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Woodland Park is currently zoned in the Bozeman school district.  Children from Woodland Park will attend Meadowlark Elementary, Sacajawea Middle and Bozeman High School. Tree saplings were recently planted at Beatrice Gilmore School's front lawn in a ceremony to honor Earth Day and Arbor Day.
The ceremony this year was held at the elementary school due to construction currently being conducted at Dowling Gardens, where the ceremony has been held for the past few years, according to Mayor Keith Kazmark. Under sunny skies, he welcomed students and staff members and spoke of the importance of preserving the environment and keeping a community 'green.' He also talked about the history at Dowling Park and how the majority of the borough used to be comprised of farmlands.
Cenatiempo then read the book, "The Happiness Tree, Celebrating The Gifts of Trees We Treasure," by Andrea Alban Gosline.

Students who recently had birthdays were then picked out by Cenatiempo, in order to assist the Department of Public Works with planting the "Black Tupelo (Black Gum)" tree saplings. The entire student body from Beatrice Gilmore School (BG), as well as staff members, participated in several tree planting ceremonies held on the school's front lawn on April 25. Along with several council members, Kazmark hosted the ceremony with Jennifer Cenatiempo, BG principal, with the goal of informing students about the significance of both days. He then stressed the significance of keeping areas as open space, by way of planting trees and plants to be enjoyed for decades to come. After the reading, Cenatiempo told students how important rain was to the trees and plants and how they all could make an impact towards helping the environment.

She also told them of her vision of what she additionally wanted to see planted on the school's front lawn, in addition to the trees.

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