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As with previous models, the 2015 Honda Odyssey will be produced for the American market at a factory in Lincoln, Alabama. Incoming search terms:gambar odyssey 2015honda van 2015odyssey 2015хонда одиссей 2015Be Sociable, Share! Honda apparently believes that this segment of the market is still under-utilized and that Minivans will have large increase in the sales. Previous model was named “the best family minivan“ in the USA, so the quality is guaranteed. Airbags are located forward and to the side, so passengers have increased chance of survival in case of a direct collision.

Main competitors to this model would be the Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest, so let’s see what are the main advantages of Honda Odyssey 2015.
Honda Odyssey EX-L model and all advanced, have a system called FCW (Forward Collision Warning). This system has a camera located on the front and warns the driver with warning beep if his path intersects with another vehicle. The difference between the models is only in the power output of the speaker, but we believe that it is not too important. Of course, it is necessary to periodically check for the pressure in the tires and refill it if is necessary.

Starting from the 2015 model Honda Odyssey have six-speed automatic transmission and it became a standard.

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