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Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. Every New Yorker has experienced the frustration that comes with being unable to use your phone underground.
In recent years, cell phone carriers in partnership with the MTA have done a lot to remedy this annoyance, but we’re still far away from being able to use our phones and tablets seamlessly underground. The company averaged the success rates of each carrier when it came to completing mobile tasks such as downloading and uploading content while underground.
GWS only tested areas within Manhattan that experience the most commuter traffic, so the results only reflect certain areas on each subway route.
Here are how various subway lines compared ranked from best to worst according to GWS’ results. You can tune into it below, download it for FREE from iTunes or other podcasting services, or get it straight from our satellite site. A ride on any subway during the 70s and 80s usually meant containment within a car coated in graffiti tags.
And finally, an excerpt of a short film by Steve Siegel, featuring a host of graffitified trains.

A mass amount of scientists spent their Sunday trying to decipher what you just typed and concluded that you’re full of shit. Most of the trains went by to fast to really see who was up , what i could tell it was all irt trains , cool short though ..
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The MTA plans to continue working with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Boingo Wireless to bring connectivity to all the remaining subway stops in New York City within four years. The company particularly focused its testing on lower Manhattan, and mentioned that most of the stops included in the study were cited as some of the busiest stops in statistics from the MTA.
And a look at the aftermath which spawned today’s tough city laws and a warehouse space in Queens called 5Pointz, where graffiti masterpieces thrive in abundance today. The most artistic, colorful pieces (like the one below, by Lee Quinones, 1976) were hung on the outside.
Kings of New York is a spectacular photo blog of past and current work on walls and other surfaces throughout the city.
Given the paint scheme and the rollsign font, it’s date cannot be older than late 1984.

Especially in this era ,,people are looking for old train footage and photos alot , I myself was smart enough to ussually carry a camera around back when i was bombing the trains from 82 to 86 and caught alot of my stuff and plenty of other writers as well , although there was alot of my work that i never caught a camera , would say i have about 15 percent of my trains weather it be throw up pics , panal pieaces , whole cars , insides ,ect ,,,, Those were the days , and there gone for good ,, i consider myself lucky to have been part of the graff train era . We are now in remission, but other symptoms will soon betray the stark progress of our societal disease. Graffiti has divided New Yorkers since it first appeared on walls, signs and lampposts in the late 1960s.
Its ascent paralleled the city’s sunken financial fortunes, allowing simple markings to evolve into elaborate pieces of art. The best examples were on the sides of subway cars which the city promptly attempted to eradicate, their attempts thwarted by clever, creative artists and a downtown culture that was slowly embracing graffiti as New York City’s defining art form.

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