in the episode "Woodland Critter Christmas".

They are a group of Satan-worshiping woodland animals created by Cartman in a Christmas story for a class assignment. The twelve critters are: Squirrely the Squirrel, Rabbity the Rabbit, Beavery the Beaver, Beary the Bear, Porcupiney the Porcupine, Skunky the Skunk, Foxy the Fox, Deery the Deer, Woodpeckery the Woodpecker, Mousey the Mouse, Raccoony the Raccoon and Chickadee-y the Chickadee. Most of the critters also have their own catchphrase or verbal tic; Squirrely's "now don't be down, y'all", Mousey's "I deduce", Beary's "but we got to -" and Chickadee-y's repeating of the last few words of her statements. They originally befriended Stan, but only to manipulate him into killing the Mountain Lion Cubs' mother. They befriended Kyle, and made him a host for the Anti-Christ, before being stopped by Santa Claus. They consist of 12 critters, namely Rabbity, Skunky, Beavery, Beary, Woodpeckery, Chickadee-y, Raccoony, Mousey, Squirrely, Deary, Porcupiney, and Foxy.
According to a piece of paper found in Stan's bedroom, they are found by entering the Lost Forest and going in the directions right, up, right, down, right, in order. It makes no promises concerning the afterlife and doesn't seem to involve rituals of any kind.
Though they appear friendly, they can manifest "evil Satanic powers", such as the ability to conjure fire. Because they were made up by Cartman they actually exist in the evil realm of Imaginationland, and were freed when terrorists destroyed the barrier separating the benevolent imaginary characters from the evil ones. They also seem to enjoy guro, evidenced by the fact that they had a blood orgy after sacrificing Rabbity the Rabbit in "Woodland Critter Christmas". After Stan realized they were Satan-worshippers, he tried to stop them, leading to them becoming enemies. The critters are faster than the other enemies of the game and tend to deal between nine and eleven damage to players' towers.

They can be found in a clearing in the Lost Forest next to a large Christmas tree, and ask the player to accept Satan as their one true lord. When the player approaches them, they ask the player to accept the true lord Satan as their savior, and if the player does, all 12 critters friend the player on Facebook. It's more of a combination of philosophy and parody, like Hedonism meets the Flying Spaghetti Monster. They originally appeared in "Woodland Critter Christmas", in which they attempted to bring about the birth of the Anti-Christ so that Satan can rule the world, but are ultimately killed by Santa Claus when he shoots them with a shotgun. In one scene, in which other famous villains such as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees argue as to what to do with a captured Strawberry Shortcake, the Critters actually disturb the other villains with their grotesque suggestions on how to mutilate, torture and kill Shortcake, with Jason Voorhees saying, "Man, I do not want to meet the kid that dreamt those things up." The Critters also raped (and presumably killed) a squad of American soldiers led by Kurt Russell that crossed into Imaginationland. They also seem enjoy seeing others suffer, they wanted to torture Strawberry Shortcake before they killed her in Imaginationland.
However, this story in itself was an "imaginary" one, and did not actually occur in the "real world" of the story. They managed to make a Tron Soldier's head explode, they also attacked and gangraped Popeye in the final battle, but did not manage to kill him. They were eventually all put back behind the barrier to Evil Imaginationland along with the rest of the evil imaginary characters after Butters used his imagination to restore Imaginationland back to the way it was before the terrorist attack.

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