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The narrow gauge world in Britain moves on at a great pace which is a very good thing for everyone who has an interest in the narrow gauge, almost all the changes are positive with an ever increasing number of lines, route milage and level of service across the country but this in turn means that keeping a site like this up to date is a very onerous task for one person. After over fifteen years of writing and maintaining Narrow Gauge Pleasure I have had to recognise that for some time now I have not had the time to keep up with the pace of change and much of the site has slipped back and become dated. I have no intention of taking the site down but in terms of new content as well as updates it is largely a ghost site.

Please continue to enjoy Narrow Gauge Pleasure for what it is, but please don't view it as a source of up to date information on the railways. Narrow Gauge Pleasure has always been a labour of love for me and has never been intended to generate any income but it has been my way of contributing to the UK narrow gauge scene; now the time has come to set it to one side. The comment system still works so by all means leave a comment, particularly if it contains up to date information on one of the railways.

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