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Ever since moving to The Bubble over five years ago, I have been on the lookout for places to meet my friends from the Valley and beyond.
Luke Bar & Restaurant opened just a few months ago in the space formerly occupied by La Frite. We settled into to our big round booth facing the bar, all smooth dark wood and exposed beam ceilings.
Appetizers can be the main event of your meal if you want – we tried the black tiger shrimp served with chickpea fritters, harissa aioli and micro bulls blood, a delicate pink edible flower. The 28-day Dry Aged Manhattan is a ball of meat that’s basically a NY strip that tastes like filet mignon, flavored with a salty-savory rub created by the eponymous Luke himself.
Like good friends (and dinner companions who know I’ll be writing about this later) do, Jen ordered something pretty different.
Places that have easy freeway access, plenty of parking, a lively atmosphere but not too loud for talking, and oh yeah, great food and drinks too.
The space was dimly lit and the noise among diners and bar patrons alike was at comfortable conversation level. My favorite title is Writer’s Elixir, but that seemed more hardcore than I was in the mood for that night, so I tried the Cranberry Lime Caipirinha in a brown-sugar-rimmed glass, which went down nice and easy.

We also had the tuna Napoleon, a tartare that was a fresh rendition of the old-school favorite. The short rib Bolognese is served with house-made tagliatelle, using ribs that have been smoked on site all day. We did have some leftovers to take with us, but after our server took them away to be boxed up, she never brought them back. It was such a lovely discovery, this place where you can pause and enjoy yourself along busy Ventura Boulevard, that I would actually go to Luke on purpose, not just to find a halfway point to meet a friend. Just enter your address in the search box above and find delivery menus, browse Yelp reviews and find exclusive online coupons from your local restaurants. I have my hot spots in Sherman Oaks and Studio City, but Woodland Hills has been kind of a dead zone for me. And while La Frite was beloved by many, I am here to tell you that its new occupant is welcome, dazzling in its food and drink offerings, and relaxing enough that catching up with a dear friend, or watching the game with your pals, or dressing up for a fancy date can all be done here to much satisfaction.
Much more refined, with classed-up appetizers and a drink menu that includes a flight of mini cocktails for $12.
We felt like we were in a casual pub, but looking up to the crystal chandeliers, we were both happy that we dressed up just a little.

Jen ordered the Cafe’ Castillo, a blend of altos reposado, Kahlua, and almond milk horchata, garnished with a cinnamon stick. The wine list at Luke is just as unique and classy as everything else, meaning I didn’t recognize any of the names on it, but the ones I tasted were delicious. Instead, at Luke they send your leftovers to the door, guarded by the host, so you don’t forget them when you leave.
The star of the drinks course was the Basil Collins, even though this tall green concoction is garnished with a sliver of star anise. It looks groovy, but neither of us like the taste of black licorice, and we were happy to find that removing it quickly (after snapping a photo) meant the refreshing tart drink wasn’t marred by that wicked flavor.

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