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411.ca has grown to attract close to 10% of online users, generating 13 million queries for local Canadian businesses each month. Yellow Pages Group (YPG) is Canada’s leading performance media and marketing solutions company. Ideas, recommendations and tips for connecting with local businesses in Canadian neighbourhoods.
The approach was simple, friends along with myself picked up the phone and started dialing.
If you know of other services or would like to share your story using any of the services listed below, please feel free to comment at the end of this post.
What you may not know is that for Telus and Rogers, you have the option of selecting a Yellow Pages™ category search which will connect you to the Yellow Pages™ 411 voice activated service. Please note that these services have different billing rates so check with your service provider. In this section we will look at 3 free directory assistance services available to Canadian consumers. From a small business perspective, DA whether Paid or Free is a very important piece for making sure that your customers can get your phone number and address. However, if you are a lucky Canadian to own either a Blackberry or an iPhone, the Yellow Pages™ Mobile applications for Blackberry and iPhone are currently the only integrated mobile apps that provide business, residential and reverse lookup services. I hope that you find this information useful and please feel free to add your comments regarding directory assistance services. This entry was posted in 411, Directory Assistance, Voice Search and tagged 411, Directory Assistance, free DA, goog 411, Voice Search, yellow pages 411 on April 17, 2009 by Darby Sieben. For this particular test I decided to focus on a popular generic category search (dentists in Toronto) and a very specific landmark search (restaurants by Eau Claire Market). Let’s start with what happens when you bookmark the websites above and put them on your iPhone desktop. If you want to see another comparison - check out Taking a Look at Local Merchant Pages in Canada - a post from last December. Ever wonder what are the most common names and Canada and how many people are listed in the White Pages in Canada who match those surnames. This list of top 20 common Canadian surnames was pulled from Wikipedia and in the order listed there. Turns out that Wikipedia is pretty darn close in terms of the order of the top 20 surnames. New for 2013, I thought I would expand the above list to see where those top 20 surnames rank in terms of some of Canada’s top cities.

This entry was posted in Canada411.ca, White Pages and tagged 411, canada411, surnames, White Pages on October 27, 2008 by Darby Sieben. The Company brings consumers and businesses together locally through its network of print, digital and mobile properties. Each month over 2 million Canadians use 411.ca to connect with businesses and individuals in their community.
411.ca makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.
To be fair I used cellular only, as I hardly know anybody that actually has a land line anymore. I will focus on the big 3, Telus (landline and mobility), Rogers (cable and mobility) and Bell (landline and mobility). Note: all these DA services will only allow you access to business name and category searches.
If you live in a province that does not support 310 dialing, simply add your (area code) in front of the 310-0411. Therefore the sub-category search is defined as the following – if you ask for Pizza, the system will prompt you for Delivery, Take-Out or Dine-In. Most likely voice related search will be conducted in major urban markets, therefore, the ability to narrow results via neighborhood, landmark or even via intersection, is actually pretty important.
However, Canada has two official languages and the second largest province (Quebec) with a population of under 8 million or about 27% of Canada’s population is a very large market. YellowPages.ca data is provided to Google Maps which in turn is what is used for Google 411.
For those of you who don’t know, Eau Claire Market is a popular destination located in downtown Calgary. One issue that I have is that Apple or Google have failed to customize this icon for regions – notice the US highway signage.
I figure there are at least a few of you who would be interested in this information, so here it is. Core responsibilities include planning long-term digital revenue growth for Yellow Pages group of companies by identifying strategies, partnerships and acquisitions to accomplish our goals. This agreement that unites two of Canada’s largest local search engines will provide enhanced online reach for advertisers and a greater experience for users. YPG intends to close this transaction in early March 2010, subject to certain conditions, including the approval by 411 Local Search Corp.
YPG enables consumers to make smarter decisions, helping people find what they need wherever and whenever.

Through cost-effective advertising programs that drive sales and maximize brand exposure, 411.ca helps businesses of all sizes to grow and prosper. On the business side I will highlight what every business owner in Canada needs to know to ensure that their business is accessible via voice search, even if you a cellular only business. I had testers using the service on different providers as well as different provinces to get a national feel. The user side of these services are accessed directly by dialing 411 which will connect you to an automated attendant. This is a very important distinction to help narrow results, otherwise, you will get a mash-up of services with no clear indication of whether or not a business provides the specific service you are looking for. Therefore, the ability to offer voice services in both of Canada’s official languages is very important. YellowPages.ca data is provided to Yellow Pages™ 411 which in turn is the service that can be accessed for free or via paid DA by Telus and Rogers customers. Previously, I was President of Mediative where I had the privilege of leading a group of over 100 digital talented experts across 4 offices in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Kelowna).An avid tech geek, I can slide into a technical conversation as easy as a business conversation. The Company partners with businesses to build successful marketing and lead generation programs, helping them grow their business. Currently the site features over 1.5 million basic, Owner Verified(TM) and premium local business listings.
On this note, it is very disappointing to see a company like Google not offer their services in French, this is surprising. So having your business listed with YellowPages.ca in the right category ensures that your business data is syndicated to all these major players in providing voice directory assistance. Cell phone subscribers are also entitled to a free business* listing in their local Yellow Pages directory and in our directory Web sites YellowPages.ca and Canada 411.
Please feel free to add a comment on your favorite or suggest other sites in Canada that have iPhone versions.
Go to the Contact Us section of this site to speak to a Yellow Pages Group representative for more info. I get to lead one of Canada's most exciting digital performance firms in Mediative and my shareholder is one of Canada's largest startups, yes I said it; YPG is a 100-year old start-up and we are just beginning.

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