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We would like for you to participate in a short survey and at the end of the survey, you will be awarded your free cruise.
Original phone call was made from 515-423-0628, saying to call 347-637-6194(which we DID NOT DO).
Said Aetna was requesting a service for you and if I wanted to hear the service press 1 which I did and was disconnected. 509-209-6671 Identified as: Unlisted Number from Spokane WashingtonComment from Tracy I.
When I texted them asking who they were, they said I should disregard their call, and they would not say who they are.

Leaves message that if we don't return call or have our attorney call, we will have the police knocking at our door. The reverse number lookup database contains information such as location, carrier, and link type of millions of landline and cellphones in the United States and Canada.
If you are recieving annoying or unknown calls, we urge you to leave a report to help others who may be facing the same thing. Claims to be with IRS and claim to want to help with your IRS debt and if you refuse then they claim you will be arrested. One caller was extremely rude and hung up on me when I told her I didn't want to purchase an extended warranty on my vehicle.

This has been going on for a couple months now , in the beginning they would not leave a message and now they leave messages. But a girl at work who speaks Spanish states it is a recording trying to get me to buy a few nights at a hotel for a cheap price. This is not right I was born here speaking English and now I am getting solicitation calls in a language I no nothing about.

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