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The park is located approximately five miles west of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve on Lancaster Road (an extension of West Avenue I ), one mile south of State Highway 138 via 210th Street West. Added to the State Park System in 1988, Ripley Desert Woodland is located just west of the Poppy Reserve on Lancaster Road at 210th Street West. The Joshua tree played an important part in cultural history of Antelope Valley, providing a vital source of food and fiber materials for the Native Americans that inhabited the region.

Donated to the State by Arthur "Archie" Ripley, the park protects and preserves an impressive stand of native Joshuas and junipers which once grew in great abundance throughout the valley.
The naming of Joshua as a "tree" is credited to early Mormon settlers who saw the tree with its upraised arms as Joshua leading the Israelites into the Promised Land. Today, only remnant parcels of this majestic woodland community remain in the valley, the rest having been cleared for farming and housing.

In early spring months, creamy white blossoms begin to grow on the ends of the branches of the Joshua.

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