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Lenney Lowseck Ford XA Falcon - Townsville, The XA Falcon had a hard time contesting its predecessor the XY, as the XY was considered to be the greatest production Falcon of all time. Autosalon for those who have been living under a rock for the past decade is one of the most prestigious car events with styling influenced in every possible way with cars ranging in style from JDM, Sexspec, and just plan out crazy. Continue reading American Orion is the new “Nimrod”, are there any alternatives? The Annual Motorsport Event of South East Queensland the Gold Coast 600 having the amazing back drop of Surfers Paradise, the sounds and excitement of over 100 race cars and more half naked women than you could poke a stick at it was always going to be an epic weekend. In the morning the testosterone level was off the scale, everybody was jumping hard onto the loud pedal and making lots of noise. As Forrest Gump once said about life being like a box of chocolates, Micheal Gillan didna€™t know what he was gonna get when he first laid eyes on this VZ Clubsport. Kyna Treacy and Katie Quinn, the pair of Australian women who were on the receiving end of a baseball New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez threw at them — scribbled with a request for their phone number — are speaking out, in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition. The women reveal that it wasn’t just A-Rod who wanted to hook up with them: A SECOND Yankees player later texted them, as well! All things considered the XA did quite well in the sales department and has attracted many die hard enthusiasts to the Ford shed. Enlisted 14th October 1914.Australian Imperial Force – Attestation Paper of Persons Enlisted for Service Abroad – Edward Dudley Milbourne Marsh - 14th October 1914. This is the non-competitive part of the day, good time to get into a groove and work out what you will need to do later. I dont see you getting international attention for doing nothing but sitting in the crowd at a game? Love affairs with cars can start at a young age but many people dona€™t get the chance to own their ultimate car until later in life when the house is paid off and the kids have left the nest.
Some people might have owned their dream car at a younger stage in their lives and were forced to sell to fund a family. Some of these people buy these same cars again at a later stage to re-create what they once had. Lenney Lowseck is a lucky man in the respect that he has owned this sweet XA since he was seventeen. It was actually his first car and he hasna€™t sold it and re-bought, hea€™s kept it in his shed all these years and in that time it has undergone a few rebuilds.

What you see here is the final result of a three year stint in the confines of the back shed. Milbourne MarshTaken and subscribed at Liverpool in the State of New South Wales, this fourteenth October of 1914, before me D.J.
Squadron Sergeant Majors will obtain the sizes from each Squadron and furnish the Adjutant with same immediately. The following Signallers reported for duty, having returned from Signal School, Broadmeadows.
Gallipoli – 15th May 1915 20th May 1915Gallipoli6th Light Horse acting as infantry without their horses landed at Gallipoli.
Left the peninsular 20th December 1915     Edward Dudley Marsh in his 6th Light Horse uniform.
Photo says 4 troopers of the 7th Light Horse  mounted.1914-1918 4 Troopers of the 7th Light Horse dismounted.
Am keeping communication (per telephone) between the firing line and Head Quarters until the last moment when we finally evacuate this position. The uncertainty and suspense is somewhat trying as we do not know exactly how much the enemy know of our movements. But it shall not be long now before we make tracks for the beach and incidentally the boats. When the last of all firing line parties, “C” 1, 2, and 3 had passed “X” depot and there was not a man between the enemy and ourselves on Gun Ridge, then we the Rear Guard Party retired for the beach. Ten minutes later we were crossing the beach in two’s and walking along a pier made of bags of sand etc and boarding Navy Cutters. Two or three minutes after arrival at beach the steam pinnace left with the last men to evacuate the position from Gaba Tepe on Gallipoli. That I was one of the very last party, 20 men altogether, to turn our backs upon the Turks and make for the boats, I am very proud. At the same time there is nothing to brag about still the fact remains that had the enemy known anything then we would have had a lively and exciting time.
We had left set rifles in the trenches so that after leaving the firing line these kept going off and so the Turks believed we were still there. Truly this evacuation without loss is almost as great as the landing.   Photograph labelled as 4 horse carriage with Australian troopers.

He has been in the trenches at Gallipoli  but I do not know what position he held, and as I want to write an important letter would you let me know as soon as possible if you could furnish any particulars. A P4812 28th February 19166th Light Horse Regiment joined with 2nd Light Horse in defence of the Suez Canal.
Milbourne Marsh 6th Light Horse  Regiment was in Hospital and I beg to thank you for sending me the information . Colmar Storey?)The first and last entries will be signed, and transfers from one Medical Officer to another, attested by their  signatures.
LH 4850 30th June 1917 – Casualty Form – Active Service.Received from Isolation Camp – Marched in and attached to instructional staff.
R. 21st July 1917 – Casualty Form – Active ServiceReceived from 2nd Light Horse (Troop) Regiment. LH 5880 2nd February 1918 – Casualty Form – Active Service6th Light Horse – Rejoined Regiment x Dump Belah.
Regiment – Rejoined x Central Gas School 17th August 1918 - Casualty Form – Active Service2nd Light Horse T.
LH12107 24th August 1918 - Casualty Form – Active Service6th Light Horse – Rejoined x cadre 2nd Light Horse Regiment.
Marsh, Sixth Light Horse returned ex “Port Douglas.” Paybook shows promotion Corporal, 28th March 1915.
Marsh, Sixth Light Horse returned ex Port Darwin paybook shows promotion corporal twenty eighth three fifteen please verify and advise.
According to Australian War Memorial - after Gallipoli he went on with the 6th Light Horse to Palestine and was shot while making a special survey at Beersheba and died at Rafa the next day. 1917 This photo of Dudley's is described as "Inside a Hospital." Could be Jack Marsh (George Milbourne Marsh) on the right.

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