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The reality for most of us in Southern California is that we aren’t going to get much of an “authentic” feel during the Christmas season. This neighborhood is located at the intersection of Lubao and Oxnard Streets near Pierce College. Running through New Year’s Day, this Brea neighborhood goes all out with 100 homes decked out with lights, decorations, live music, a live nativity scene and horse drawn carriages.
Location: Entrance is either via East Birch and South Starflower Streets or East Lambert Road and Sunflower Street.
This neighborhood is fairly remote, located in the Seaside section of Torrance quite a distance from the freeways.

With temperatures occasionally popping into the 80’s and the palm trees swaying, we simply must do what we can to get into the spirit. This block of houses includes a huge array of decorations including a visit from Santa on his sleigh sometime between 7 and 9pm nightly. This eight square block area has been maintaining this Christmas tradition of decorating with lights, characters and artificial snow since 1952.
Some residents even decorate the interior of their homes and allow visitors to peek inside.
Albans Drive decorates its massive pine trees for the Christmas season and it really is a site best taken in by walking.

Luckily, many of our neighbors have created some holiday cheer to help us spread the joy with our families.
It’s a cute neighborhood with non-uniform blocks allowing for some “old country” feel as you turn the bends.
The effect makes you feel as if you are a miniature character in some fun, surreal, Christmas spectacle.

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