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Unless otherwise noted this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Outbound Dialing provides users with the ability to make a call and display their Talkroute Phone Number as the Caller ID. Note: You may enter a PIN if you wish for a security code to be required when making an outbound call.
Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. I recently downloaded Mountain Lion because I wanted to be able to send and receive iMessages from my phone number on my MacBook Air. This is simple to accomplish if you have an iPhone to associate your phone number with your Apple ID account. Open iMessage on the Mac and in preferences, set the caller ID to initiate messages from your phone number instead of your AppleID email. As you can see, it is allowed to add more emails to an Apple ID, but the adding of phone numbers happens when you activate things from a live phone account and SMS messaging verifies that the phone number matches the iPhone. Once that's done, Apple is happy to let your Mac or iPad or phone "iMessage" from that telephone number.

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You cannot send it from a phone number on your laptop, unfortunately it has to be from your Apple ID.
First, I recommend checking out this question and answer as you may find configuration issues on your phone itself. Based on your mention that friends receive messages from your Apple ID, I concur that (1) at least something is working properly on your end, and that (2) your friend is using iMessage as well.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged mountain-lion macbook imessage or ask your own question. Would a sentient species be able to thrive when mating means the death of the male partner? When you are driving a Ferrari or a Ducati chasing the bad man (or going to the office!!!) you won’t have to look at your cell phone to know who is calling or from whom the text arrived, simply give a glimpse at your wrist and decide if you want to take the call or not, the watch can transfer the call directly to your headset. Outbound Dialing works with any phone and gives users the ability to utilize their device of choice without displaying that device’s Phone Number to the individual receiving the call. If you have activated the security PIN feature, you will be prompted to enter it at this time. Simply dial the desired Talkroute Phone Number you wish to display on the outgoing Caller ID. I'm not aware of any way to hack, trick or cajole Apple to add a cell phone number to an Apple ID other than it going through the normal activation process on iPhone only. The most straight-forward is to click the "Messages" menu in the upper left corner of the screen.

You can do this by selecting, and changing the Start new conversations from: drop down menu.
Appearance wise, the watch is excellent in design with an ergonomic shape and glossy metallic finish, making it an extraordinary fashion wearable. From the name itself, you might know it was inspired by armors and skeletons […]Myo Gesture Control Armband Controls Your Smart Device Wirelessly Through Hand Gestures Always wanted to control your devices with hand motion? Remember, your phone must be listed under Forwarding Phone Number within your account to activate the Outbound Dialing system.
When I send a text from my Mac, the receiver gets a message from my apple ID not my phone number.
The downside of it is that you have to port your number from your cell carrier to GV or start using a new number.
I've tried to go the Messages and the Message Preferences but my Message Bar doesn't even have a Preferences tab. I just really want to be able to send a message to my friends from my phone number on my laptop..

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