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Section - Student Visa Options, Vocational education and training (Applies to Certificates I, II, III or IV {except ELICOS}, diploma, advanced diploma, vocational graduate certificate or vocational graduate diploma courses).
Where necessary, the International Student Coordinator will assist students to obtain an Australian tax file number.
The following is an example of the typical requirements; however please refer to the DIAC website for the most current information.
If you do not comply with any of the conditions attached to your visa, your visa may be cancelled and you will be required to leave Australia.
8533 You must notify your education provider of your address in Australia within 7 days of arrival, and notify your education provider of any change in your address within 7 days. 8501 This condition requires that you maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance during your stay in Australia. 8105 This condition means that you are allowed to work for 20 hours a week, (other than work which is a registered requirement of the course of study or training), during any week that the course you are enrolled in is in session.
8517 This condition requires that you maintain adequate arrangements for the education of school age dependants that accompany you to Australia for more than three months as holders of a student dependant visa. 8516 The holder must continue to be a person who would satisfy the primary or secondary criteria, as the case requires, for the grant of the visa. If you decide to stop studying for any reason, you should contact the nearest office of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) within a month to discuss your situation. If the student visa exceeds the validity of your travel document, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid travel document before you undertake any travel to or from Australia.
The work conditions offered as part of a student visa provide an opportunity for international students to gain cultural experience during their stay in Australia, and can also help them improve their English language skills. However it is important to recognise that international students should not rely on work in Australia to pay for the costs of their studies and living expenses. Abdullah came to Australia with his wife Jane on a Higher Education Sector (subclass 573) visa. Salma is studying commercial cookery in Australia on a Vocational Education and Training sector (subclass 572) visa and is offered some work experience during the holidays.
Mathew working while studying in Australia on a Vocational Education and Training (subclass 572) visa.
Youssef Haddad is a Director and a Principal Registered Migration Agent with ILM Australia. Youssef is one of our leading Australian Migration Consultant and specializes in complex migration cases. Some of the matters that Youssef specializes in include Character Cancellations, Bogus Documents, Health Waivers, Onshore un-lawful Criteria, visa refusals. Youssef handles all of our Migration and Refugee Review Tribunal Cases and is also responsible for representing our clients for Ministerial Intervention. Youssef also handles all of our Refugee and Humanitarian Visas and all other Family and Partner Migration Streams.When dealing with Youssef, you can expect to receive realistic and honest migration advice. Last but not least thanks to your knowledge our cooperation had as a result my case to be accepted and my visa to be granted. Hope we meet soon and if necessary our future collaboration to have as good results as the present ones! I am writing to you in connection with the help and support you provided me during this whole period, of getting Australian Permanent Residency. Anybody wishing to file your residency application, Do So through this company here, they are the best! Many Migration Lawyers and Agents refuse to let the clients be aware of the whole process and even refuse to give an accurate and complete advice. I haven’t even met Youssef in person but from the first time I called him from Byron Bay (after hearing about him from a friend) he went above and beyond.
What is most unique about Youssef is the perfect combination of passion AND knowledge of Australian immigration law. I had previously met with a couple of other immigration lawyers but dealing with Youssef made me realize very quickly how important it is to use the RIGHT immigration lawyer. Youssef rose to the challenge and in doing so, exceeded overcoming every obstacle with incredible determination and focus.
I left the application so late that he personally had to venture to the immigration department to lodge my application. I hadn’t managed to provide every detail that was required, yet with Youssef’s abundant knowledge and commitment, my visa was applied for and granted within 24hrs.
In addition, Youssef continues to openly give guidance having completed the near impossible task of having my visa granted. I feel truly blessed to have had your help and guidance Youssef – I am embracing every beautiful element of this stunning place, because of you. Without your guidance and continued support it would have been a very time consuming and stressful process.

I could not have asked for better customer service, any query was answered promptly anytime of the day and I was kept informed at every step of the journey.
I want to express my gratitude to Youssef Haddad for his assistance in handling my case so well. I really don't have words to express how grateful I am to you for helping me out with my visa application process. Because of your help, I am now looking forward to embark on my new life in Australia with confidence.
I would not hesitate- not even for a second- to recommend your services to anyone because of your profound integrity and professionalism! I would like to thank you all at Immigration Law Matters for the support and help you provided during my visa process. Your informative and prompt replies to all questions and inquires made the process seem effortless. Immigration Law Matters has helped me with my Australian permanent residency three years ago and was always extremely efficient and professional.
Two years ago, I started my own business in Melbourne and ILM has since helped me with the business sponsorships for my staff.
I’m a Civil Engineer from Iran and successfully migrated to Australia because of Immigration Law Matters. We are forever grateful to Mr Youssef Haddad and Immigration Law Matters because due to his hard work and excellent knowledge of Australian Migration Law. We have been extremely impressed with the level of service we have received from Immigration Law Matters. We have always felt that they go beyond the call of duty to help with our enquiries and answer our questions, very often after hours as well.
They have no hidden fees and tell you how much the whole process will cost right from the start.
If you are wishing to visit Australia for a holiday, you will be required to obtain an Australian tourist visa (ETA).
An Australian ETA visa will permit you to travel to Australia for up to 3 months (90 days) for tourism purposes. Australian tourist visas are valid for 12 months from the date they are issued, and during this time you will be allowed to leave and re-enter Australia as often as you wish. You can stay in Australia for up to a period of 3 months (90 days) at any one time inside the 12 months your visa is valid for. In the event that after you have received confirmation of your tourist visa, you have for any reason, need to renew or get a new passport, you will require a new visa as your visa cannot be amended to fit your new passport.
Please Note: If your nation is not recorded above, you may still be eligible to apply for a tourist visa manually. You will not be able to apply on the ETA system if you have criminal convictions from any country.
You are not entitled to work in Australia on any tourist visa application; however restricted voluntary work is acceptable. Study or training lasting longer than 3 months is additionally not allowed on this type of visa. An Australian tourist visa will permit you to stay in Australia for up to 3 months on each visit.
You may leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you wish during the 12 month period your visa is valid.
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Winny Immigration and Education Services welcomes the new rules, of the Australian High Commissioner, Peter Varghese. These changes will result in a steady and sustainable growth in high-quality Indian student enrollment; such are the beliefs of Winny Education Services. These conditions are shown on your visa label as a four digit numerical code that may have a brief description next to the code. Applications for a student visa with permission to work can be made only in Australia after the student has commenced studies.
Generally, this means that you must maintain approved Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
Also you must not enter Australia before the day nominated by the education provider as the day on which your Welfare arrangements are to commence.
Most international students are restricted to a maximum of 40 hours work per fortnight while their course is in session and may only work unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks. This is because he will work more than 40 hours in week two and week three (he will work 45 hours).
Youssef has a strong understanding of the Migration Act and the Migration Regulations which allows him to effectively resolve complex migration matters.
Youssef has a high success rate when representing his clients which is a reflection of his sound understanding of Australian Migration legislation and devotion to the Migration Advice Profession. You will have a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities available to you under Australian Migration Law.

It was a pretty short period getting my Engineering assessment and quite incredible getting my visa just in 4 month.
I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who seeks Australian Migration Assistance.
It is so refreshing to meet someone who is passionate about his work and genuinely cares about the people whose lives he is helping to change.
I procrastinated greatly over what visa to apply for and had literally two weeks to not only decide, but to then go through the process of lodging it and having it granted. His ability to move things forward at record pace and his complete commitment to his work is not only incredible beyond words, but changes lives.
The ‘aftercare’ is not something I have experienced with any other immigration lawyer and demonstrates his depth of integrity. You provided a very supportive and helpful services that enabled me to obtain my student visa easily. Because of your prompt services, professionalism and all your attention I was able to get my visa grant in 5 weeks!!!! I have truly enjoyed working with you, the result of my application is evidence of your impeccable attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of the immigration laws and procedures. Their expertise and pragmatic work ethic were highly valuable to me both from a personal, as well as a professional perspective.
Before I found out about Immigration Law Matters (ILM) I was so confused from all the advice the other ‘so-called’ professionals gave me. Not only did they help me determine the best occupation according to my skills and qualifications but they helped me get the visa quickly.
Before we met with Youssef we were getting ready to leave Australia but against all odds he helped us win our case at the Migration Review Tribunal.
We have had six people including ourselves receive permanent residence visas due to their teams’ efforts and recommend them highly to anyone who is looking for help in Australian Migration. If you require a longer stay, we also offer 6 month or 12 month tourist visas for Australia.
Randomly, a sample can be sent for referral which means we will require a copy of your bio-page (picture page) of your passport to present to the department. If you wish to study in a class-room situation for more than 4 weeks you may be obliged to complete a chest x-ray before commencing your studies and apply on a subclass 676 tourist visa.
If you are wishing to stay for longer, please visit our six month or twelve month visa sections. Not only shall it benefit the Australian universities, but also deserving students have a better chance at receiving education from these esteemed universities.
NOTE: You should always notify your education provider if you are changing to another provider, regardless of the requirements of this condition, or risk having your visa cancelled. Your visa is subject to mandatory cancellation if you work more than 20 hours a week during any week that your course is in session. Salma is not breaching her work conditions as she is allowed to work unlimited hours while her course is not in session. With tears of joy I received the news from you on Wednesday 25th of september that I finally got my permanent residency here after 3 months. This demonstrates his loyalty, his compassion and his pure devotion to his job….and even more so, the life of every individual he helps.
ILM were very realistic with their advice and most importantly they gave me correct advice and our family successfully migrated to Australia.
If you want to be successful in your visa application please only use Immigration Law Matters…they know what they are doing. I would certainly recommend Immigration Law Matters to anyone wanting to migrate to Australia or is in Australia and has a problem with their visa. Thecomplexity of the student visa application process will reduce as well as the Visa processing will be much faster. To receive more updated information regarding the same, visit Winny, the most trustable and the best Overseas Education consultants.
Sally is in breach of her work conditions as she is working before her course has commenced. This is because the Postgraduate Research Sector visa (subclass 574) does not have a restriction on the number of hours a student can work.
This is because Subclass 573 dependants are not allowed to work more than 40 hours a fortnight unless the student is studying a masters or doctorate degree .
Mariamwill still have to be careful to ensure she is achieving satisfactory progress on her PhD. My dream came true, and you guys have played such an important part in helping me with my application. If you’re an engineer and want to migrate to Australia then Immigration Law Matters know how to get you to Australia.

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