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Macbook pro 2011 - image distortion, red vertical lines, Macbook pro 2011 : red vertical lines, image distortion, screen blurring, freeze, shift, gpu issues, ??????????. A recall was destined to come as thousands of users with a iPhone 5s have problems keeping their phone charged. Apple support has confirmed a small percentage of users have defective batteries in their mobile phones produced between September 2012 and January 2013.To charge that up, a select amount of serial numbers in that date range are claimed to be defective.

However Apple support is receiving many calls about the iPhone 5 battery replacement program leading some to think more phones have been affected.Eligibility by Apple is determined in the search box for the serial number on your phone. Other information you will see on this screen includes quantity of applications, free space, version, cellular carrier, and Bluetooth address.The iPhone 5 battery replacement program is available worldwide but does not extend the warranty on your phone.

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