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The majority of the UK population recognise that a call to an 0800 number will not cost them anything. Calls to 0800 numbers will cost you 5p per minute and your customer nothing, which equates to a very efficient cost of customer acquisition. If you need voice or fax services, or both, using Call Manager from Sundial Telecom in conjunction with your 0800 number will give you all the tools you need to decide where calls or faxes are routed, to what numbers, and at what times of day. Many will argue that Ofcom’s ruling that finally made 0800 or 0808 Freephone numbers free to call from mobile phones is long overdue but the move should also be a rallying cry for the contact centre industry. Together with the overhaul of charges to 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers, the ruling that was introduced on 1st July 2015 has been billed by Ofcom “the biggest change to telephone calls in over a decade”. Of course, reducing the cost of calls from mobiles could lead to a surge of calls from smartphone owners eager to connect with brands without the previously associated costs. The fact is, the consumer has been rapidly diverging from landline use in favour of mobiles for some time, but the contact centre industry has failed to keep pace with this change. Savvy contact centres should see this ruling as a first step in adapting the old contact strategies to meet the needs of the modern customer.
Given that premium rate numbers may have historically discouraged callers, contact centres need to be ready for the anticipated increase in calls to 0800 or 0808 numbers (or the 03xx numbers they may have adopted) and effective queue management is going to be even more important..
By deploying mobile-friendly automated call-back options, brands can avoid disappointing customers, removing queue frustration and offering a more intelligent fit into the customer’s life, by giving them the option to select a preferred contact number (like a mobile, if calling from a landline) and time.
Following on from the previous point, brands should recognise that today’s consumers are more than happy to take self-service options if this avoids lengthy voice calls. The smartphone generation not only expects to be able to interact with brands across multiple channels, it also expects continuity between these channels. The mobile user is always on, always connected, but not always keen to engage via the voice channel.
Forward thinking contact centres are developing robust contact strategies to determine the right time and channel to contact customers, streamlining processes, speeding up resolution time and personalising the mode and time of contact.

For instance, if a customer has submitted an enquiry on your website at 3am, a call to their home landline at 9am is unlikely to be successful. Remember, the customer uses a multitude of devices and platforms and is becoming increasingly sophisticated in switching between channels according to what is convenient for them (e.g. Ironically, calls to the ‘always on’ mobile owner typically suffer much lower connect rates for outbound campaigns.  With one in three mobile phones typically being invalid, switched off or roaming overseas, avoid wasted time by using a mobile number screening feature which eliminates time wasted trying to connect those calls and only dials the numbers that are on and available. The contact centre industry is still struggling to apply communications strategies built for landline calls to today’s multi-channel mobile customer. Learn how to build a blueprint for the ultimate experience you want to deliver for your customer by downloading our latest report. Using a digital maturity model, the report assesses how marketers and customer service professionals are responding to challenges and pressures in providing seamless customer service. The report summarises the findings of our latest survey and highlights some recommended actions for organisations seeking to reinvent their customer experience - and reinvent themselves in order to deliver it. We would be really grateful if you could mark voice of the customer as a VIRTUATel trade mark.
This is a powerful tool giving you instant data to analyse, enabling you to change the direction of your campaign whenever you decide to. It’s great news for the UK consumer – used to spending a total of ?900m a year on 250 million calls to service lines, according to Ofcom – who will no longer be penalised for choosing mobile over landline use. While this may potentially lead both to increased costs and staffing pressures for contact centres, the anticipated increase in mobile calls should not necessarily be seen as a bad thing. In fact, calls from mobile phones outstripped those made from landlines as far back as 2011.  And of course, smartphone owners are also increasingly using their phone for text-based communication with brands.
Today’s brands need to interact with today’s smartphone generation on their own terms, creating a seamless dialogue that builds genuine connections with mobile consumers, facilitating their lifestyles in a more effective and meaningful way and creating advocacy. Use intelligent personalised queue announcements to offer appropriate self-service options to your customers and make it easy for them to get what they need from their enquiry, such as a delivery estimate time or their account balance.

Contact centres who take this on board have the opportunity to build a seamless, multi-channel dialogue with their customers, creating brand affinity and loyalty and taking the pain out of communication for consumers and contact centre agents alike. Outbound connection rates to mobiles from the contact centre can often be low, so it makes sense to meet the smartphone generation on their own terms.
Instead try options like an SMS to ‘warm’ the contact at 12pm, followed by a call to a mobile at 2pm. It is time to shift from a one-channel reactive strategy, to a multichannel, interaction-driven system, leading to increased responsiveness of agents to create a consistent personalised customer experience across every channel. If a potential customer sees a list of suppliers they are more likely to call one who has an 0800 number first.
Instead the Ofcom rule should be seen as a timely reminder that existing contact centre strategies have been designed for a landline world, and don’t meet the needs of the modern mobile customer, leading to frustration for consumers and lost opportunities for brands.
The way consumers use mobile phones is fundamentally different to how they use landlines and brands have been slow to react. The fact is, a consumer really doesn’t want to hold and has a hundred other things they’d rather be doing than listening to the dreaded ‘elevator music’. The brands that embrace the Ofcom ruling as an opportunity to communicate with mobile consumers on their terms, are most likely to generate customer relationships and long-term loyalty. If that 0800 number belongs to you, you will have the opportunity to sell your products or services to the caller before they call one of your competitors.

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