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Seattle has many wonderful holiday traditions to offer tourists in town for the week, or locals looking for something to boost their Holiday morale.
Gingerbread Village – The Sheraton Hotel is hosting the 20th annual Gingerbread Village, where each year very talented Sheraton chefs are matched with local architects to design some of the craftiest and extravagant gingerbread houses around! Elf the Musical- The Fifth Avenue Theater presents their spin on the Win Ferrel Christmas Comedy, and you can take a journey with buddy the Elf as he sets off on a quest to find his father, traveling from the North Pole, to the depths of NYC. Pacific Place Winter Wonderland– Pacific Place has a full schedule of free musical performances nightly now through December 31st in their atrium, and this year you may also get your picture taken with Santa! Woodland Park Zoo Wild Lights– Seattle’s first ever Zoo lights are here now through the new year! This entry was posted in Downtown Seattle - Belltown, Lake Union and tagged Christmas in Seattle 2012, Dope Burger, Gingerbread village, McCaw Hall, Pacific Place Winter WOnderland, PNW Ballet The Nutcracker, Seattle Belltown Blog, Seattle Christmas 2012, Seattle Christmas Activities, Seattle Christmas Events, Seattle Lake Union Blog, Seattle Lake Union neighborhood, Seattle Queen Anne Blog, The Elf - Fifth Avenue theater, The Fifth Ave Theater, The Sheraton Seattle, Woodland Park Zoo Lights on December 11, 2012 by admin.
Featuring over half a million lights, watch as the Bellevue Botanical Garden transforms into a winter wonderland with light displays that sparkle and shine! Enjoy 2.5 acres filled with over a million twinkling lights and tour inside the historic Victorian Belle.
And for all of our Supercharged Seahawks Fans, we’re bringing our Yellfie booth to the WildLights festivities for a chance to join our season-long competition in search of the loudest fan. Until then, may your holiday season be merry and bright, and we hope to see you this year at WildLights! We stopped by Washington Township Woodland Lights last night while doing the family thing in Dayton, OH. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. We arrived to meet our guide, Susan Harper, who graciously ushered us out onto a large golf cart. Strolling or riding through the botanical garden, you’ll find several different types of gardens to pique your interest.
There are so many trails and walkways through the gardens, as well as bridges, waterfalls, and more. Another feature that really caught my attention was the beautiful glass artwork throughout the gardens, created by James Hayes. We also caught spectacular views of Lake Hamilton and the Ouachita Mountains from Perry Wildflower Overlook, as well as glimpses through the woods as we drove along. Garvan Woodland Gardens has many locations that would make for a stunning, beautiful wedding.
Garvan Woodland Gardens was, hands down, my favorite part of our entire trip to Hot Springs.
About Latest Posts Mel LockcuffMel is a wife and homeschool mom to 2 boys, as well as a lifestyle and travel blogger residing in Northwest Arkansas. The holidays bring light displays to many communities, what use to be a single tree on the town square have become elaborate displays with millions of lights.
The best time to photograph outdoor holiday lights is after the sun goes down but before it is totally dark. First let me clarify that you can use most any camera and get great holiday light photos, this article however is dealing with using some of the advanced functions of a Digital SLR, mirror-less, or other advanced  camera. A good tripod is the photographers best friend, especially when doing night or low light photography. You will need a lens with the appropriate focal length for the scene you are shooting, generally a wide angle to normal lens works well and does not need a fast aperture since we will be doing long exposures at small apertures, in other words, a basic kit lens will work fine.
Set your camera to manual mode, it is actually the easiest mode to use for photographing holiday lights,  Most of the time the only setting we will actually be changing will be the shutter speed, this is what will control our exposure. Shutter speed is what we will adjust to change the exposure, if the image is too dark use a longer shutter speed, if the image is too light use a shorter shutter speed. Image stabilization (IS) is a family of techniques used to reduce blurring associated with the motion of a camera or other imaging device during exposure. Mirror lock-up (often abbreviated to MLU) is a feature employed in many Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras.
Note that when the mirror is in the up and locked position, the subject is no longer visible through the viewfinder. Combined with a remote or cable release, this greatly reduces the potential for vibration of the camera.

Shooting in RAW is capturing all of the data from the image sensor, this gives a much greater dynamic range and greater post processing capability. One of the issues with photographing twinkling or blinking lights is that you need to have a shutter speed long enough to capture all of the lights while they are on.
Start shooting before it gets totally dark, having some detail in the sky can add a great deal to the photo.
Any object in front of the light source will become black and silhouetted  and can create an interesting image. By slowly zooming the lens during a long exposure you can create some exciting abstract images. Normally our goal is always to have our subject in sharp focus, however you can create some unique images with out of focus highlights. Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. Post processing is a very important part of digital photography and my recommendation is Adobe Lightroom, which gives you the same processing that would have been available in a high end darkroom for film processing, plus a lot more. Use the video capability on your camera, sometimes a still photo just can’t capture the action.
The final an most important step to photographing holiday light displays is to actually go out and do it. Below is a map of the Arkansas Trail of Holiday Lights, click on the map for the complete brochure.
When I took my family to Garvan Woodland Gardens we enjoyed some hot chocolate and snacks from the Chipmunk Cafe and sat in front of an open pit fireplace located in the gardens. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive Kicker VIP Club contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. Each year they dedicate over 400 hours of designing, baking and building their works of art, seen by more than 100,000 visitors. The play runs through December 31st, and has already becoming a hit with Seattleites in the area. The Woodland Park Zoo has set up indoor and outdoor Zoo light displays, and they’ve even set up a festive Carousel within their facilities. The WALLY Team is excited for one of the brightest holiday traditions in Seattle, WildLights at Woodland Park Zoo! Stroll through an illuminated maze, accompanied by Christmas music to delight even the grumpiest Grinch. Inside, you’ll find an Elf Room, a Santa Room, 10 uniquely decorated Christmas trees and even a place for kids to make their own Christmas ornaments! Not only are there more than a half-million lights, you’ll be sure to see 3-D displays of a swooping bald eagle, a regal polar bear family and a Sumatran tiger head and that’s not all!
Step into the booth and holler your heart out for a chance to win the top prize – two tickets and a VIP experience to the Dec.
Louis, I loved visiting the Botanical Garden with my mom; I can remember being so excited to walk down mysterious looking trails that were filled with beautiful blossoms and colors. Susan not only gave us a grand tour of the gardens, but she was so knowledgeable and gave so many interesting facts as we went along.
Our boys really enjoyed the entire experience, from watching the trains in the Sugg Model Train Garden to watching for birds and different kinds of plants.
We really want to go back and take even more time, walking all the different trails and exploring even further. Peacocks live in the wild here in Florida so it is sort of sad to see them caged up though.
These displays are a beautiful sight and can make excellent photos, however capturing them in all their glory can be a little tricky. When you take pictures of holiday lights when it is very dark, you will be able to see the lights, but the remainder of the scene will probably be too dark and lack detail in the shadow areas. Therefore, the photographer must compose the photograph prior to activating mirror lock-up and keep the camera from moving. And there’s nothing more jolly than gathering up family and friends grabbing some hot chocolate and heading to a festive public light display.

The event is free, with donations benefiting Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, NW chapter. Find your way to the end, and warm up with a nightly bonfire that’ll be sure to awaken your holiday spirit.
May the sounds of the air fill with the joy of Christmas carolers while you warm up with a cup of hot cider! Join me on my next adventure as I share crafts, recipes, travel adventures, back yard escapades, and more.
She also outfitted the kids with their own borrowed backpacks full of goodies, like binoculars, a journal so they could draw pictures or write about something they saw, a Nature Bingo game (which they could redeem for prizes at the end of the tour, etc. Located in The Garden of the Pine Wind, this entire section of the Gardens is filled with about 300 varieties of Asian plants and trees.
Throughout our visit, we could hear the comforting sound of bells ringing from the Anthony Family Carillon. 4, 2015, so there’s plenty of time to invite your friends and family to come along for some holiday fun! More than 60 decorated boats sail across the Columbia and Willamette rivers spreading holiday cheer wherever they will go! Thank you for checking my blog where I share information and my pictures of my favorite local communities and trusting me with your real estate needs! With its quiet, peaceful, paradise-like atmosphere, you’ll find 210 acres of woodland gardens that make you wonder if woodland fairies really do exist.
I could tell that Jacob was just itching to jump off the golf cart and explore to his heart’s content in this part of the garden. This causes vibration of the camera, particularly when the mirror slaps into the top of the mirror box. 18 in the Garvan Pavilion.  In addition, during the Holiday Lights event there will be live holiday music, Christmas concerts and Christmas carolers in the park, and also in the beautiful, wooden glass structure Anthony Chapel, which is tastefully decorated for the holidays. ZooLights has fun for the entire family and can easily become a holiday tradition for years to come.
She planted many different specimens of plants, and you’ll find the Garvan Pavilion right in the center of her original plantings. This trip is a little closer to home and the effects are still the same — lots of lights and plenty of displays throughout the huge outdoor garden. Just standing inside the chapel will give you a sense of peace and serenity of this blessed season.
Be sure to pop-in the Snowmazium to build a snow creature, hear a snow story or even start a snowball fight! She eventually donated the property to the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture in 1985. And when you visit, you’ll be able to acquire a complete price list for your wedding. While longer exposures will capture all of the vibrations, the exposure will be dominated by light captured when the camera is vibration-free.
Featuring over 17 acres of gardens that are lit up with four million holiday lights featuring butterflies, garden scenes and holiday displays will send your senses into overdrive. Walking through the gardens and being immersed in all the lights and displays will make you feel like a kid at Christmas all over again. For those who may not want to do the walking tour a golf cart tour also is available for $15 per person. Catch a ride on the Historical Carousel while listening to the songs of carolers fills the air.
Nestled in the pristine Quachita Mountains of Southwest Arkansas, the gardens were a gift from local industrialist and philanthropist Verna Cook Garvan.

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