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The Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Woodland Hills is the ideal combination of traditional foods and a modern environment. A very striking red mask will greet you when you walk in the door of the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Woodland Hills. If you are looking for the right restaurant close to home, then do not look any further than Kabuki Japanese Restaurant in Woodland Hills. Kabuki Japanese Restaurant 3 days ago Agedashi Tofu (bonito flakes, ginger, green onions, dashi soy sauce) and Brussels Sprouts (garlic chips, almond chips, sea salt) holding it down as perfect contenders for tonight's starters! It is a venue unlike anything else you’ll find in the neighborhood – a beautiful open space, delicious New American cuisine, and the ability to accommodate private events entertaining up to 250 people. Woodland offers distinct private event spaces and dining options that can accommodate parties between 190 to 250 guests to celebrate your special occasion, right in the heart of Brooklyn.
Step back to the 7th century when there were many villagers who would never go to go to the city and enjoy artwork of any kind. It traveled throughout the countryside so that even villagers in far reaching areas could enjoy it.
That’s not the case with the Kabuki Japanese Restaurant where you can enjoy sushi in Woodland Hills.
The ambient music is contemporary and played at the perfect level to offer just the right amount of background tunes.

You won’t just find delicious sushi, but also you can find a variety of traditional Japanese foods on an eclectic menu. Whether you’re interested in a casual brunch to stimulate the senses or in a private room to celebrate a special event, Woodland’s Main Dining Room, Private Dining Room, Garden Patio, and the Foxglove Lounge are the perfect choice for your occasion.
Our Private Dining Room, The Foxglove Cellar, and the Main Dining room offer a unique dining experience that will last you for a lifetime. This dining establishment offers a variety of different traditional Japanese meals on an eclectic menu. It will appeal to everyone who wants to enjoy delicious foods because the environment is conducive to a variety of different plans from business meetings to family dinners.
There is actually a story behind this mask and it is connected directly to the story of the restaurant.
You will certainly find this the perfect environment whether you want to enjoy a dinner out with your family and friends or you are scheduling a business lunch. This comfortable and calm environment makes it easy for anyone to sit back, laugh around the table, focus on a serious discussion, and still enjoy delicious sushi in Woodland Hills.
Thanks to the contemporary style and decor of the restaurant, you can enjoy the perfect combination of modern and traditional experiences. Did you make a mistake when creating marker locations or did not provide a full geo-address?

Our experienced staff here at Woodland will help you plan and execute the perfect private party celebration you have always dreamt about, with a menu that is carefully crafted to your desire, a full bar with a wide selection of wine and spirits, an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, and a second-to-none personal service.
This theater included actors who wore very extravagant costumes and masks and they would tell stories of Japan on stage. This restaurant believes in offering sushi for everyone just as the theater was designed to offer the stage to everyone. Whether its a birthday, a bachelor party, an anniversary, a baby shower, a business lunch, a graduation party, a retirement dinner, or just a pleasant get-together with your closest friends, Woodlands’ private rooms will definitely accommodate your private party needs. After conversations with you, our amazing guests (and favorite people ever), we brought back some old favorites, added all-new creations and a combo of both, formulating these, not-so-secret, menus! This guest-favorite cocktail was created by Master Sake Sommelier Yuji Matsumoto, click below to find out more about how it's made! PS we have a couple amazing specials just for you, try this Yuzu Lemon Drop available today!

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