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Monday, May 6 – We spent a full school day at Woodland Middle School, in Gurnee, IL, at the invitation of Mrs.
Posted at 10:33 pm September 11, 2015By Oak Ridge Today Staff Leave a Comment Clinton City Schools education grant winners are pictured above. ORAU awarded 28 teachers from nine East Tennessee schools more than $32,000 in grant money during the 14th annual ORAU Education Grants ceremony. The grant money will be used to purchase educational materials and equipment—such as Chromebooks, microscopes, meteorology kits, and more—to help teachers continue to meet rigorous, state-wide curriculum standards, and enhance the learning experience of their students, a press release said. Since beginning this program in 2002, ORAU has provided more than $410,000 to area schools for projects that complement its mission of enriching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, programs. Posted at 9:28 am May 22, 2014By Oak Ridge Associated Universities Leave a Comment The Oak Ridge Associated Universities Building MC-100 is pictured above.
Oak Ridge Associated Universities is preparing for its annual education grants program and invites Anderson County schools to submit funding proposals to help expand their programs in science, mathematics, and technology.
Funds are available to schools located in Anderson County for projects in science, technology, and math to be carried out during the 2014-2015 school year.
Schools with projects for consideration for ORAU funding should complete and submit three proposal forms, which can be found here.
Posted at 11:44 am September 10, 2013By Oak Ridge Today Staff Leave a Comment Oak Ridge Associated Universities awards 27 teachers from 17 East Tennessee schools more than $39,000 during a recent grants ceremony.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities awarded more than $39,000 to more than two dozen teachers in 17 schools in Oak Ridge, Clinton, Norris, and Anderson County in a recent grants ceremony.
It was the 12th annual ORAU Education Grants ceremony, and 27 teachers received awards, a press release said. The grant money can be used to buy educational materials and equipment such as microscopes, iPads, robotics kits, and computers that will help teachers “continue to meet rigorous, state-wide curriculum standards and enhance the learning experience of their students,” the release said. Posted at 3:04 pm September 18, 2012By John Huotari Leave a Comment East Tennessee teachers accept more than $36,000 in education grants from Oak Ridge Associated Universities during a ceremony last week. Oak Ridge Associated Universities awarded more than $36,000 to about two dozen East Tennessee teachers during a grants ceremony last week. The grants were used to buy educational materials and equipment such as interactive white boards, iPads, robotics kits, computers, and more. The grants were awarded to 23 teachers from 15 schools during the 11th annual ORAU Education Grants ceremony. Teachers want their students to be comfortable with technology at any age, and grants this spring from the Oak Ridge Public Schools Education Foundation provided iPads, promethean boards, student response systems, and computers to make that happen.
At Linden Elementary School, iPads in a second grade classroom will engage students in collaborative writing activities.
New computers in fifth-grade language arts classrooms at Robertsville Middle School will also encourage young writers in a writing workshop environment.

The UCOR Mini-Grant Program was created to recognize and support excellence in teaching by providing funds to assist teachers for certain projects or curricula. ORAU’s mission is to advance national priorities and serve the public interest by integrating academic, government, and scientific resources both locally and globally, and the organization is committed to improving educational opportunities in Anderson County. Last year, ORAU awarded more than $39,000 to 27 teachers from 17 local schools for projects including a digital collection of math and science books, new science lab equipment, and technology for a school listening hub.
Department of Energy’s cleanup contractor in Oak Ridge, has announced the winners of an education “mini-grant” program. 091251 PIER 4 PHASE 2 RECONFIGURATIONManson Construction Co.CENTRAL PUGET SOUND REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY NORTHGATE LINK EXTENSION TRACKWORK FROM UW STATION TO NORTHGATE STATION (N180) IFB NO. 404 later this month will seek bids for preliminary site work for the new Woodland High School, which has a maximum construction cost of $46.3 million.

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