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Please see our Handbook page to review all White County School Board policies regarding school health. A A  In 2001, Gary Sparkman was named Woodland Park's second principal.A  He replacedA  David P. We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.
At Woodland Park, we believe that the only correct Biblical form of church government is that Christ is the head of the church. Trevor Overcash grew up in a solidly Christian home and accepted Christ as Savior when he was five years old.
Bill Passons is a native of Chattanooga and has attended Woodland Park since birth; he left only to attend college and to serve on the mission field. Eddie joined the staff of Woodland Park in 1989 after serving seven years on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. Congratulations to Tonya Roberts and Jeff Pritz who will serve as President and Vice President of the District 86 Board of School Inspectors. Thank you to the District 86 parents who attended the Superintendent's Commission Parent Conference. Our schools, as partners with our children's parents and with the community, will create a safe and positive environment in which all students will learn and develop to their greatest potential. Therefore, it is not the job of earthly leaders to make decisions, but to seek the Lord and to follow His lead. During those years he has served in leadership positions in both adult ministries and student ministries.
He graduated from the University of Alabama with a BS in Electrical Engineering and works at TVA. After moving to Tennessee he attended elementary, high school, and college at Tennessee Temple where he met and married his wife, Lori.
He has authored or co-authored sixteen books, including many in the Following God series of studies published by AMG.
During that time, he has served by helping lead the Living Life Connections Class, as well as serving on the Finance Ministry Council.

All students will be empowered to become lifelong learners, responsible citizens and caring members of their communities.
Hopefully every church has this as its goal, but we believe following Christ as the head is best accomplished with a plurality of elders seeking His will. For 18 years (1981-1999), he was pastor of Woodland Park in Chattanooga, TN.  For 14 of those years, he had the privilege of being co-teacher with Kay Arthur at Precept Ministries. He has also served on the board of directors of the Eleuthera Bible Training Center and Caribbean Ministries Association.
He served as AMG’s Regional Coordinator in Southeast Asia before God moved their family back to Chattanooga through a series of health-related events. David graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a BS in Accounting and received his MBA from UTC. Two Biblical principles are key to this objective being realized – plurality (multiple leadership), and unanimity (all sensing the same leading from the Lord). He presently serves as a Woodland Park deacon on the student leadership team where his focus is with the Junior High.
Currently Bill serves as AMG’s Director of International Missions Strategy. Bill has been privileged to serve in several Woodland Park ministries over the years.
He is a CPA and is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Astec Industries, Inc., located in Chattanooga where he has worked for 15 years.
An increasing number of Southern Baptist churches are recognizing the value of elder-directed church government. Spiros Zodhiates and co-hosted the national radio and TV program “New Testament Light” for ten years. During that time, they began attending Woodland Park Baptist Church and have been here nearly 20 years. He has been a facilitator in the GriefShare ministry and has served junior high and senior high students as a small group leader and also as a life group leader. He is also responsible for the School of Discipleship (Sunday and Wednesday night equipping courses), the Leadership Community, and the SALT Institute (our 2-year leadership training program). He and his wife, Sandi, have been married for nearly 23 years and are the parents of two children, Lauren who is 17 and Luke who is 14.

In 2001, Trevor enrolled in Timothy School (now called the SALT Institute) and completed the course of study in 2002. Bill graduated from Woodland Park’s SALT Institute in 2011 and now serves as a faculty member. Bill has been married to his wife, Dana, for more than 22 years. Lauren and Luke attend Silverdale Baptist Academy.In his spare time David loves to hunt, watch college football, and do some cooking. While members do not have a vote on every decision, they always have a voice, and it is crucial to our philosophy of elders that members always feel free to bring a matter to the elders’ attention. Pastor of Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque, NM from March 2002 until January 2011.  In February of 2011, he returned to Woodland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN as Sr. Since that time, Trevor serves the SALT Institute as a coach, faculty member, and deacon and is passionate about investing in discipleship.
They have two teenaged sons, Tucker and Major, and their daughter, Ellie, recently married Jason Currier. Wes and his wife, Rebekah, have been blessed with five children: David, Caitlin, Luke, Noah, and Cameron.
In 2005 Lori and Trevor helped to establish Hope & Help International, a ministry outreach to indigenous pastors in India.
In his spare time, Bill enjoys spending time at home with the family, but he also enjoys traveling and experiencing other cultures. Wayne has authoredseveral books, the most recent one published by Broadman and Holman is entitled Living Grace: Letting Jesus Be Jesus In You. In 2007 Trevor began serving with Hope & Help International to teach and train rural pastors in India where annually thirty pastors are equipped and trained for ministry in their local areas. Trevor has worked with more than 80 pastors since 2007 to focus on encouraging indigenous leaders to reach their own people. Presently, Trevor serves in the Singles Ministry teaching the Single Point Fellowship Connection class.

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