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As wireless customers we put an unusually high amount of reliance in our cell phones and for good reason: portability is a key factor in our lives. The good folks over at Laptopmag did some legwork for the rest of us and came up with some interesting conclusions on what life is like for the average customer. United States mobile phone carriers Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile have recently been named the leading wireless services providers in the country in a study on phone-based customer service quality, which was conducted by Vocal Laboratories Inc. According to the firm, the customer satisfaction at Verizon and T-Mobile is most probably based on the superior call resolution rates the carriers enjoy.
When the cell phone stops working, it’s almost as if life slows down to a crawl along with it. He considers himself a Jedi Knight, capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound and a connoisseur of fine cell phones. The company provides the services not only to the individuals but also to millions small businesses throughout the country having a wide range of portfolio of services.

That being said, among the four major carriers, which survives the real world test of customer service? He has been involved in the wireless industry since 2003 and has been known to swap out phones far too many times in any given year.
According to the study, the two operators managed to leave behind the other two leading carriers in the country, namely AT&T and Sprint. The company provides enterprise clients of all sizes access to advanced IP networks in the globe via the convenient voice and data services.
No JD power awards to be given here–just real world testing under real world conditions, and the winner won’t surprise any readers of this website. It is understood that we have all, at one point or another, had both great and less than great customer service experiences with wireless carriers, T-mobile included. Yeah theyve been maing strides but its gonna be hard to see them being around for much longer.

Its portfolio of services and products includes Bundles, Internet Access & Support, Local Service, Long Distance services, Wireless, Establish New Service. Thankfully however, when put to the test, T-mobile came out on top with the most precise answers. While the T-mobile experience for Laptopmag was not perfect, it came out above the competition thanks to better-than-the-rest awareness of what the phones could or could not do.

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