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When you look at a map of Ballard, something surprising might jump out — there are very few public natural areas for residents to enjoy. A University of Washington graduate student saw green-starved Ballard as an opportunity to call attention to areas in the neighborhood that have restoration potential. The report also identifies landowners and contacts for each site to make it easier for residents, community groups, the city or nonprofits to tackle a restoration project in Ballard. Ballard is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Seattle, with more than 700 new residential units built in its urban core in 2014 alone. The sites described in the report include wooded lots, existing parks with underused areas, street dead-ends, unused Seattle City Light substations, public school grounds and even private residences that have environmentally critical areas.
Yoder first used Google Maps to find all of the open spaces or vacant land throughout Ballard, then visited each site to check the potential for restoration. She then visited each site a second time and collected specific data from each location, including photos and observations about vegetation, tree coverage, public access routes and more. The final report lists this information for each Ballard site as well as recommendations to further restore the land. Nearly two-thirds of the sites are on public land and range from larger areas such as North Beach Park, Soundview Playfield and Salmon Bay Park to more obscure sites like the vacant corner lot at Northwest Market and Northwest 55th Street or the Greenwood Triangle. Finding each site’s landowner and the appropriate contact information was a difficult process, Yoder said. Yoder plans to compile a Seattle-wide list of contacts in the various public agencies and departments that manage other sites around the city that might also have restoration potential. Woodland, Washington, is located on the Lewis River at Lewis River Mile (RM) 6.5, upstream from the Lewis River's junction with the Columbia River at RM 82.
North of Woodland is the Washington community of Kalama and south of Woodland is the community of Ridgefield. In 1845 Adolphus Lee Lewis, a retired employee of the Hudson's Bay Company and for whom the Lewis River is named, took up a land claim on property east of the present day city of Woodland. The area was originally known as "Pekin" when the Pekin Post Office was opened (in 1867 according to one source while another source says the Pekin Post Office was established in 1854 by Jefferson Huff).
Squire and Milly Bozarth named their place "Woodland Farm" because of the surrounding stand of fir trees. In October 1890 the Woodland Post Office moved one mile north of town to the home of Adolphus Lee Lewis and was re-named "Kerns". During this era there were daily stops at Woodland by the steamers "Alarm" and the "Lucy Mason". Beautiful Murals cover the buildings in "old town" Woodland, located west of the Interstate 5.

The building now housing the Moose Lodge was built in 1905 and was the first certified drugstore in Woodland.
Known as the "Manring Building", this building was built in 1910 and is currently under renovation.
The Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens are located on the west side of Woodland, near the junction of the Lewis River with the Columbia.
In 1975 the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens was added to the National Register of Historic Places (Building - #75001847). The Lewis River Floodplain gives the community of Woodland many small sandy beaches bordering the Columbia River. View looking across the Columbia River towards Columbia City, Oregon, from beach off of Dike Road, Woodland, Washington. Rained all the after part of last night, rain continues this morning, I [s]lept but verry little last night [Post Office Lake, Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge] for the noise Kept dureing the whole of the night by the Swans, Geese, white & Grey Brant Ducks &c. All Lewis and Clark quotations from Gary Moulton editions of the Lewis and Clark Journals, University of Nebraska Press, all attempts have been made to type the quotations exactly as in the Moulton editions, however typing errors introduced by this web author cannot be ruled out; location interpretation from variety of sources, including this website author. Woodland, Washington, is located on the Lewis River approximately four miles upstream from the Lewis River's junction with the Columbia River. The mural adorning two sides of the Woodland Tourist Information Center was painted in 2006 by artist Jerry Gay. There are some new industrial parks working to attract more light manufacturing and new-economy businesses, and town leaders are aware of the area’s shortcomings and are working to deal with them.
The terrain is generally hilly with wooded hilltops and broad, flat, mostly agricultural valleys away from industrial areas. There are currently 391 similar properties for sale within 10-mile radius, ranging from $89,000 - $615,000. We've collected real costs from over 1 million homeowners to provide you with local averages to take away the guesswork.
Increased density and development squeezes the amount of natural areas residents can enjoy, which also prompted Yoder’s project. She used City of Seattle’s GIS data to gather other details such as zoning, ownership, potential landslide areas and places where the slope would be too steep for a project. The report also suggests a number of street ends, traffic islands, medians and substation lots that could be improved for public use. The report lays out the best-available contact for each site, and she hopes that reduces the barrier for individuals and organizations that want to tackle a restoration project. Pekin was approximately three miles south of present-day Woodland, on the north bank of the Lewis River. Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records, show a Jefferson Huff and Sutilda Huff being issued a land title on April 28, 1865, for 289.17 acres of parts of T5N R1W Sections 9 and 16, under the 1850 "Oregon-Donation Act".
Bozarth, opened a store on the Lewis River and named it "Woodland" after his father's farm.

One month later, Christopher Bozarth, the original postmaster of the Woodland post office, re-established another post office by the name of Woodland in November 1890. There was also railroad survice from Kalama, Washington to Portland, Oregon, with a stop at Woodland. Throughout its history it has housed various businesses including taverns, meat packers, and offices. The community of Woodland lies along the right bank of the Lewis River where the Lewis leaves the Cascade foothills and the floodplain begins. Interstate 5 cuts through the community with "old town" Woodland being west of the freeway. The area contains a complex of grain elevators and mills, an outdated urban core and set of working class neighborhoods and urban sprawl uncharacteristic of many Pacific Northwest towns.
The pluses include a strategic location on transportation routes between Portland and Seattle, good labor force, Columbia River frontage and nice surroundings.
The wooded hilltops give way to dense forests and alpine climates 30 to 50 miles east in the main Cascade Range. Bozarth and a Squire Bozarth being issued a land title for the area of Woodland on May 11, 1877, for 604.01 acres of parts of T5N R1W Sections 13, 14, 18, 19, 23, and 24, under the 1850 "Oregon-Donation Act". We met 4 Canoes of Indians from below, in which there is 26 Indians, one of those Canoes is large, and ornimented with Images on the bow & Stern. The area is close to Portland, 40 miles to the south, and is a western gateway to the Mount St.
Cost of living is high for the type of area but low for the region, a possible long term plus. The climate is Pacific Northwest with a marine influence bringing relatively warm, dry, sunny summers and cool, wet periods most of the rest of the year. Many of the schools and parks in Ballard could be improved with more native plants and habitats, she said.
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