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Also interesting is those two Clearline Ethernet surge protection units that are only connected on one side (top right, cable-tied to the grille of 1U ventilation rack module).
Outsiders' views of South Africa are coloured by the same stereotypes as the rest of Africa.
The tip of Africa has been home to the Khoisan (collective name for Hottentot (Koi) and Bushmen (San)) people for thousands of years. The first Europeans to reach South Africa were the Portuguese, who named the end of the country "Cape of Good Hope" in 1488, when they managed to sail around it to reach India. Two wars for control over Transvaal and Natal were fought between the Boers and the British in 1880 and 1899.
After peace was restored by the 1902 Treaty of Vereeniging, the Union of South Africa was formed in 1910, consolidating the various Boer republics and British colonies into a unified state as a member of the British Commonwealth. In 1948, the Afrikaner-dominated National Party came to power and began full implementation of its long-cherished dream of white supremacy, at the expense of blacks and coloureds. As the Cold War took shape in the early 1950s, the NP attempted to justify apartheid as necessary in the face of an alleged communist conspiracy to take over South Africa.
In order to fight communism, state censorship was omnipresent, and the freedoms of speech, press, and public assembly were all vigorously suppressed. As a result, on the one hand, all non-whites were designated as citizens of one of several quasi-sovereign national "homelands" (known as "bantustans") which were intended to be like Native American reservations in the United States, but on a much larger scale. The African National Congress (ANC) initially resisted all these developments with non-violent protests. In 1960, a breakaway group of former ANC members formed the Pan Africanist Congress under the leadership of Robert Sobukwe, who attempted to organize protests against the hated pass laws. The apartheid regime's power peaked during the late 1960s and 1970s, after the anti-apartheid resistance had been brutally crushed. The ANC and MK quietly rebuilt themselves in exile, trained numerous operatives, and began to launch new domestic uprisings and terrorist attacks.
By the early 1980s, the United States had finally overcome its own historical experiments with white supremacy and racial segregation, and was no longer willing to tolerate the apartheid regime. Simultaneously, by the late 1980s, many white moderates began to recognize that change was inevitable.
Accordingly, white moderates within the security service and the National Party itself began to quietly reach out to ANC leaders to find common ground and negotiate how to dismantle apartheid. Political violence worsened badly during the early 1990s as extremists of all kinds and races attempted to derail the peace talks at the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) in favour of their own deranged visions of the future of South Africa.
During this terrible and dangerous period, the CODESA negotiations became gridlocked and stalled numerous times; then the parties backed off and tried a new process on 1 April 1993 called the Multi-Party Negotiating Process (MPNP).
The MPNP ultimately led to the enactment of a new interim constitution at the end of 1993 and then the nation's first truly democratic election in April 1994, in which all SA adult citizens were allowed to vote regardless of their ethnic and cultural background. As part of the peace talks, it was recognized that once apartheid was abolished, it made no sense to allow its opponents to continue to maintain their own paramilitary resistance forces. Many region, city, street and building names in South Africa have been changed several times after the end of apartheid.
The underlying problem is that the 1994 Government of National Unity immediately began changing names so that they would be neutral and non-offensive. After the ANC assumed full control of the government in 2004, the ANC reversed course and moved towards a policy of changing European names to African names, and to name places after leaders of the apartheid resistance. This travel guide will use the official new names, but also mention the previous names where possible. The climate in South Africa ranges from desert and semi-desert in the north west of the country to sub-tropical on the eastern coastline. The South African Weather Service provides up-to-date weather information, forecasts and satellite imaging.
School holidays occur early December to middle January, early in April, middle June to middle July and late September.
Western Cape Cape Town, the mother city, the legislative capital and seat of Parliament, with famous landmarks as Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope. Free State Capital Bloemfontein which also hosts the Supreme Court of Appeal, the highest court in non-constitutional matters (the Constitutional Court is in Johannesburg since 1994). KwaZulu-Natal Durban, the largest city in the province and second largest in South Africa and popular coastal holiday destination for South Africans.
Mpumalanga Capital Nelspruit, gateway to Mozambique and southern section of the Kruger National Park. Limpopo Capital Polokwane (formally known as Pietersburg) a good jump off point for visits to the northern parts of the Kruger National Park and Zimbabwe.
Bloemfontein – Location of the Supreme Court of Appeal, the highest court in non-constitutional matters.
Durban – Largest city in KwaZulu-Natal, third largest in South Africa and popular coastal holiday destination for South Africans.
Newcastle – 3rd largest city in KwaZulu-Natal, 10th largest in South Africa and Capital of Northern KZN. Johannesburg – The economic heart of Africa and the most common entry point into Southern Africa. Polokwane – Capital of Limpopo (formerly known as Pietersburg) and a good jump off point for visits to the northern parts of the Kruger National Park and Zimbabwe.
Port Elizabeth – Coastal city in the Eastern Cape with Addo Elephant National Park located close by. Upington – Located in the arid Northern Cape province, this city is a good base when exploring the Kalahari desert and the many national parks located in the Northern Cape.
The Kruger National Park is exceptionally well managed and a favourite tourist destination.
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the heart of the Kalahari desert with wide open spaces and hordes of games including the majestic 'Gemsbok'.
There are also a large number of smaller parks, like the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park, Addo Elephant National Park, Pilanesberg National Park or the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. The Cradle of Humankind, [1], near Johannesburg is a must see for anyone interested in where it all started.A large collection of caves rich in hominid and advanced ape fossils. Robben Island just off the coast from Cape Town where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years.
Due to the current ebola virus outbreak, entry will be refused to citizens of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Portugal, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, San Marino, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania (90 days per 1 year), United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and citizens of British Overseas Territories. Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Benin, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Gabon, Guyana, Hong Kong (BNO passports or SAR passports), Hungary, Jordan, Lesotho, Macau, Malaysia, Malawi, Maldives, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Poland, Seychelles, Slovakia, South Korea, Swaziland, Thailand, Turkey,Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Department of Home Affairs is notoriously inefficient, so make sure to apply for visas and visa extensions as early as possible.
Make sure you have one blank page (two if you require a visa) and that your passport is valid for at least 30 days after your intended date of departure, or you will be sent back! In addition, if you do not have a return ticket (knowing the reservation number is enough), you will need to pay a refundable deposit.
South Africa has 10 international airports, the two major ones being Cape Town International and OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.Durban International Airport is the third biggest airport. Direct flights also arrive from major European centres, including: Amsterdam, Athens, Madrid, London, Paris, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Lisbon.
Note: Baggage theft at airports is common especially at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg so avoid putting valuables such as jewellery and expensive devices in your main luggage if you can and place them in your hand luggage.
Should you be entering from one of the other countries in Southern Africa you might want to do so by car. Household billsHousehold bills include municipal bills for electricity and water, telephone bills and shopping documents like till slips and account statements. Also, invoices from different municipalities or companies will look different, and may use different terms to describe the same thing. Why do you think the amount due, if paying with cash, differs from the amount if not paying with cash? The total amount includes 2 cents, but we no longer use 2c coins in South Africa, so, when paying with cash, the amount is rounded down to exclude the R 0,02. In South Africa we get metered electricity and pre-paid electricity.With metered electricity, you use first and pay later. The consumption levels for the first two meters listed (meter numbers 356413 and 382471) are fairly similar - they are both close to 3000 kWh.
128 Oak Street R 4963,42 The billing period is a specific number of days or months covered by the invoice in question. If the third meter is for a small flat on the property, for example, then the consumption will be lower because there will be fewer lights and plugs. Different cellular providers in South Africa (like MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, 8ta and Virgin Mobile) offer different packages.

AnswerMTN 081 423 7012 A Blackberry - the transaction column lists Blackberry internet services. His cellphone number, his account number, the invoice number and the payment reference number. Shopping documentsTill slipsEvery time you buy an item from a shop, you should receive a till slip indicating the value of the item you bought, how much money you offered the cashier for it, how much change you received and so on. Account statementsAt some clothing and food stores, it is possible to open an account, buy goods on credit and pay off what you owe the store on a monthly basis. Is there anything unusual about Jane's contact details, when compared to the bills we've worked with thus far? What is the minimum amount that Jane must pay into her account this month, and when must she pay it by? Jane is interested in getting the credit card advertised at the bottom of the account statement. Contract offers are valid until end of February 2014 – make sure to verify the validity date for each service provider below. Download the store deals booklet, all SPs are available (Virgin mobile, Vodacom, MTN, 8ta and Cell C).
It is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho (which is completely surrounded by South Africa). While you can fly into any country in southern Africa, most flights will route through South Africa anyway. Contrary to popular belief, South Africa is not devastatingly poor with an unstable government. Permanent European settlement was only built at Cape Town after the Dutch East India Company reached the Cape of Good Hope in April 1652. In addition, the NP sought to promote Afrikaner culture at the expense of English culture and either co-opted or marginalized English-speaking whites. The NP's focus on anti-communist propaganda was particularly ironic, as South Africa under the NP ended up with a much higher level of state control of the economy than the vast majority of anti-communist countries.
It existed in a state of constant tension between those Afrikaners who envisioned most of the country completely purged of non-whites and those Afrikaners (particularly businessmen) who recognized that it would take decades, if not centuries, to either create enough white children or import enough white immigrants to provide a sufficiently large labour force which would make up for the eventual long-term expulsion of all non-whites from South Africa's cities. The ANC managed to score a handful of legal victories during the 1950s, as the South African judiciary still had many fair-minded judges appointed by the previous United Party. An outnumbered police unit panicked and fired into a crowd of unarmed protesters at Sharpeville. During that era, South Africa's white citizens enjoyed the fruits of strong economic growth and rapid infrastructure development in the form of the highest-quality lifestyle in Africa (that is, nearly equivalent to First World living standards), and were content to keep quiet and not ask too many questions. At the same time, the black majority's frustration with their miserable situation continued to build.
Thus, the international community belatedly began to turn against South Africa, by implementing strict weapons and trade embargoes. International sanctions and internal strife were beginning to take a severe toll on South Africa. A few days later, the assassination of popular political activist Chris Hani on 10 April 1993 threatened to push South Africa to the brink of civil war.
Former political prisoner Nelson Mandela was selected as the country's first democratically elected president.
The rainy season for most of the country is in the summer, except in the Western Cape where the rains come in the winter. SAWS has also implemented a network of high-resolution Doppler radars to improve the quality of its forecasts. Most South Africans go on leave during these times and accommodation will be harder to find. Johannesburg is the seat the provincial government, also the economic heart of Africa and the most common entry point into Southern Africa. The winelands near Stellenbosch, the Whale Coast along the Overberg, Agulhas where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet and the Cape Floral Region.
Biggest province with fewest people, Upington is the second big city, a good base when exploring the Kalahari desert, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and the Augrabies Falls on the Orange River. The world heritage site Vredefort Dome, remnants of the largest and oldest meteorite impact crater. The Drakensberg mountain range, if you like hiking and also the Tugela Falls, the world's second highest waterfall.
The Drakensberg Escarpment with the Blyde River Canyon is the third largest Canyon in the world. The Constitutional Court in Johannesburg became the highest court in constitutional matters in 1994. Famous for Steel Production, Coal Mining, Heavy Industry and is South Africa's Textile Industry Capital.
A wide range of species (some potentially dangerous) may be encountered in parks, farms, private reserves and even on the roads. There are hiking trails available in almost all the parks and around geographical places of interest, Hiking in South Africa contains information on those.
Be wary of arriving with a damaged passport as new security measures might trip up your entry. Regular Flights from and to: Blantyre, Cairo, Gaborone, Dar es Salaam, Harare, Lilongwe, Livingstone, Luanda, Lusaka, Kinshasa, Maputo, Manzini, Maun, Mauritius, Nairobi, Victoria Falls and Windhoek. South Africa operates a number of land border posts between itself and immediately neighbouring countries.
You will receive a bill when you have used a service or utility (like electricity or a phone line) or made purchases using a store or credit card, which will require monthly payments on the outstanding balance. The total amount due (total liability) includes 14% VAT but that percentage is not listed separately on this invoice. Notice that the rounded down amount is not discarded - it is carried forward to the next invoice. The amount of electricity you use in a month is counted by an electricity meter - a special box that may be inside your house or outside on the property, that adds up all the units of electricity you use.
The consumption level for the third meter (number 382709) is much lower, however.Why do you think this is so? The standard billing period is one month, in this case it is 61 days - in other words, this invoice includes electricity consumption for the 61 days before the billing date.
They are not in the usual order (J (January), F (February), M, A etc) but are arranged in the order of the last 12 months, starting 12 months ago and ending with the most recent month (J (July), A (August), S (September) to J (June)). To use a prepaid landline, you simply buy a voucher and load the airtime onto your account, much like a prepaid cellphone account. You can have a contract with them, where you pay a monthly subscription and then pay for your calls and messages at the end of the month; or you can buy prepaid airtime upfront and then have the cost of your calls and messages deducted from that airtime. With this new credit card, if she spent R 400 at Woolworths, how much would money would she get back in WVouchers?
MTN seemed to have a different name for each of the three sectors, not the location of the tower but rather the area served by that sector. It is a vast country with widely varying landscapes and has 11 official languages, as well as an equally diverse population. South Africa is also a good place to get used to travelling in the region (though some would argue that Namibia is better for that).
It is estimated that Bantu tribes may have started to slowly expand into the northernmost areas of what is today Southern Africa around 2,500 years ago and by around 500 AD the different cultural groups had been established in the lush areas to the north and east of the what is today known as Eastern South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
In the late 1700s, the Boers (Dutch for farmers) slowly started expanding first eastward along the coastline and later upwards into the interior.
Meanwhile, during the early 20th century, a number of Afrikaner thinkers began to articulate a philosophy of white supremacy. It was reluctantly allowed into the country only after South Africa suffered the embarrassment of being one of the few countries where the November 1969 moon landing could not be watched live, even by its wealthiest citizens. As a result, the NP declared a state of emergency and used it as an excuse to tear up the remaining shreds of the rule of law in South Africa. South Africa was banned from the Olympic Games and most other international sporting competitions. The freeing of Nelson Mandela from Victor Verster Prison near Cape Town on 11 February 1990 was covered live on television around the world. The ANC won a 63% majority and proceeded to form a Government of National Unity with the NP.
The National Party subsequently withered away; its remnants joined with other opposition parties to form the current opposition, the Democratic Alliance.
These changes can sometimes lead to confusion as many of the new names are not yet well known. The Garden Route, one of the top destinations, running along the Southern Coast from Mossel Bay to Port Elizabeth, with cities like Knysna and ostrich capital Oudtshoorn.
Superb beaches in Port Elizabeth, East London and Jeffreys Bay, the surfing mecca of South Africa. This is because of the reciprocity that India shares with a lot of countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Mongolia. If Mrs Gwayi receives the invoice on 10 September 2013,what is the minimum amount that she needs to pay immediately?

Once a month a meter reader from the municipality will come to the house and read your meter and make a note of how much electricity you have used. In winter for example, people use more lighting (because it gets dark earlier), heaters, electric blankets and appliances like tumble dryers. The large spikes indicate when the meter reading for consumption was high, and the flat segments of the graph indicate that it was at 0 kWh.
Prepaid landlines are advantageous for people who don't have a credit record, or have a bad credit record, because you don't need a credit history or proof of employment and bank statements to have a prepaid fixed line. This is R 0,04 less than the opening balance - the amount has been rounded down to the nearest value payable with a 5c coin, because we no longer use 2c or 1c coins in South Africa. We know this because the same amount that is added to his account (R 51,75) is also subtracted. If there are 6 muffins in the pack of chocolate muffins that Boiketlo buys, how much does each muffin cost?
Why do you think three items (vegetable oil, brown bread and milk) have stars next to them?
The total has been rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5c to accommodate for the fact that we no longer use 2c and 1c coins in South Africa. While this may seem like a good idea, it is all too easy to end up owing the shop more money you can pay them, which is a very bad position to be in.
The closing balance on this statement includes 14% VAT Calculate the VAT included in the closing balance of R 742,37. South Africa is renowned for its wines and is one of the world's largest producers of gold. Of course South Africa is not only a jumping off point, it is itself a superb destination rich in culture, fauna & flora and history. On the one hand it is a first world state, especially the major cities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg, and on the other hand it is under-developed and has large scale poverty.
The desert and semi-desert areas of the Western and Northern Cape provinces, as well as the western parts of the Eastern Cape province remained unsettled by the Bantu as the arid climate, limited seasonal rainfall, sparse vegetation and scarcity of natural sources of water could not sustain large migrations of people and herds of cattle, cattle being the primary livestock reared by the Bantu and fulfilling numerous cultural and economic functions within the tribal society (cattle served as a rudimentary currency and basic unit of exchange with a mutually agreeable value between bartering parties, thus fulfilling the function of money). By 1795, Britain took control of the Cape, as a consequence of the Napoleonic wars on the Dutch, in 1820 a large group of British settlers arrived in the region. This philosophy was given a theological foundation by the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa, which preached that there would be no equality in church or state.
ANC leadership correctly recognized that the ANC would soon be banned (along with all other anti-apartheid political organizations) and would no longer be able to openly operate within South Africa as a political organization. Many international celebrities, such as Bruce Springsteen, noisily boycotted South Africa, composed protest songs attacking South Africa, and harshly criticized any performer or athlete who was willing to perform or play in South Africa. Tambo International Airport in October 2006, after the ANC leader who was dispatched overseas to keep the organization alive in exile.
Winter temperatures hover around zero, summers can be very hot, in excess of 35° Celsius (90°F) in some places. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, nestled between the sea and Table Mountain, it is a popular summer destination by both domestic tourists and those from abroad. Bills can also be called invoices or account statements, depending on what information they provide.Some stores allow you to have a store account. The graph in the bottom left corner of the invoice shows the meter readings for Mr du Plessis' electricity consumption over the previous 12 months.What do you think the letters under the horizontal axis mean? It is unlikely that Mr du Plessis used no electricity in the months when the meter reading was zero - it is more likely that the meter was not read at all (for example, if no one was home when the meter reader arrived) in those months, and so consumption was entered into the system as being 0 kWh. What amount must be paid immediately and why do you think this differs slightly from the opening balance? Many South Africans do have store accounts and manage them sensibly by paying back the shop each month, when they receive their monthly account statement.In order to open a store account, you usually have to be 18 years or older, and be able to provide proof of employment and proof of residence. South Africa has the strongest economy in Africa, and is an influential player in African politics.
South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world where opulence and severe poverty can often be observed together. The "Khoisan" existed in these areas as nomadic hunters, unable to permanently settle as the movement of desert game in search of dwindling water supplies during winter months determined their own migration. In 1835, large numbers of Boers started out on the Groot Trek (the great migration) into the interior after becoming dissatisfied with the British rule. Much like cellphone airtime, you buy electricity vouchers (usually from your local shop) which you can then load into a special pre-paid meter at home. In this invoice, the amount still outstanding was due to be paid by 2012-07-14, and Mr du Plessis paid it in full on 2012-06-27. Initially, the peaks in the graph occur once every three months (July, October, January, April). If you are in debt and don't pay your bills, you will have a bad credit record.)With phone bills for fixed lines, you are usually charged one fixed amount for rental of the phone line, and then for any calls you made.
This is the fixed amount that Mr Finlay pays for his cellphone contract (an MTN TopUp 200 type contract) each month.
In 2010, South Africa hosted the first Football World Cup to be held on the African continent.
The rural part of South Africa remains among the poorest and the least developed parts of the world and poverty in the townships can be appalling, progress is being made. Not until the "Boers" (see next paragraph) moved into these areas and established boreholes and containment ponds could any permanent settlements be established in these areas. You will receive an account statement once a month, detailing what you bought, what you paid into the account (called credit) and what you still owe. The pre-paid meter counts downwards, and shows you how many units worth of electricity you have left to use. Then the graph changes and there are non-zero readings for April and May; no reading for June and again a reading for July.
What is the closing balance, and why does it differ slightly from the total amount now payable? The invoice includes Mr Finlay's last 6 billing periods, the first of which is dated 11-2011. Today, with more reliable sources of water and modern methods of water conservancy the agricultural activity remains limited mainly to sheep and ostrich ranching as these animals are better suited to the sparse feed and limited water.
Some Boers were initially able to get along with the locals (as with the Tswana) and in other areas Boers clashed badly with native populations (especially the Zulu). No one from the municipality needs to read the meter, and you will not receive accounts because you have already paid for the electricity you have used. Give a possible reason for why the consumption (in kWh) is high for some months and at zero for others?
In fact, South Africa's United Nations Human Development Index which was slowly improving in the final years of apartheid, has declined dramatically since 1996, largely due to the AIDS pandemic, and poverty levels appear to be on the increase. These utilities and services are provided by the local government (municipality) and each household has to pay a monthly amount, depending on how much electricity and water was used.
Can you see a pattern between the high points (spikes) on the graph and the number of months that has passed?
Then it was read for 2 consecutive months (April and May), and then again two months later.
Add together the total (including VAT) of the items that include VAT and the total of the VAT exempt items. In this section we will look at municipal electricity and water bills.The City of Johannesburg provided its residents with the following example of a municipal invoice, to explain to people how to read their municipal bills.
Buying it in advance can also make it easier to plan how much electricity you're going to use in a month, and how much you can afford to spend. Whilst no two municipalities send out identical bills, the kind of information provided in the document is usually very similar. If Mrs Tolon wants to contact Telkom to query this invoice, name two pieces of information she can use as a reference. He has three electricity meters on his property (let's assume there are two small houses and a flat on the premises) and they are billed for together.
In Grade 10 we don't need to work with these, it is only necessary to know that they are numbers assigned to companies and businesses for tax reasons. These are special machines found around the city of Joburg that allow you to pay your bill electronically.
As mentioned already, these are determined by the size, location and value of your property and house. We will study VAT in greater detail in Chapter 11.Not all municipalities bundle together electricity, water and refuse charges in one account. It differs from one city to the next, but in some places you may get two separate bills - one for electricity and another for water and refuse, for example.

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