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KENTWOOD, MI -- Woodland Mall's decision to stay open 25 hours straight this Black Friday weekend was a crowd-pleaser. Shoppers fueled up on lattes and Frappuccinos, resulting in a continuous line at the Starbucks counter in the center of the mall through the evening.
This year, shoppers signaled a shift in their Black Friday shopping behavior: Fewer stood out in the cold for hours to get into big-box retailers. But retailers say their decisions were based on what they were hearing from their customers. Many of the shoppers on Thursday evening were parents who brought along their young children in strollers. Last year's Midnight Madness drew a crowd of teens and young adults, who did less traditional Black Friday power shopping and more socializing.
Macy's brought in a DJ to play non-holiday pop music - from 80s classic to current hits - for the first four hours of its Black Friday sale. Both mall and retailers were watching to see how busy they would be from midnight to 5 a.m.

Holzerland, who planned to work a couple shifts during the 25 hours, said she anticipated shopper traffic would pick up Friday morning when another round of Black Friday sales were planned. A drop-off in traffic would provide a time for staff to restock, clean up and prepare for the next wave of shoppers. Retailers were under no pressure to open at a particular time, said Terry Leshuk, the mall's marketing manager.
Shopper Pat Wurm says he was surprised at how much he appreciated the extension of Black Friday shopping into Thanksgiving.
Shopping on Thanksgiving evening beats getting up in the wee hours of Friday morning to hit the stores, he added.
The duo said the earlier Black Friday start times this year resulted in them skipping waiting in line to be the first through store doors to get the best deals. Sears features a wide selection of appliances, electronics, tools, fitness equipment, water heaters and softeners. Get friendly, small store service with big store selection and the exact same sale prices, too.

Instead, more headed to the malls, where socializing with family and friends seemed as important as finding Black Friday deals. Thursday drew plenty of criticism from those who complained the early start time infringed on both employees' and shoppers' family time on Thanksgiving.
Even after midnight, several toddlers and preschoolers were playing in the mall's children's play area as their parents watched and talked with friends or relatives. The tradition started three years ago, when Macy's first opened at midnight for Black Friday.

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