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Page Design by Kid4Life LLC - Owned and Operated by Twin Suns Media Group - All rights reserved. The cool guy is named Bones Mello, an Italian greyhound, no doubt, the cute guy has inherent advantage to disguise himself as a powerful AT-AT walker originated from the universe of Star Wars series: his four spindly legs. Well, apparently Lucasfilm doesn’t think that a nerd in Oklahoma collecting millions of dollars under the guise of a non-profit in order to build a fictional machine that they own the rights to is a good idea.  From AT-AT for America. For the past couple of days I have had some very heartfelt conversations with Steve Sansweet, the official fan liaison of Lucasfilm. Long story short, I can no longer solicit any kind of support for the AT-AT for America project in its current form.
I’ve thinking all day about what to say to everyone who reads this blog, our Facebook and to everyone who has emailed me in support of the project. Steve Sansweet pointed out many flaws in this plan, the first being that I didn’t let Lucasfilm know from the start what we were doing.
Man, this is the best decision George Lucas has made since he decided not to direct The Empire Strikes Back.  Seriously, if you’re not bright enough to first seek permission from Lucasfilm for something like this, something tells me you’re not bright enough to lead and manage a massive complex engineering project.

Yeah, Lucasfilm may own the intellectual rights to TaunTauns, but can you really own the rights to a living animal?  Probably not.  At worst, Koehler could just call it Kangacow or TrabTrab or something like that. The Flight of the Navigator (watched it on youtube just last week) ship would only be complete with authentic Paul Reuben voice.
First, the site provides a link to a blog on restaurant social media, presumably because he’s figured out the copy and paste function on his computer.
El transporte acorazado todo terreno o AT-AT por sus siglas en ingles, es un transporte y vehiculo de combate de cuatro patas usado por las fuerzas Imperiales terrestres. Tweet Bag) Mike Koehler.  Basically, he wanted to build a real life, fully operating AT-AT for America and was soliciting “donations” to fund the multi-million dollar project.
Seeking financial donations to build a piece of Lucasfilm intellectual property goes far beyond what is considered proper. It sounds as if they aren’t the bogeyman when it comes to giving the blessing to fan project.
What do you do with hundreds of passionate people who want to do something to make our country awesome?

I feel like I let so many people down, not just all of you, but my friends and my family who supported all of this craziness for the past two weeks. Who on Channel 13 as a kid and being more impressed that the TARDIS was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside rather than the fact that it could transport through time and space.  That being said, the most difficult part about making a TARDIS would be finding whatever a police box is.
Con sus 15 metros de alto, los AT-AT son intimidantes y son usados tanto para el efecto psicologico como para el tactico. I still think the fan (nerd, geek, whatever you want to call it) community and culture has been such a blessing to me, my kids and the world. If you also want to bring a Star Wars themed dog to Halloween party, jump to AT-AT dog Facebook page for more details.

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