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Cellspot Cellular brings  convinience to the consumers whether you have a clean credit record or not to obtain a cellphone contract. With Cellspot Cellular all you have to do is to select the cellphone you require online and complete the form online. Within 24 working hours you will be contacted with the outcome of your application you will then be contacted by a consultant within 48 hours to confirm your details and package selection. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a splendid design inherited from the S6 edge.The Galaxy S6 edge+ blends form and function with industry leading features, including the best screen technology, the most advanced camera for high quality photos and videos, the latest fast wireless and wired charging, and an incredibly powerful processor. With its curved 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy S6 edge+ makes the edge experience even bigger to provide a more immersive multimedia experience. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ succeeded the unique and distinctive design of Galaxy S6 edge, and becomes even more elegant, understated, and finely crafted. Posted in contracts.Tagged samsung-galaxy-s6-edge, samsung-galaxy-s6-edge bad credit, samsung-galaxy-s6-edge cellc, samsung-galaxy-s6-edge south africa. If you are a liker of finer things in life, the Hauwei Mate S is the cellphone to have, itis nothing short of spectacular.
Well we have got the solution for you, whereby you can apply for a cellphone contract through a company we found that offer blacklisted cellphone contracts. More and more people are looking for blacklisted cellphone contracts, due to people falling into debt and then being blacklisted due to missing payments. Enjoy browsing through our website and be sure to check in regularly since we will be adding new articles and updates regarding blacklisted cellphone contracts. For all our loyal subscribers, we always try and bring you the latest news in 2015 related to the best Cell phone deals out there and today we are going to be looking at Cell C deals. Cell C have been around now for a good number of years and they have truly become one of the big cellphone companies in South Africa. In this highly contested market, more people are looking to Cell C since they offer very affordable contracts and deals.
They also have a wide variety of cell phones available that you can choose from and some of these include AG Mobile, Altech, Apple, BlackBerry, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung & Sony Mobile. Cell C deals are updated regularly, so our best advice is that you constantly visit their hot deals to view their latest mobiles on offer as well as their current rates for each mobile. They offer a variety of types of contracts as well that include Data, Prepaid, Contract and TopUp, so be sure to run through the list to get that deal that will fit you perfectly. Cell C Deals are updated constantly, so the best advice we can give you to get that great special, is to be on the lookout for the latest interactive brochure, since they sometimes have deals that are limited to a number of users. Today we are going to be looking at Vodacom Deals in closer detail, due to the huge number of requests from our clients about their deals and where they can view all the latest deals online. First if all we have to mention that with their very informative website, they offer an array of ways to contact them and we will just list the main contact numbers below for people who want to contact them directly. We are ourselves Vodacom subscribers and must say that we are very happy with their service and contracts deals and that in our opinion they are the best cellular company in South Africa.
On their website they have a link to all the latest deals they offer in the form of an interactive brochure that you browse through and view all the latest cellphone models as well as price on the various packages. Vodacom has grown over the years and with all the changes in legislation concerning rates that can be charged, they have managed to still stay on top and offer the best deals out there. We ourselves did the comparison a while back and found that Vodacom came out on top at that stage and we got a great deal from them and we must say that we are very happy with their service and packages that we got.
Vodacom offer great deals and cellphone contracts and we will be following very closely to keep you updated on all the latest news and reviews. As new mobile devices come onto the market, they will be listing tem and bundling them with various packages, so be sure to weigh up all the various contracts for the same device from the various cellular companies, to determine the best deal out there.
Happy browsing and let us know if you do need any other information on Vodacom deals and we always strive to bring you all the latest information and reviews.
Due to so many requests from our users, we are going to be reviewing smartphones over the next couple of weeks and we will be adding new reviews as new smartphones are launched in South Africa. As we currently use a variety of smartphones, the iphone 6 is one of the phones we use on a daily basis, so we have come to know this amazing smartphone very well and we can only give you our honest feedback regarding what we have experience on a day to day use. We started using the iphone 4 back in the day and we can truly say that the new iphone 6 is one of the best phones Apple has created to date and they just continue to amaze us as the years go on. Some of the things we can just mention offhand about this phone compared to previous models is that the iphone 6 has a better battery and improved processor and with the new plus models have the option for the much larger screen, but even the standard model has an improved screen size and this makes it much more comfortable to browse and use daily. The general feel of the phone is great and with the 6.9 mm thickness is makes it very easy to handle and store in your pocket or handbag.
Overall our review is that the Iphone 6 still leads the pack for smartphones and while the others are catching up quite fast, it still remains one of the most popular phones worldwide, but locally in South Africa it seems that Blackberry and Samsung is still leading the pack. The Blackberry Z3 is one of the most popular blackberry phones and we had a closer look at the smartphone and will be outlining the finer details related to this mobile phone for you.

Blackberry has seen some rocky times over the last couple of years, but still seem to have a large market share in South Africa and many smartphone users prefer them to the more popular Samsung and iphone models worldwide. The screen resolution also comes in at 960 ? 540 px and the colour display on the screen is very good and offer users a very clear view of text and images. The feel of the blackberry z3 is actually quite luxurious although it is made of plastic and although some people might classify the phone as a budget phone, we can truly say that we did not get that feel and we can only congratulate Blackberry on developing a well functional smartphone at a relatively good price for consumers. There are quite allot of blackberry phones that are still very popular in South Africa and the z3 compares with all of them and outshines even a few.
The company are still very popular and prominent in South Africa and it doesn’t seem to be losing any market share and it just seems that South Africans love Blackberry phones and we will continue to see great interest in their older phones as well as the newer models that are going to be released. Today we are going to be looking at the Blackberry 8520 Curve and although this model is not as popular around the world, it is one of the most popular phones in South Africa to date. Allot of mobile phone users in South Africa seems to prefer this phone and due to the huge number of request, we are going to be delving deeper into the technical details of the Blackberry 8520 Curve.
First of all you cannot compare this phone to let’s say the Iphone 6 but if you look at the various features, it offers great features that users seem to love and suit their daily needs. These features are great and offer users the opportunity to transfer data and go online in Wi-Fi zones. We must keep in mind that this is an entry level mobile phone and thus only have the basic features and users will enough more advanced features in the upgraded models. This little mobile phone offers more than enough features for users to enjoy en we can clearly understand that users love this phone and at a very reasonable price, you can have a mobile phone and have all the basic features that you need in a mobile phone. In terms of multimedia, the phone offers a great 3.5 mm headphone plug that users can use to enjoy music via their mobile phone. This phone comes in at 103g and is a bit heavier than the 9360 and the screen resolution is 320 x 240 pix, which is average but still gives the user enough to view photos and text with relative ease. The great thing about this phone is that although it doesn’t have the touch screen technology that so many smartphones these days have, it has a track pad that you navigate with through the menu to get to all the features on the phone. When looking at the camera quality, the Blackberry 9320 Curve comes out with 3.2 mega pixel camera, which is a nice upgrade from the 8520 and with the light at the back gives is functionality to use it as a flashlight at night.
We have looked at many blackberry phones and we are truly impressed with this one specifically and can recommend this phone to anyone looking at a mobile phone.
This phone comes in at a great retail price and combined with all the basic features it give any user the joy of owning a mobile phone with functionality that they can enjoy the basic features most phones offer.
The Blackberry 9320 Curve has allot of other features and although we are only touching base on a few, this will give you a broad enough overview of what this mobile phone offers and why you can seriously look at this phone. Today we are going to be looking at the vodacom login in closer detail and letting all our vodacom subscribers know, exactly how they need to proceed to login. Vodacom is one of the biggest mobile companies in South Africa and with their ever increasing customer base, then need for online facilities to check your account, has become crucial in this day and age. First of all, if you do not have an account with them, you can easily register with them and go through the registration process to get yourself online. Secondly if you already have an account with them, then can login with your cellphone number and password that you need to enter, that is linked to your account. They couldn’t have done a better job in creating this login page and we will continue to monitor there progress and upgrades related to their login procedure and will keep all our users updated. Be sure to check back soon for all the latest news and reviews related to vodacom as well as other mobile companies in South Africa. Just as an additional note, due to the high volume of requests we have been receiving, we decided to inform our subscribers and about the Vodacom customer care number online.
Today we are going to be exploring bulk sms in more detail and looking at the ways how this service can be used and what type of platforms there currently are in the market that do offer this service. The need for bulk sms has increased over the last couple of years, especially with more and more people looking at cellphones, whether it is older models or smartphone technology.
This type of direct advertising has become very popular and with more companies looking at this feature, the response from a potential client is immediate and you can get allot of information from the client via a sms. The big thing is off course that you need a list to send to and our best advice is to contact legitimist bureaus that will be able to assist you with these lists. You then login into the system, upload your list, setup your sms and then send it out a specified date and time or immediately.
The feature of sending a sms in bulk to thousands of subscribers in one go is a great prospect and we will be featuring all these bulks sms companies on our site in the companies weeks and months, so be sure to check back regularly.
We generally think of Telkom as a landline service provider and not many people really know that they offer mobile deals as well. They offer a variety of Cell phone deals and with more mobile subscribers looking at better deals in South Africa, more people are starting to look at what Telkom Mobile has to offer. Telkom was always known as the only service provider in South Africa in terms of fixed landlines and with the market still growing, the mobile industry has been booming for the last couple of years and with still no end in sight in terms of growth, it was only a wise decision on Telkom’s part to get into the mobile industry to also offer great deals and contracts for people in South Africa.

Telkom Mobile offer a variety of devices that you choose from on the various deals and these include Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Nokia, Samsung and Sony. This is a great option, so that each user no matter where they live, can view their coverage beforehand to determine of Telkom Mobile is available in their area. Enjoy looking around their website and be sure to contact them with any questions related to specific Telkom Mobile deals and check back regularly on our website for more and existing review on cellphone companies in South Africa. Blacklisted People and people with a low credit score are welcome, apply online, no papers needed.  Requiring no documentation ( no payslip, no bank statement or proof of address) from your side, the cellphone is delivered to you free of charge, there is no sim or connection fee and we have one of the lowest credit requirements in the market at the moment. Once you select your package you merely need to complete the application form and submit it through to us. Once this confirmation is completed successfully your package will be delivered within 5 working days. With increased 4GB RAM, this smartphone offers the most powerful capacity and processing power on the market, enabling users to enjoy more seamless multi-tasking, keep up with messages, post updates to social networks faster, and enjoy graphic-heavy games without suffering lag time.
Huawei set out to cater to the high-end premium market and has certainly had a lot of success . Huawei has managed to take the very well-equipped Mate 7 and extend that hardware basis even further. For allot of people in South Africa that can’t get cellphone contract due to be being blacklisted.
All you have to do is to click on the banner we feature on this website and then apply online and they will contact you to discuss your options. This can really be a headache for anyone and that is why we created this website to assist people to get in touch with the right companies to assist them.
With Vodacom still having the biggest market share and then followed by MTN, Cell C have made inroads to get their hands on a big portion of the market as well in South Africa.
We have been Cell Subscribers ourselves and worked out that their deals are very affordable monthly and they offer very competitive rates on all aspects related to Cell phone deals.
Now their packages vary according to data bundle size as well as minutes that can include anytime minutes and various pricing packages according to other well-known specifications.
There packages are generally in line with the other companies like Cell C and MTN and our best advice is to weight up the packages according to the amount of minutes you will be receiving, coupled with data bundles according to their monthly fee. Their deals are listed monthly, so be sure to check back regularly on their website for all the latest deals for that month.
Today we are going to be looking at the Iphone 6 in closer detail and giving you all the pros and cons (if any) regarding this smartphone. When looking at the iphone 6 and its internal storage, you see that this rage has the larger 128 GB included, which offer you much more space to save you photos, music etc.
The phone is also powered by a very impressive dual core snapdragon 400 and we found the speed to be great and very easy to use in terms of day to day activities. Some of the most popular blackberry phones in South Africa include the following models: Blackberry 8520 Curve, 9320 Curve, 9300 Curve and the 9360 Curve. The phone also has a 2 megapixel camera which is not as advanced as let’s say the newer smartphones, but still takes good quality photos. This is just a quick overview of the specs of the mobile phone, but will give you a very good idea of what this phone offers and please let us know if you do need any additional information on the Blackberry 8520 Curve phone. The Blackberry 9320 Curve is one of the most popular phones in South Africa and users locally just seem to love this phone.
The volume buttons is also set on the right hand side and this makes it easy to control the volume on the phone. They have a very user friendly login screen, which is on a secure server (https), so this gives their users the peace of mind that they can enter securely. The simple, yet secure process of vodacom login has impresses us tremendously and once you are logged in, you can view all the details related to your account. Once you have received your list you can setup your bulk sms via various platforms and one that we have used and continue to use is sms guys and we have been very happy with the service and product offering.
That is why we decided to give you a thorough overview of their deals and tell you more about Telkom Mobile. The responsive track pad also allows users to easily navigate through the menu on the phone. All contracts are 24 months contracts, we convert you from the hassle of pre paid to the ease of contract benefits. From the edge screen, users can quickly find their pre-set contacts and send message or give a call directly.

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