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Quinnipiac Indians and the Woodland VillageReturn to topProject Ideas, Taken from The New England Indians by C. Location of a village all depended on game, fertile fields, and the availability of firewood. The covering to their wigwams were the only thing that needed to be saved when they moved during the seasons, and they could easily be packed up (A.).
Fold up right bottom corner and place a dab of glue on outside and stick to fabric on left side.
The most popular hairstyle was the cockscomb, which was a strip of hair running down the center of the head. Tips: Use the pipe cleaners for the small tufts on top of head, and use string for longer hair. Drinking cups, spoons, platters, plates, dishes, and storage bowls were all made out of stoneware.
The center field of the village provided the playing field for stickball, stone throwing, running matches, weight lifting, wrestling, spirited dancing, and marksmanship.
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Massacre of IndiansNear Markleville, IndianaIn 1824, 9 Indians were murdered by white men near this spot. Trail of DeathMarks the spot where the Potawatomi Indians were forced to begin their long march to the west. DELAWARE COUNTY, INDIANAThe County was named for the Delaware Indians, an Eastern tribe which was slowly pushed into Ohio and finally settled in east central Indiana during the 1770's. OriginsPrehistoric Mound Builders including  Hopewell and Adena, were the first inhabitants of what is Henry County today.

MOUNDS STATE PARKOn October 7, 1930, the Madison County Historical Society donated to the Indiana State Department of Conservation (Department of Natural Resources) a 254 acre tract of land containing an elaborate burial mound complex which they had acquired earlier in 1930 from the Union Traction Company, thus Mounds State Park was created.
Indians Who Stayed in Henry CountyMany of the Native Americans never left Henry county and were buried here in the county.
More Giants1879 Indiana, Brewersville: A skeleton almost ten feet tall was excavated from a mound. Forced WestwardChief Speckled SnakeAs the white settlers gazed over those lands before them, they could probably see the remnants of the Indian nations vacating their lands and moving further west. Miami IndiansThe Miamis have been described by General William Henry Harrison as the most extensive landowners in the northwest. Passing ThroughAmerican Indians migrated west into Indiana as European settlers took their lands during the late 1600s.
Mound group on grounds of the East Colony of the Epileptic Village north of New Castle, Indiana on State Road #103. Well I have finished yet another small shelf Diorama that has been lingering in the studio. Adapt contemporary materials with the resourcefulness once applied to barks, skins and shells. To make coil pots roll out long coils of clay and place them on top of each other (A.) Pinch pots are also good examples of stone bowls.
With a catalogue now featuring over 700 different models and terrain pieces spanning dozens of civilizations, periods and geographies, all designed and reproduced to the highest quality possible. The remains of approximately 10 people were found here with other artifacts including arrowheads and pottery.The Commisary site, approximately 500 yards away from this site contained the remains of more than 100 prehistoric mid to late Woodland Indians. The Delaware Indians established several towns along the White River, among these Muncietown, near present day Muncie.
Unlike other mounds found in Indiana and other states, it is composed primarily of sand and gravel and covered by a forest of native trees of a century’s growth. Speckled Snake, a Creek chief, expressed the sentiments of many Indians when he said,"I have listened to great many talks from our great father (President).

It would be another 6 years before Indiana gained Statehood and 12 years before Henry County was formed and the city of New Castle officially settled. The Shawnee, Miami, Delaware, Mohican, and Potawatomi tribes were just a few of these tribes. Looking skyward, it's an awesome sight and I imagine it as being the same view the ancients had while standing in this very spot 2,000 years ago.Photo by Mark S. In Northern areas where birch were plentiful , bark was stripped from the trees and sewn together with spruce root into rolls as long as fifteen feet.
Feathers from an eagle, hawk or turkey were secured to the band and stuck straight upright. Roots, seeds, berries, and bone marrow could be ground up and used to strengthen the stews. These Indians, like the Indians of the other cultures depended on the natural resources around them for all of their basic needs.
Mary's Ohio the Delawares ceded their holdings in Indiana to the United States government and moved westward. The surrounding country is plain.This pile of sand and gravel, as stated in above, covers an area of five acres and is of cone shape.
The circular ditch and bank enclosed a sacred space and a gateway was aligned to the Winter Solstice Sunrise. There is evidence that only the most outstanding warriors wore eagle tail feathers, each representing an enemy life taken in battle. They were just temporary houses because they lived at a site for a couple months and then they would move.
Archeologists think there was competition going on because they found arrows in the the deceased.

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