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My design basically includes a small city area that houses the industry, downtown, yard, and mainlines. Specifically I am hoping for some comments on the design, what I am missing, what I have done wrong, etc. You should be very specific how to operate your yard, going with it the placement of cross-overs. The connection of both the engine service area and the house track (SF language for a track along local industries) with the yard lead are pretty awkward on your plan. I can't tell if there is any industry associated with the tracks near the Mall and Downtown, but you could put another one there.
Also the two crossovers  that you have crossover in the same direction from the right hand track to the left hand side. My method of track spacing in XTRKCad was to lay two turnouts together, then extend the tracks off of them to maintain a consistent spacing.
The underground staging connection isn't really depicted, it was either going to be the lower back straight (that goes into the backdrop near the river, instead of meeting back up with the main line), or the very upper track. The specific area that I am modeling did have double mainline, which is why I had included it. On the smaller blob a coal mine could easily be added, like on the Virginian design by Byron Henderson.
I've gone back through the design and made some changes based on everyones feedback and my own thoughts.
I'm not sure if the uppermost track is setup quite right, although for the moment I am abandoning the idea of an under-table staging yard since there is quite a bit of yard space on the layout already. I susepct that you might have some reach issues, unless you can access the layout from the north side and the east side. Most important is focus however, you seem to be more focused on the town scene itself, while I pay more attention to feasible track configuration. You're right, I am definitely trying to make my track fit around the scenery, although the scenery is as much of a draw to me as the railroad track itself. Did you draw that track plan specifically based off of my design or is that something you pulled from somewhere?
The following instruction will guide you through selection and placement of sectional track pieces required to transform the loop of track created in the previous exercise into an oval layout. The first step in this exercise is extension of mainline track from the top of the loop to right side of layout. Drag the track from the Hotbar to the layout, placing it next to the existing piece of straight track. Complete the mainline by placing three additional sections of "Atlas #821, 9" Straight" track next to the piece that was just laid. A curved section of track will be constructed from the end point of the straight section back toward the origin point of the first loop.

With the curved section of track oriented correctly, press the space bar to fix the track in position. Continue building the loop by adding four additional sections of "Atlas #833, 18” 30D Curved" track. The loop of track on the left side of this layout was constructed using "Atlas 836 22" 22.5D Curved" track. Select the "Atlas #835, 18” 10D Curved" track from the Hotbar, drag it to the layout and place it adjacent to the end of the 18" curved track.
Complete this section of mainline track by placing four additional sections of "Atlas #821, 9" Straight" track next to the piece that was just laid. The alignment process started with placement of two 18” 10D curved tracks at the bottom of the right hand loop. Drag the track from the Hotbar to the layout, placing it next to the last piece of 9” straight track that was placed in the previous step. If the left side of the 18" 10D Curved" track didn't connect to the right side of the existing 22" curved section of track don't worry. To achieve the same affect with XTrkCad, a slight change to the "Connection Distance" parameter will be required. Once the first End-Point has been selected, the message in the status bar will change to read "Select second End-Point to connect." Click on the unconnected end of 18" 10D curved track. If the "Connection Distance" is set correctly, the track sections will move slightly and the 18" and 22" curved sections of track will join together. The lower L consists of a multi-level countryside scene, with track crossings hidden inside the river valley bluff. Talking about engine service, your locs need coal(oil), water, sand and a place to dump ash at least; not just a turntable. The design flowed more from the standpoint of trying to include all of my desired elements; now I am trying to figure out how to make it all work. As such, at the point I did that work I wasn't really even sure whether the trains would be running clockwise, or counter clockwise. But it is possible to be more specific about the minimum mainline radius, grades in percentages and the turnout numbers involved. Why you need such a big visible yard for the few industries you have is not clear to me.
I also removed the lower half of the downtown section, it didn't seem worth boxing in the scene and not really being able to see it unless looking straight down on it. Not only the building, also space before and beyond the (un)loading spot for a cut of cars.
I suppose one could make the argument though that I might as well just build a 12 foot diorama with no track if I'm not going to cater to it as a first priority. I've taken a few days to step back and take care of some other pressing issues but have been giving this quite a bit of thought.

Work on the loop will start in the upper left quadrant and progress in a clockwise manner around layout until an oval layout exists.
This will be achieved through selection and placement of four pieces of Atlas 9" sectional track.
In order to join the loop being created in this exercise with the loop on the left side of the layout, it will be necessary to bring the unconnected sections of track into alignment. The section of track should snap into place as it's dragged closer to the end of the straight track. Drag the track from the Hotbar to the layout, placing it next to the last piece of 18” 10D curved track that was placed in the previous step. Sectional track has enough "play" to overcome the slight space that remains between the two tracks and can be pulled together for final connection. As for the size of the yard, one of my early requirements was an oversized yard - the tightly spaced and rather dense nature of all that track just really looks good to me. If the track section curves the wrong way, simply hold the shift key then click on the track section with the left mouse key.
If the default setting for "Connection Distance" has not been changed, then the last section of track may not connect to the 22" curved section of track.
If nothing else, perhaps my work will be useful to someone who may want to adapt portions of my design for their own layout.
That area will be elevated 3-6 inches from the base, so I was hoping that would allow me to get to the extra depth. Obviously the ACEs don't fit in too well with that plan, but they were so beautiful I had to have them. I would much rather go through 40 revisions of the design and build it once than start building my first revision and change it 40 times. If like in the example, the track curves the wrong way, hold the shift key and click on the section of track with the left mouse key.
An engine maintenance facility on top of a river valley bluff doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Researching some additional structures and figuring out how to place them (city hall, post office, ethanol plant?)5. Use the top layer track as the entrance to hidden staging (so it has a downslope), or using it as the entrance to the top layer (so it has an up-slope) in the lower right? Operations - Build trains in the yard, run them around the mainline, pick up coal and bring to yard, etc11.
Reach - need to be able to reach all areas on the layout as it will be a corner L-shaped design12.

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