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Aadhar card is now a new identity provided by Indian government for a better future for an individual citizen of India.
The problem is that by starting this service on a huge platform, Indian government couldn’t handle it by distributing the Aadhar Card to each and every citizen of India. You filled the Aadhar Application form and have the receipt given by the volunteers at Aadhar Enrollment Center after submitting the application for Aadhar Card but still you haven’t received your Aadhar Card. To receive your Aadhar Card online, you can click on the following link Download Your Aadhar Card Online to download your Aadhar Card Online. If you lost your Aadhar card by mistake or by any other reasons, you can download a duplicate copy of Aadhar Card by clicking the following link Download Copy Of Your Aadhar Card Online to download a duplicate copy of your Aadhar Card Online.
Both procedures given above are the steps to download your Aadhar Card or a duplicate copy of your Aadhar Card online.

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Seeking an opportunity to utilize my skills and abilities in an organization that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. Aadhar card can be a good service provided by Indian government, but it has some glitches and mistakes.
After clicking these links you can search by your Enrollment ID as well as your Aadhar Card.

If you haven’t received your Aadhar Card or if you lost your Aadhar Card, you are on the right post. One would find the EID on the acknowledgment slip received at the time of enrollment for Aadhar. If you have misplaced the slip, or are not in a position to have access to it, you need not worry. However, there are some other details, such as your name, date of birth etcetera that would also be needed for knowing the status of your Aadhar card.

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