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To quote Harry Hogge (played by Robert Duvall) in Days of Thunder, "rubbin, son, is racin'." That can mean some unfortunate damage to high-end racing machinery, which may be repaired easily enough in stock car racing, but when it comes to vintage racing, the stakes can be that much higher. Among the many competitors taking part in the retro racing event in England was none other than Rowan Atkinson, the actor perhaps best known for playing Mr.
According to Italy's La Nazione, this one-off, red-on-white F1 was crashed during a four-F1 tour between the towns of Saline di Volterra and Pomarance in the province of Pisa. YouTuber Marchettino, an Autoblog reader and well-known source of videos from Ferrari's Fiorano test track, was on the scene to capture the video available below. According to reports, the driver and passenger were airlifted from the scene with non-lethal injuries, and both are recovering in a hospital.
The Mille Miglia was once one of Europe's premiere sports car racing events, but eventually it got too dangerous and was canceled.
BMW 1er colllided with #Merc #300SL driven by the heirs to Sixt car rental on Mille Miglia. The Gullwing is worth in the neighborhood of $1 million, if recent sales are any indication, and it appears to have been badly damaged in the accident. A burnout is like a boast, the rubber-shredding equivalent of Babe Ruth pointing his fingers at the center-field bleachers. After doing a little burnout for the onlookers, the driver of this Shelby Cobra replica above ends up on the wrong side of the equation when his Cobra bites back. One owner in Vancouver recently had an incident that saw his Italian machine wind up in pieces. From the looks of things, the wet pavement may not have done the car nor the driver any favors, but if you live in Vancouver and own an F40, odds are you know how to handle the supercar in the wet. Today was a pretty big day for General Motors, debuting the all-new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty pickup trucks ahead of their official showcase at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Chevrolet Camaro in Korea - Click above for high-resolution imageThere once was a time when Daewoo was one of the biggest companies in South Korea. We're set to record Autoblog Podcast #323 tonight, and you can drop us your questions and comments regarding the rest of the week's news via our Q&A module below.
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Cars User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's investigation into 2008 Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty pickups, which was originally opened last year, has now ended without a recall. In case you haven't been paying attention, Ford has been gradually redesigning its lineup to sport a familiar face.

Last month Ford's Jim Farley made waves at the CES when it was reported he told show attendees, "We have GPS in your car, so we know what you're doing. The driver in between managed to avoid a pile-up, but Atkinson couldn't steer clear and hit the obstructing vehicle. A McLaren F1 was flipped down an embankment in Italy yesterday, and this video of the crash's aftermath is about as sad as when Old Yeller was shot.
It's unclear what caused the driver to lose control and invert our British hero on a grassy hill, although as this is a McLaren F1, we wouldn't be remotely surprised if speed ended up being a factor.
The footage shows the McLaren accelerating away, only to cut away to the aftermath of the wreck. Given the rising worth and rarity of F1s, despite the extensive damage in evidence, we reckon that this won't be the last the world sees of this special car. Decades later, the race was converted into a historic rally without as much real motorsport competition, and it's now an event which lets wealthy owners stretch the legs of their classics in the Italian countryside. Just look at this calamity suffered by Konstantin Sixt, heir to the Sixt rental car company, when his Mercedes-Benz 300SL coupe with its famous gullwing doors hit a BMW 1 Series. Of course, with a car of this worth, there's little doubt it will live to see another day, and possibly another Mille if the owner remains unswayed.
It's unclear exactly what happened, but a rear-end collision of some variety resulted in substantial damage to the vehicle's back half.
The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle's history. And now that the dust has settled at GM's big reveal event, we've had a chance to snap dozens of photos of the new pickup pair from every angle.We already told you the important bits earlier today (click here in case you missed it), but let's recap. NHTSA was looking into steering failures on some 336,000 trucks.The issue rested with the steering gear - NHTSA received five complaints of failures - which was redesigned in 2005. The Aston Martin-inspired grille shape debuted on the Fusion and was soon applied to the Fiesta. Driving a classic Ford Falcon Sprint in the Shelby Cup event, Atkinson (pictured above at the 2012 revival) reportedly crashed head-on into another car on track.
Fortunately Rowan walked away unscathed (and, we imagine, in a humorous manner), but while we don't know how extensive the damage was to the Falcon, it was enough to take it out of the race. Emergency personnel were tasked with righting the stricken hypercar, a process that was accompanied by the cringe-worthy cracking of its Peter Stevens-designed bodywork. Hopefully the driver has learned his lesson and knows to lift off the brakes and steer next time.

With coolant pooling onto the pavement and pieces of bodywork strewn about the street, the video is a wince-fest from beginning to end. We are a bonded dealer and do have to do all necessarily documents so charge 150 dollars document fee on each and every vehicle. According to the report on the matter, investigators "found evidence of broken sector shaft gear teeth and piston damage consistent with incidents of single event overload."NHTSA investigators, however, "found no evidence of fatigue or material property defects in any of the fractures. Even the front end of the new Mustang takes its cues from the same, and we're sure other models will soon be made-over to fall in line.
Ford went on to say that it only collects limited data after receiving permission from owners.
At least they had the decency to cover the crumpled Brit with its fitted black cover as they loaded it onto a flatbed, a fitting yet somehow disturbing visual.
The 2014 model year marks the return of the Z71 off-road package with Rancho shocks, front tow hooks and beefier underbody protection. Analysis of complaint rates by vehicle build month showed no patterns indicating potential manufacturing quality issues and no difference before and after Ford introduced design changes to the input shaft and sector shaft seals in July 2007 to address potential leak concerns," according to the report, obtained by The Detroit News.
Inside, there's a host of new technology and a greater focus on better quality and refinement.Some of the nitty-gritty specifics (like engine output numbers and fuel economy) have yet to be revealed, and since we haven't driven the finished products yet, it's hard to say how these trucks will fare against rivals like the Ram 1500 and Ford F-150. The Focus.Set to be unveiled in little over a week at the Geneva Motor Show, the revised Focus has leaked out a tad early, revealing a mild facelift that bears that same trapezoidal grille with horizontal slats. For now, we can only judge these two books by their covers, and while we do like the designs of the new trucks, we Autoblog staffers are torn on exactly which one looks best. Along with the new grille, the headlights, lower fascia and hood appear to have been reshaped. Around back there appears to be a new rear bumper and taillights, but otherwise the shape remains largely the same as the current model.Expect the updates to be applied to all bodystyles offered around the world, including the hatchback, wagon and sedan.
The engine lineup is expected to carry over largely unchanged, though the plug-in hybrid powertrain from the C-Max Energi could port over to the revised Focus.
Check it out in the image gallery above and watch this space for the official announcement as we pack our bags for Switzerland.

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