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Big groups and broods will find familiar comforts and conveniences with family-friendly chain hotels and guest houses, while the lone traveller or backpacker after frill-free rooms and basic amenities can make huge savings on cheap hostel dorms and single rooms. The Zurich main rail station is a major hub of the regional train service and one of the busiest train stations in the world, more than 30 high-speed Intercity trains connect Switzerland to other European countries.
The station itself sits on the historic Bahnhofstrasse, home to over a mile stretch of luxury shopping and retail boutiques, shops and outlets - one of the most popular retail destinations for label lovers and bargain hunters in Switzerland.
Even here, it's easy to find accommodation for your trip that won't break the bank, with affordable hotels and comfortable rooms at cheap rates. With a busy metro and public transport network, getting about Zurich is straightforward and simple, with more far flung connections regularly departing the main train station. Zurich is one of the most historic cities in Europe, offering centuries-old architecture and cultural heritage, alongside beautiful views of the Alps.
Today, the Swiss capital is a cosmopolitan cultural hot spot, with hundreds of first-rate restaurants and exclusive eateries alongside some of the best bars and social haunts on the continent. Find hotels in the heart of the Swiss capital and make the most your time in town, with cheap hotel rooms and accommodation just a short stroll from the city's historic old town and districts.

Sat at the foot of the breath-taking Alps, visitors to Zurich can also take advantage of year-round outdoor pursuits and activities, making full use of the stunning alpine scenery. There are day and overnight trains to and from city centre of Rome (journey time - 9 hours 45 minutes) and Venice in Italy (journey time - 8 hours), Vienna in Austria (journey time - 9 hours) and center of Budapest (journey time - 12 hours 50 minutes). Air Connections -- Zürich International Airport in Kloten is located less than 10 kilometres northeast of the city.
The busy Zurich Hauptbahnhof main train station, dates from 1871 and is located on Bahnhofplatz nearby Bahnhofstrasse.
Those looking to travel on a shoestring will still find plenty of choice when it comes to finding hotels with all the comforts of home near the main central train station. Perfect for when you just want to check-in, unpack, and head out to enjoy your new surroundings; you'll find dozens of affordable Zurich hotels only yards from the city's HB Hauptbahnhof railway station. If you're arriving into the Swiss capital via train, why not make the most of your time in town and opt for a hotel room only a short stroll from the train station. Those looking to indulge while they're away can splash out on more luxury accommodation, with five-star hotels and service for royalty at some of the Zurich's most established and renowned hotels in the heart of town and the financial business district.

Even if you're only in town for one night, it's easy to see plenty of the Swiss capital if you make your base in the heart of town, with great rates on hotels right next to the train station.
You'll find convenient connections to iconic sights and important destinations around Switzerland from Zurich train station, with international services arriving and departing daily.
Zurich is home to over a hundred historic museums and countless art galleries and exhibitions, showcasing some of the finest art displays and exhibitions on show in Europe. Direct connections are available from all larger cities in Germany, France, Italy and Austria, as well as from central Amsterdam, Barcelona in Spain, Vienna, centre of Prague, Budapest and Zagreb. Plenty for budget friendly options can be found a short distance away from the main hb railway hub.

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