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Outdoor fairy gardens are often located around trees, under bushes, next to stumps and in similar shady, partially hidden spots. With Rhododendrons In Southern Red Clay, More About Rhododendrons In Southern Red Clay by C.A. Fairy gardens are miniature gardens constructed of diminutive plants and tiny accessories designed to lure fairies. Numerous catalogs offer everything from the tiniest ornaments to fairy houses to entire fairy gardens, and most garden centers are quickly following suit. After all, fairies aren’t any more comfortable out in the blaring sun in the middle of the yard than you are.
The idea is to make the plants look like they’re in scale with the accessories and the fairy garden as a whole.

They can be outside gardens with in-ground plants, or they can be mini container gardens intended mainly for indoors – at least part of the time. Every fairy garden is highly personalized as the creator gets to pick whatever kind of setting catches their fancy. Part of the fun also is being creative in scavenging and crafting one’s own fairy-garden components. Two places to look first when plant-shopping for a fairy garden – the groundcover and herb sections. Dwarf conifers and dwarf boxwoods are two good species to check out in the nursery section. It’s much like bonsai, which in a way, is a cousin gardening style to fairy gardening.

Outdoor ones can be planted in boxes mounted on legs, in window boxes, in pots, in half whiskey barrels or in unexpected vessels, such as a birdbath, an antique washtub or a rusty wheelbarrow. Acorns become barrels, twigs can be fashioned into arbors, and broken, second-hand dish pieces make superb fairy garden paths. Smaller containers, such as bowls, old drawers and jewelry boxes, are portable enough to move in and out – or they can be inside-only.
These include choices such as creeping sedum, dwarf mondo grass, baby tears, ajuga, blue star creeper, creeping fig, miniature ivies and assorted mosses.

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