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Following up on the success of Great Little War Game, the sequel improves on its predecessor in many areas, while retaining the colourful graphics and mock-army humour that made the original so fun.
Here's a list of 10 handsets that will help see you through the pending apocalypse at perfectly reasonable prices. With the Nokia 808 PureView waiting just around the corner, it's worth taking some time to appreciate other high-end camera phones. Scottish Power, a leader in renewable energy sources and part of the Iberdrola Group, is one of the popular energy providing company in the UK with a customer base of more than 5.6 million customers. Scottish Power prides itself in offering products and services that are totally customer-oriented. Scottish Power customer service, in case of boiler related emergencies, is available to customers 24×7 at 0800 111 4686.
You can also call 0800 027 0072 from a landline or 0345 270 0700 from a mobile device for any general customer service queries that you might have regarding their services. They also offer minicom facilities for those with hearing disabilities, which can be accessed at 0800 027 8899. When calling Scottish Power customer service desk, 0800 numbers are toll free when called from a landline.
Share with us the experience of the supplier's customer service (waiting times, courtesy, professionalism, etc.), the price of customer retention promotions, valuable tips for the benefit of the customers. Despite notifying you of my sisters death, as well as the solicitor and Helen herself being in touch with you before she died, her email account is still receiving emails. I have not yet received a response to the letter I sent you, my bill was on lock down whilst I waited for my meter to be checked for malfunction, for the third time Scottish Power engineers failed to attend, and I believe that my bill should continue to be frozen until the Ombudsman has completed their investigation. In October 15 I bought a new house and started a change of supplier process to Eon from Scottish Power.
I have been trying to get Scottish Power to correct my bills after having a new meter installed in September 2014. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As a COPD sufferer of very long standing I must say, I am very, very pleased with your service, promptness of supply and quality of the apparatus G3.
I write to put on record my deep appreciation of the advice and care provided to me by Richard on a number of occasions. If it hadn’t been for Adele telling me to change the cannula regularly (as the nurses never told me this) I would be on constant antibiotics D Bowden.
After problems caused by the carrier the people at the end of the phone at O2 gave me a standard of service and attention that I haven’t experienced for 40 years. Ordered Monday lunchtime, arrived here in Southern Spain Tuesday evening – Exceptional.
Absolutely 1st class service from Day 1 regarding initial enquiry about rental of equipment for holiday, delivery and pick-up arrangement.
I would not wish to single out any specific member of staff at Pure O2 for praise as I found everyone from my original enquiry, right through to purchase of my Airsep Freestyle to be extremely informative and helpful.
From our first contact with Pure 02 we found them to be very courteous and fully understanding of the problems faced by people with breathing problems. After problems caused by courier the people at the end of the phone at O2 gave me a standard of service and attention that I haven’t experienced for 40 years.
I thought the help and knowledge was terrific, many thanks to the team including Richard, Adele and Paul.
Everyone that I spoke with at your company was extremely helpful, very kind and went out of their way to make our rental experience successful. The service provided by both the sales and technical support personnel from Pure O2 has been excellent. I would just like to thank all the staff at Pure O2 especially Adele and Paul whom I dealt with.
Pure O2 are very mindful to the individual needs of our children, good advice, always go out of their way to help us and our families we deal with.
I contracted with Pure O2 Ltd to provide oxygen to be bled into my BiPAP machine while I was visiting the UK.
Just a word to say thanks a million for a trouble-less transaction in buying the AIR SEP it arrived here at approx 11.30 this morning.
This is just to confirm the safe arrival of the SeQual Eclipse 3 concentrator at my home this morning. I used one of you portable oxygen concentrators in Easter for my holiday to Florida, and I would like to say how amazing the concentrator was for me. Amongst many matters, I was also most favourably impressed by quite obvious attitudes of genuine concern and consideration shown to the potential customer as well as the professional advice and information clearly and efficiently given or sent both in relation to particular equipment possibly to be purchased, as indeed quite generally. From the first contact onwards we have been extremely impressed with the service we have received, and are finding the Airsep Freestyle very helpful with some of the symptoms of our condition.
You were recommended by a friend, however, I did check with several firms and yours came out tops by a mile – Thank you.
Can highly recommend you, Great service, Staff very helpful and knowledgeable, Will use again.
Very good, very quick and efficient, considering the machine came from Manchester to Gibraltar. The representative was ever so accommodating, very efficient, very personable, a lovely chap.

The service was brilliant from the time the representative came down to see me to receiving the machine. My Respiratory Nurse told me that by using the machine three times on holiday abroad, it will pay for itself.
I bought the machine mainly for holidays but I have used it at home too and I am very happy with it. I bought the machine for home use and for flying which is great as it is compact to take on the plane. Just to let you know that the concentrator which you kindly arranged to be couriered down from Manchester arrived safely. I bought the oxygen generator on behalf of my Father, who suffers with an asbestos related illness.
Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Oxygen Generator, which I received before Christmas. Pure O2 are proud to support the charities Make a Wish and the Child Lung Foundation by helping their children to fly with oxygen! If you are having trouble understanding your bill or if it is higher or lower than expected than do not hesitate to call the O2 Customer Service Helpline on 0843 506 9859.
It may be that you have exceeded the amount of text messages, phone call minutes or Internet downloads you are entitled to in accordance with your contract. Also using Text or Multimedia messaging, especially when you are abroad, could result in your bill being higher than expected.
Depending on the terms of your O2 Contract you may be entitled to change your phone and upgrade to a newer model.
If you have a query regarding your pay monthly phone and whether you are eligible to upgrade call now. Call the O2 Customer Service phone number on 0843 506 9859 for help if you suspect that your phone has been stolen or you have lost it.
Call the O2 Customer Service telephone number on 0843 506 9859 for help if you suspect that your phone has become blocked. To check how much remaining balance you have on a pay monthly phone you will need a minimum of 1 minute of call time allowance left in order to make a call. The Ofcom proposal is now in its consultation period, and a ruling on the changes is expected in early 2013. Tailor-made solutions for businesses, competitive pricing for homes and businesses, maintenance and repair solutions for all energy devices, support for energy conservation and efficient use of power are some of the areas in which this company provides its services. I am temporarily staying in 47 sommerset street , Huddersfield I have received a letter from The customer service director ( lynda clayton) stating that the company havent recieved a payement of 454.41 which was due on 19th august2014. When I have sought advice over the purchase of equipment I have found Richard’s professional experience invaluable in deciding which equipment to buy, how to use it most effectively and how to care for it. This occured from the first call when I was advised that there were no rentals available, but when Paul Stoops called me and arranged for my husband to be supplied with the Sequal Eclipse which helped him immensely!
Pure O2 have surpassed them all with knowledge about equipment, the best buys and their helpful advice. Infomative and generious of their time; O2 has a great customer service (espically from Richard).
I cannot praise them enough, it's the best company I have ever dealt with and I have been in business many years.
I found them to be very helpful and concerned to be sure that I got the equipment and service I needed. Wife is so pleased with it she says she is going out this afternoon for some retail therapy, now I am beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea that she should have so much freedom again .All joking aside I wish to thank all your staff for been so helpful and to thank you for the efficient way you run your business.
I should like to take the opportunity of thanking you both for the extreme courtesy and efficiency with which you have dealt with this sale. It does what is says and has given me a new found freedom and courage to venture outside again.
I had a call from your competitor in the south, making all sorts of claims about how they were better than yourselves. I will be in touch again as we are hoping to get away in September as I have some documents to sign regarding our house over there and then we will be looking at 2 or 3 trips again in 2009. This e-mail is to thank you for your speedy and effective response to the problem and to thank you and Adele for all your help and courtesy. All I can say is delivery of the unit was excellent, three days from receipt of order, the unit itself runs smooth and quiet, and I believe he uses it for two fifteen minute spells per day at present, after which he says he feels a lot better. I am most grateful to you for the excellent service you provide, together with instant advice when it is needed. I am well pleased with it and will be taken this unit on holiday to leave at my house in Tenerife and may well on my return order another unit for home here.
Another common reason is that you have made calls to numbers that are not included in your allowance such as International destinations, or numbers that begin with 0800, 0845 or 09.
Call the Helpline now on 0843 506 9859 for advice and to find out how to stop your phone sending SMS (text messages) as MMS (multimedia messages).
To discuss your options call the O2 Customer Service contact number now on 0843 506 9859 and find out if you are eligible and what options you have available for an upgrade.
It is possible that you will need to provide your PUK code in order to unblock a handset, (personal unblocking key). Common queries such as activating new sim’s, ordering a new sim or micro sim are easily solved.

You can contact the Scottish Power customer service at Scottish Power, Cathcart Business Park, Spean Street, Glasgow G44 4BE. Of course, you also have the ubiquitous gas and electricity meter and tariffs that all such energy companies offer. Also, it is important to note that the average waiting time before you get heard is about 5 minutes. I would like to request that you refrain from using this callous term in all future correspondence to myself, and other bereaved relatives. I have also gained important incidental advice from Richard about the management of my condition of IPF. At no time were we put under pressure to make decisions and it did not matter how many times you went back with a question.
I would have no hesitation to recommend your company to anyone who needs this type of medical assistance, and should we ever come back to the UK I would definately be in touch. I don’t normally take the time to write appraisels but in this case I am full of prasie for Pure O2. Minor technical concerns which were experienced in Spain over the weekend were responded to and resolved with in 20 minutes of my telephone call. I dealt with Paul Stoops and ordered my Airsep Freestyle on Monday at approx 4pm to be sent to my holiday home in Spain.
They delivered the equipment on time and as ordered and made arrangements for it to be returned to their offices when I left the country.
I much appreciate all you have done and the time and interest shown by you with this transaction, many thanks.
Should any of your prospective clients be unsure as to how good your machines are I would gladly speak to anyone to reassure them first hand as to how good they really are. I tried oxygen at an event run by PureO2 and for the first time in a long time I felt a lot brighter in myself. An example was your superb help when my mother's O-Box broke down, and was replaced and the old one collected the day after my call to you.
I shall be telling Prof Nicholls to keep your number for future patients wishing to travel. To discuss any of these issues, or if you have any other questions, call the O2 Customer Service Helpline now on 0843 506 9859 for more information. If, however you are content with your current handset you can simply change the tariff you are currently on. Paul has always been endlessly patient, sympathetic and above all positive, practical and of course expert in his response. I have indicated my satisfaction to the PHA and hopefully they will recommend you to others.
Once we had made the decision to purchase the SeQual Eclipse, everything went very smoothly. I addition I found when dealing with Pure O2 you give prompt attention, clear explanations of queries and no rushing me over telephone calls. I have dealt with Pure O2 personnally and by phone since 2008 and am a very satisfied customer.
They were on hand to give support for every question that was asked and their kindness was outstanding. Your generous manner with the final account reflects well on your company ethics and is to be applauded.
My wife is getting along very well with the Freestyle and we are sure it solves our problems whilst travelling.
The usual excruciating pain I feel all over my body was alleviated for a good 2 to 3 hours. It is marvellous to have someone who actually returns telephone calls promptly, with practical and sensible help. For example you may be able to increase the amount of allowances you receive on your phone per month. I have still not got past Stage 3 of the complaints procedure (a member of their senior management team ) will contact me, thats a joke. I always feel confident that when I speak to him I will be at least reassured and usually guided to a solution to my problem.
We were kept informed at all times about the progress and on the morning that the couriers were to delivery, Pure O2 called to ensure that it had arrived.
It is so refreshing to find good customer service in whatever field but particularly in the area of healthcare. Please thank all your staff for their politeness and prompt attention, and for the support you yourself provided for me during a very stressful time - you can't ask for more! The technical help given by you before purchase and after has been first class and your delivery promises on time. He is an ambassador for Pure O2 who embodies the excellent, expert and caring service for which I am sure you wish Pure O2 to be recognised.

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