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Hidden in the woods behind the Summerhouse Cafe, 11 outdoor play items create an exciting and fun woodland balance trail for youngsters or the young-at-heart.
There are also many other natural play features around the park including several interpretative sculptures and seats, plus living and fallen trees. Landscapes simulate effects of northern land-shaping processes of fire, frost and flood, with exposed permafrost, avalanche tracks, fire meadows and braided melt-water streams, which provide the animal habitats and conceal buildings. Woodland Park zoo staff at all levels were very active in the planning and construction process and contributed to the projects initial and long term success.
Animal species displayed include Kodiak bear, timber wolf, wapeti (elk), fisher, river otter, mountain goat, bald eagle and snowy owl.

Gary Lee, Principal and Larry Dame and Nevin Lash, landscape architects, also played significant roles in the success of this outstanding project.
From the edge of the lake's calm blue waters there are clear views of massive Mount Shasta and the surrounding mountains.
Behavioral enrichment features such as live fish dispenser insure bears and otters are active. You then would park (if you trailered) and ride 357 south to 717A which you would then take west to 717. I advise you to buy a National Geographic TrailsMap at REI or from your local Motorsports dealer as most carry them.

Perhaps the CCC was simply creating work for itself when it designed Woodland Trail in Richardson Grove State Park. The east side of this 1.25-mile lollipop loop is sensible, passing through pockets of redwoods at the base of a hill. About halfway through this autotour, the road passes the park visitor center, which sits directly across from a grove of old growth redwoods.

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