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We want to see your Woodland Mills sawmill set up and different stages of your projects.Send us an email with your comments and pictures and we will add you here.
Hi GuysHere are the pics from our loading the mill into a Cessna 206 for a trip to its home in the Idaho backcountry.
NeilAre these Forestry Forum members writing about their Woodland mills, or testimonials sent to you from customers? Hi beenthere,These are pictures we received from customers (most are Forestry Forum members) that we are sharing with other Woodland Mills owners. The spare parts kit includes all the major wearing parts needed to service the Woodland Mills WC88 Wood Chipper. Shipping Information* Stocked items are delivered to your door within 2 to 11 business days.
I am very impressed with the T-Rex trailer, as soon as I put it together I saw a few personal tweeks to make it the ultimate ATV trailer, it is very strong and durable.

One set of Gates BX series cogged “V” belts (two belts) for the 722 portable sawmill bandwheels.
Designed to be dressed with a grinding stone to match the gullet profile of the sawmill blade. I also removed your t-chains which keep the upper bars dangling went not in place and replaced them with c-clips. Set includes the drive belt (BX63) which runs from the clutch on the engine to the bandwheel and the opposing belt on the other bandwheel (BX48).
We are constantly being asked for sawmill set up ideas and decided to start this thread as one common place everyone can visit and get ideas from.
As you will see my frame is made up of some structural channel conveyor frames that I salvaged. The cart is designed to fit in a small pickup (Toyota Tacoma) via ramps and a winch so we can haul it to my son's place where we will set it up full length and work on some recently cut large Ash logs.

I really enjoy using it and save a lot of money not having to buy lumber from other sawmills, and the quality of cuts is much smoother than other sawmills. I had to place it on dirt to get it started and that was a challenge, but will soon be bolting it to concrete.
Framed and siding all finished now .Ordered roller guides and will be sending drawings and pictures when I get started.

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