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Welcome to WoodlandOwner - the site dedicated to the potential and seasoned private woodland owner. Woodland for sale was either found as a smaller part of a larger tract of land, owned by private landowner or corporate company or it covered substantial acreage in its own right and therefore is considered forestry. Over the past few years, however, there has been a significant development in the woodland market with the emergence of smaller private woodlands for sale.
It is a fact that woodland in Britain in threatened and there are very good ecological reasons for buying and replenishing woodland. Reports claim there were 63 passengers who were injured, 11 of whom were in critical condition. The initial concern was whether people were ejected from the train and landed in the water. A well-established mixed conifer and broadleaf woodland on a level site with road frontage, good access and a small pond.
The woodland comes with the benefit of full sporting rights, but these are let until 2nd February 2016. There is an obligation on the owner to maintain boundary fences and hedges in stock-proof condition. The woodland is subject to a 50% claw-back of uplift value resulting from any change of use. FOR SALE BY WAY OF INFORMAL TENDER BY FRIDAY 3RD FEBRUARY 2012 AT NOON.A rare opportunity to acquire a historic piece of woodland located in the area of woodland near Ashburton, Devon. A vigorously growing mainly young broadleaved woodland in a quiet remote and beautiful part of the Welsh countryside, near the market town of Tregaron in the county of Ceredigion.
Occasional mature broadleaves are found within the woodland and along the boundaries, especially Beech, which are an attractive feature of field boundaries and roadsides in this part of Wales.
The woodland is in a very peaceful location in a beautiful part of Wales and close to the market town of Tregaron. All the boundaries are fenced, but the western boundary and the roadside boundaries are actually the line of beech trees that lie outside the fence. The sporting rights are reserved to a previous owner, but the owner of Cryn Pren Wood has the right to shoot ground game, black game, squirrels, deer and pigeons. An ancient woodland of mature mixed broadleaves surrounded by other woodland in a very quiet location near Horsham in West Sussex. Bowhill Wood lies on a gentle southwest-facing bank sandwiched between arable fields and meadowland.
The oak are of fine quality and there is the prospect of selectively felling individual trees under an approved Forestry Commission thinning licence.
In the shrub layer, hazel (a native associate of oak) is widespread beneath the canopy along with holly, dog rose, hawthorn and elder. In spring the wood is alive with birdsong giving way at dusk to the sight and sounds of the nocturnal inhabitants including badgers, foxes and bats. Continue south for 1.8 miles and shortly before entering Betley Village turn left into Back Lane (immediately before a Tudor timber-framed cottage with a white metal rail fence).

Enter woodland at the barrier (B) and follow the new hard track for 350m to point D on the plan, marked by yellow-topped posts to left and right and a spur road off to your left. Meadowtown Farm, Minsterley, has a four-bedroom farmhouse and a comprehensive range of buildings, plus 43 acres of permanent pasture.
A vineyard, orchard, grazing paddocks and woodland are for sale in a 23-acre ring-fenced block of land at Pen-y-Clawdd, near Monmouth. The Wernddu vineyard extends to just over an acre planted with five varieties and the one-and-a-half acre cider and perry orchard includes 20 traditional types of apple and pear trees.
Just over 24 acres of woodland has come to the market near Cupar, Fife, for offers over ?65,000. Most of the woodland is a mix of broad-leaved native species, with scope for thinning, interspersed with an access track and open spaces.
Only a few years ago, there would have been literally no need for this website - private woodland owners were a very rare, if totally unknown, breed. These tend to be of far smaller acreage, usually between 5 and 20 acres and are purchased by private individuals for leisure purposes. A man was dead outside of the car, one was found in the first car and the third man was found near the third car. They claim it will take awhile before they will be able to assess all the injuries and damage involved. The New York City Police sent a dive team, helicopters, and a canine squad into the waters.
A White House official said the president’s thoughts and prayers are going out to the friends and families who had lost someone involved with the derailment. Once you have decided that you want to buy a woodland, you need to confirm this with us as soon as possible. They have been carefully checked by us but we cannot guarantee their accuracy and they do not form a part of any contract. The woodland area used to have two farm cottages located within the site going back to the early 1900's. The woodland was replanted after the felling of a previous conifer crop around eight years ago and is now well established. Scattered through the woodland are also groups of Norway spruce regeneration which have grown from the seed dropped by the previous crop of conifers. A quiet country road runs along the eastern boundary, with a gate and short track providing access inside.
This would produce some high value mill-wood and release the best retained stems to grow on well into the next century without affecting the overall structure and feel of this designated Ancient Woodland. The woodland floor is unusually clear of invasive vegetation and it is possible to walk to many parts unhindered. There are attractive views out to east and west over a landscape that has changed little in many decades. Drive along Back Lane for ½ mile and park in the lay-by (A) just before a locked steel barrier on your right (B).

There is a shuttle service being provided by the railroad between White Plains and Tarrytown.
Officials have gone through the site numerous times to make sure there weren’t any others hurt. Prospective purchasers must satisfy themselves, and we will give as much help as possible with all information we have available. These cottages have not been in existence since the1920's and after making enquires with Teignbridge Planning Department it is unlikely any development will be able to take place to replace the redundant, derelict dwellings.
It was planted with mixed broadleaves including oak, ash, birch and cherry, but has since had vigorous birch natural regeneration. These could be retained to add diversity to the species and landscape or removed if a new owner preferred an exclusively broadleaved woodland. A few large sweet chestnut are peppered through the canopy and there are scattered individual stems of other species including rowan, birch and a handful of large black poplar. Equally owners may elect not to risk dabbling with perfection, choosing instead to enjoy the windfirm groves of oak as they are.
The herb layer is almost exclusively populated by species associated with ancient woodland including wood anemone, wild garlic and dog’s mercury along with a dramatic seasonal display of bluebells. Yet all this tranquillity is just ¼ hour from the M6, Crewe and Newcastle-under-Lyme promising easy access from Manchester, Liverpool and the West Midlands. There is said to be a connection to Metro-North’s Harlem Line for those who are traveling in and out of the Grand Central Terminal.
If it were to occur on a workday, there would have been a lot more than just four people killed. The passenger told New York City reporters there were people who were thrown from one side of the train to the next.
The ground conditions are moist and there could be opportunities for pond construction with only a modest amount of work.
Cars can be driven to a private hard-standing area within the wood thanks to a newly upgraded all-weather forest track, which will also facilitate small-volume timber extraction. However, once you have written to us confirming that you want to buy a woodland, we will take the woodland off the market and we will not accept any other offer. There is also the benefit of a garden plot within the woodland which used to be the former gardens to the farm cottages, which has two small shelters one with an open fire arrangement ideal for shelter whilst using the woodlands.There is a blanket tree preservation order across the site but we understand from the current owners that the woodland is ideal to use as managed woodland with the majority of trees being ash and oak. The woodland would benefit from some thinning out of the natural regeneration should a new owner wish to invest a little time and effort. It is unfortunate that four people lost their lives today, but officials say this New York City derailment could have been a lot worse resulting in many deaths. The valley where the site is located is very accessible to the historic town of Ashburton and also the villages of Broadhempston, Woodland and Denbury.

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