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Once a rather dull port and industrial center, Seattle has undergone an astonishing transformation into the largest city in Washington State. In addition, the city boasts a magnificent mountain setting: to the east is the ice pyramid of Mount Rainier National Park, rising out of the Cascade Mountains, to the west, the partly snow-capped peaks of Olympic National Park.
Though it's worth spending a couple of days exploring Seattle, day trips beckon in the parks, beaches, and attractions outside of the city. Seattle Center, along with its iconic Space Needle and the Monorail, were originally built for the 1962 World's Fair but have since been turned into an entertainment complex and park area with theaters, sports facilities, and restaurants. On the two floors of picturesque Pike Place Market, vendors offer a wide range of wares for sale. In central Seattle, Volunteer Park features a century-old conservatory with tropical plants and trees. A string of piers and parks line the Seattle waterfront, home to recreational spaces, tourist attractions, boat tours, and ferry docks. Beyond Portage Bay, the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle is home to the Burke Museum (natural history) and the Henry Art Gallery (mainly international modern art). Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo is a 92-acre facility with many threatened and endangered species from around the globe. To the east of Pioneer Square is the colorful International District, where Japanese and Chinese shops and restaurants dominate the street scene.
FOLLOW USEvery day we're sharing tips, tools, advice, and new inspiring locations for you to check out on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. If you are living in US and animal lovers, you may find best rated zoos in America in 2014 for family visits including kids.
Here are top 10 zoos in US as popular attraction by among Americans to search related information on Internet in 2013. Considered as non-profit zoo in US, it is claimed as Phoenix Point of Provide because it provides 1400 animals and large walking trails.
Located in Centennial District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is considered as first zoo in America.
Located in Omaha, Nebraska, it is known as place for animal conservation and research as well for education and recreations. It is considered as one of best zoological gardens in world with 300 animal species including African elephant and largest mammals. Located in the San Pasqual Valley, it is considered as one of top tourists attractions in US.
Located in Forest Park, this zoo has special attractions including zoo-line railroad that can ride encircling the zoos. It is leading zoo for animal conservation, science, educational purpose and wild attractions. As popular destination in New York City, it is called as largest metropolitan zoo in world.
Four three month old African lion cubs are ready to meet the public tomorrow at Woodland Park Zoo.

The cubs, two females and two males, are the first African lions to be born at the zoo since 1991 and are the first litter for their mother. For the past two weeks the cubs have been introduced to the outdoors through a series of introductory sessions.
When the cubs are not on view in the exhibit their father and a 13-year-old female lion, named Kalisa, may be on display there.
Driven in part by its flourishing economy, it is today an energetic, forward-looking city at the forefront of innovation. Tempting nature lovers with moss-laden trees and winding trails, the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park is not to be missed.
Modern tourist attractions now proliferate the area, including musical adventures at the Experience Music Project, and impressive glass artworks at Chihuly Garden and Glass.
Among the Victorian-era buildings, the Smith Tower stands out for its imposing height (42 stories). Fish, fruit, vegetables, and all sorts of odds and ends tantalize the taste buds and camera lenses. Besides watching the boat traffic move between Puget Sound and the lakes, visitors can seek out the fish ladder where salmon struggle upstream.
Visitors can also find simple attractions within the park like walking trails, sports facilities, a children's play area, and picnic grounds.
On Pier 59, visitors will find the Seattle Aquarium where a variety of Pacific marine creatures (including sea otters, octopuses, and dwarf sharks) can be observed in the Underwater Dome. On a point protruding into the sound, West Point Lighthouse marks the westernmost vantage in the park, but many parts of the park look out over Puget Sound and there are also great views of the mountains.
To the south of the main campus, McCurdy Park features the Museum of History and Industry with its exhibits about the region, and Washington Park harbors a lush arboretum and Japanese tea garden. The zoo was the first to create naturalistic exhibits, and its 300 different species range from Asian and African elephants to snow leopards, jaguars, lemurs, and grizzly bears.
The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience charts the history of Asian immigration.
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I include this list to help you find number one place for getting zoo experience for seeing interesting native animals and relaxing times as recommended activities on vacation. It could be recommended choice in 2014 due to having authentic habitats, safari parks, and cool aquariums.
You can see Southwest American native flora and fauna, African Animals, tropical rainforests and childrena€™s trail so your kids will get opportunity to get close to emus, gibbons, caracal and other small mammals. It is known as one of best worlda€™s zoos to be suitable place for breeding rare and endangered animals. It has wide ranges of animals include wild and endangered ones from various places in word such as Africa, Asia, Europe and others. Having 600 animals and 650 species, Bronx Zoo offers great attractions of park land and natural habitats as well as integrated system of aquarium and zoos.

They have been living in an off-view maternity den since they were born in November last year.
The zoo plans to invite the community to help name two of the cubs through a public contest. The city is rich in culture and easy-going lifestyles, and it's no accident that Seattle is the "Coffee Capital" of the United States with an espresso bar on almost every corner.
A rather different day trip is to the Future of Flight in Everett, where visitors tour Boeing's immense factory - the world's largest building. And though it's a locals' haunt, the futuristic steel and glass structure of the Seattle Central Library is worth seeking out.
If you don't have the hotel facilities to cook up some seafood, head to one of the local restaurants. Discovery Park encompasses coastline, forest, and meadows, offering a nice escape from the city and providing a habitat for wildlife.
Check a current schedule for daily programs, animal feedings, and educational lectures, or to find hours for the solar-operated carousel. It's similar to the works at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle Center and at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. The museum is named for Wing Luke, a Chinese American who was the first Asian American elected official in Washington. Consiting more than 1300 animals and many floras, Philadelphia Zoo is recommended choice for kida€™s adventure for riding balloon, visiting rainforest and other educational attractions. The top attractions are Asian Savanna, African Plains, Nairobi Village, Hidden Jungle, Gorilla Forest and so on.
They’re playing, they’re romping around, and they’re exercising predatory instincts such as mock stalking, pouncing, mouthing and biting,” said Martin Ramirez, mammal curator at Woodland Park Zoo. Also in the neighborhood, Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park remembers the surge of prospectors who departed for the Yukon during the 1897 gold rush. Market tours are an ideal way to cut through the bustle of Pike Place and hear some unusual stories.
An environmental learning center hosts interactive exhibits and information about the park as well as education programs for all ages.
For a different look at yesteryear, book a time on Bill Speidel's Underground Tour to explore the old city that lies below the modern streets. To the north, Olympic Sculpture Park is filled with over-sized outdoor artworks competing with the views for attention.
It is open daily except on such occasional days such as Christmas Day and New Yeara€™s Day.

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