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Woodland Park Zoo is a very popular destination among tourists and residents of Seattle, which is situated around the Phinney Ridge neighborhood.Originally this place was a usual small wild beast show that was owned by a lumber mill owner Guy C. This zoo remains to be the most popular for the last 110 years and is highly cherished by the residents and the visitors of the city.The park’s motto is to save animals through conservation leadership and inspiring people to learn, care and act. Welcome to ZooChat, the world's largest community built especially for zoo and animal conservation enthusiasts. The park opens perfect opportunities before its visitors to see the animals in their naturalistic environments.

Our discussion forums are full of fascinating information and news about zoos and animals, and our amazing collection of photographs of animals and zoos worldwide is unsurpassed. In the next few years those 3 grottoes will be demolished or extensively renovated, meaning that the weakest part of the zoo will become yet another immersive addition to the grounds. There are several popular exhibits in the zoo, which include African Safari, Northern Trail, Bug World, Tropical Rainforest, Temperate Forest Zone, Australasia Zone and Willawong Station. You may also find our zoo maps interesting and useful, and our chatroom is a great place to hang out and talk about your favourite zoos.

Kids also adore the farm-animal exhibit and the interactive exhibition Zoomazium, where kids can imagine themselves in the role of a wild animal.

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