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The conifer-dominated areas of Chedington Woods are being managed as Continuous Cover stands to provide a timber resource, both for use in building projects on the farm and for sale to sawmills.
Development of long-term strategies and plans are essential for the clear and effective management of large forest properties. Learn about the work of foresters, woodland management & forest resources at the Slow Living Expo’s Woodlands Exhibit! The Slow Living Expo’s Woodlands Exhibit on the Brattleboro Common offers educational exhibits and demonstrations about forestry, logging, conservation, invasive species and more.
Now it its fifth year, the exhibit was originally suggested and organized  by Willem van Loon, a consulting forester and logger based in Guilford.

Are there cost-share programs available to assist landowners with forest and wildlife management activities? Live animal demonstration by the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum are always a hit at the Woodlands Exhibit! The Kentucky Division of Forestry and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources have jointly acquired 6,732 acres in Union and Crittenden counties at the confluence of the Ohio and Tradewater rivers. Map of Big Rivers Wildlife Management Area and State ForestBig Rivers WMA and State Forest will provide public recreational opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing, wildlife viewing and other activities as a wildlife management area.
This is the third year we have had a major exhibit about forestry and woodlands management.

Woodland Plans can facilitate access to grants and, in circumstances where properties aspire to Forest Certification, the requirements of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) can be effectively accommodated. People can come to the forest management exhibit and learn about some of ways they can become more involved in sustainably managing their woodlands for the future.
Purchase of the property - known locally as the Alcoa Property, or more recently as the Kimball Property - was possible only through the cooperation of private, public and nonprofit agencies.

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