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Thomas the station pilot surprises Gordon, and Gordon, furious, wonders how to pay Thomas out. Thomas wants to see the world, but no one takes notice until Edward offers to give him his trucks.
In the first illustration of "Thomas and the Trucks", Edward's face is tilted and is a much darker shade of grey than usual. As Thomas backs down on the trucks in the second illustration of "Thomas and the Trucks" a grumpy van is visible in front. In later editions, Thomas is missing his "1" in the third illustration of "Thomas and the Trucks". In "Thomas and the Trucks", the text says Thomas passed several stations and bridges before entering Henry's Tunnel.
In the fifth illustration of "Thomas and the Trucks" the third and fourth trucks appear to have fused together.
In the last illustration of "Thomas and the Breakdown Train", Gordon gains two boiler bands and is missing a window.
The New Series is a term used for the HiT Entertainment produced seasons of Thomas and Friends. The new series is big change from the classic series and often includes recycled plots, such as Henry again requiring "special coal", and the engines appearing to possess the ability to move without a crew.
There is debate among fans of the classic and new formats; but, as with many television series with different formats, there will always be differences and endless debate.
Starting with season 12, CGI elements were added to the "new series" in the forms of people, animals, and the character's faces.

Thomas is over the moon when the Earl of Sodor chooses him and friends Percy and James to rebuild Ulfstead Castle. In Poland the special is know as "Secret of the Lost Crown" and in Sweden it is titled "Railway King". This special will be shown in select Australian theatres in late July and UK theatres in late August. During the scene of Gordon and Spencer starting a race at Knapford, James can be seen departing the station with a train of trucks at the start of the scene. It is not clear where Toby and Henrietta come from when they pull into Knapford station as the track they are on ends dead. When Gordon screeches to a stop behind Stephen, his bogie wheels spark, but bogies are not fitted with brakes. It is stated that nobody knew where Stephen was, but Skarloey knew that Stephen had gone to investigate Ulfstead Mine.
Thomas mysteriously turns round when he returns to Ulfstead Castle to fetch Jack, and again when he returns.
It is impossible for Gordon, Edward and Toby to puff into the Steamworks at the same time, due to there being only one transfer table.
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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Thomas, impatient, leaves too early and only stops when a signalman points out he is missing his coaches.

Thomas comes to his rescue with  the Breakdown Train, and is rewarded with two coaches and his own branch line. However, for the remainder of the story, a coal truck is in front of it, and, what's more, the van appears to lose its face.
But in later maps of Sodor, there are no bridges or stations between Vicarstown and Henry's Tunnel. Starting with Season 13 the series was rendered in CGI completley, inevitably causing more debate. During their latest adventure, the Steam Team meets Millie, a bubbly French engine, and Stephen, an older steam locomotive with fascinating stories to tell. A few shots later, when Spencer passes Gordon, James' tender can be right on the edge of the shot. Thomas goes back and is able to take the train that time, but is teased by the others for a long time afterwards. Thomas manages to stop in time, and Sir Topham Hatt tells him to start shunting trucks at Wellsworth.
Meanwhile, Spencer and Gordon are stunned when they encounter two new engines, Connor and Caitlin, who are even faster than they are!

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