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With the explosion in cell phone ownership and use, timely maintenance of the ancient pay-per-use devices just isn’t a priority any more.
The stern section, which suffered far more damage during the two-and-a-half-mile plunge to the ocean bottom, lies in pieces scattered half a mile away from the bow.
Gallivan’s collection includes rare cards featuring the Broughton mine and Dominion Number 2 colliery, the Gisborne Bridge on the Mira River, a fishing camp at Jersey Cove, Robert Perry’s visit to Sydney, the 1913 fire in North Sydney, and Grand Chief Ben Christmas.
Time passes, [and] the library peri­od­i­cally asks about his use of their space, does he really need this secure storage, and so on.
The Berlin wall falls, the world is more open, evil forces are in retreat, and Varma decides he can take home his trove of vam­pire doc­u­ments and literature.
Oostveen professes not to know who to blame for the pilferage: Abraham van Helsing or Dracula. Los Angeles filmmaker and photographer Ransom Riggs made this short film about his favorite post-apocalyptic landscape, the Salton Sea.
In the last few years, I’ve made several business trips to the Faroe Islands, a rocky archipelago that rises spectacularly from the North Atlantic, about halfway between Iceland and Scotland.
On this spot in the year 999, island chieftans gathered for the first meeting of the Faroese Logting, or parliament.
Today, the Logting has 33 MPs, split among six political parties, the largest of which holds only eight seats. Unless you indicate otherwise, I will assume I have your permission to post your comment, and to use your name in doing so. We went to a local Bell-Aliant store and I explained the situation to the employee, who claimed it would be no problem. What actually happened was she received a call from Bell telling her she’d receive a $250 credit towards a new phone if she renewed her contract for three years. After a particularly futile phone call, I explained the situation very politely and thoroughly, and the rep just continued saying “The May 4th contract is a valid verbal agreement and is binding. We eventually ended up talking to the original employee, who conceded that the only way to make sense of anything was to cancel the new plan under their buyer’s remorse policy (pending less than 30 minutes use of the new phone), switch me to the May 4th commitment, and then separate the accounts. I am disgusted by the lack of compassion and understanding displayed by customer service over this issue. UPDATE: Since this entry was posted a representative of Bell has followed up with Jason and his mother. The exact thing happened to my mother, she was called saying that her contract would soon be up, and could renew it over the phone. About a week later I was having trouble with my remotes and after spending an hour on the phone with their IT it was determined that the remotes were worn out and I would have to get new ones.
Over the next two weeks (before the transfer took place) I received several phone calls and even a letter from Bell asking me to reconsider. I tried to return the tv at the mall in town but they don’t take that kind of stuff there so mailed it back to Atlantic Mobility. The next day I sent an email to Bell Aliant but I haven’t heard back from them despite their claim to respond within 24 hours. Is there a time frame after making an agreement by phone that was solicited by them that I have to change my mind?
If anyone is entertaining any thoughts of getting Bell either Express Vu or Aliant for their services I hope they think long and hard about it. Del Hancock says she won't be paying her full $50 Bell Aliant phone bill this month after being left without service for the last week. Katie Burgess, communications manager for Bell Aliant, emailed to CBC News Thursday evening that the company has reached out to Hancock. When a Cape Breton bride-to-be lost her wedding dress to the Fort McMurray fires, and old friend turned to social media, and Canadians stepped up to find her a brand new dress for her wedding on Saturday. Watch Kayley Dixon, 14, read "A Touch of Sexual Assault," a powerful and troubling poem she wrote about what it's like being a teen girl today.
Bell Mobility and the Town of Windsor are currently in the process of replacing an existing telecommunication tower structure above a building on King Street. WINDSOR — Bell Mobility and the Town of Windsor are currently in the process of replacing an existing telecommunication tower above a building on King Street. A representative from Bell Aliant said the new tower will help meet the growing demand for wireless broadband services on the company’s 4G LTE network.

The tower will continue to support the town’s fire department, providing emergency services.
Work on the tower began following a public consultation process in 2014 and is expected to continue next month. During the tower’s initial construction last year, Windsor CAO Louis Coutinho said its location would create cost saving opportunities for the town, including no longer having to replace an aging antennae on the town office and fire station.
Early public consultation meetings on the tower had at least one resident raise concerns about the potential health affects of having a telecommunication tower in a densely populated area.
Council wrote a letter of support for the tower’s construction on the condition that it met Health Canada’s Radiofrequency Exposure Guidelines at all times. Ultimately, cell phone towers fall within Industry Canada’s jurisdiction, and only that organization has the power to approve or disprove construction.
A pair of self-propelled, undersea robots scoured the 3-by-5-mile debris field, snapping more than 100,000 hi-resolution side-scan sonar images that a computer lated stitched together to create the most comprehensive map yet of the disaster’s remains. Giffen describes the trailer as a sneak preview to an hour-long documentary still in production, that follow from Heart Of Steel, a doc Giffen directed for Video Tech Ltd. He says yes, and the cab­inet gets moved a few times as the library moves divi­sions and departments. Those wanting a longer, more literary account can turn to John McPhee’s classic New Yorker piece Atchafalaya, about controlling the Mississippi. Tinganes sits two blocks from the hotel where I stay, and there’s a reason I walk out to it on every visit. The islands have seen many changes in the centuries since this historic gathering, but the Logting still meets, 1012 years later, in a modest building just up the hill from where I snapped this photo Thursday. For a resident of the province that claims Canada’s oldest responsible legislative body, at 153 years, it seems a milestone worth noting.
There are rumblings this week of a seventh party, as a prominent MP threatens to bolt the Folkaflokkurin, or Conservative Party, one of three parties making up the shaky ruling coalition.
Standard Faroese political theory attributes the large number of parties in the Logting to the overlay of two distinct political spectrums: left vs.
I use them for wireless, home phone, and Internet, and have recommended them above competitors to everyone who asks.
I did the research, picked a phone, and due to my positive experience with Bell, decided to stick with them. The only thing we couldn’t do right at the store was cancel the account with the finished contract. The rep on the phone insisted that the orphaned account could not be cancelled because it was tied into it’s own three year contract, starting May 4th. She was led to believe she could go to a Bell-Aliant store, upgrade her phone, and sign on for a new contract. I’m not sure how it can be possible for one to enter a contract without even knowing it, but Bell stuck by this contract as valid throughout our customer service battle to come. They said there was a $400 fee to break the contract and there was nothing that could be done about it. It should not be possible to not know you’re agreeing to a contract with or without the promised incentives, and then duped into getting a new contract without being told you already have one. I don’t feel this issue is fully resolved and until all unnecessary fees have been removed, I will not be satisfied. The editors didn’t run the story but in the end it was all rectified by Bell-Aliant anyways. Even though there must be some law about a 16 year old getting a new phone without the account users(dad’s) permission as well as a two year extention on a three year contract without being informed. Nicole says:The exact thing happened to my mother, she was called saying that her contract would soon be up, and could renew it over the phone.
She says she hasn't been able to get a straight answer from the company about when it will be fixed.
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We find out how the CB Partnership is offering business leaders and employees in Cape Breton a free leadership course to build skills.
So he produced an explainer that lays out the complex combination of natural and human forces that create, and attempt to control, the inevitable natural process of river flooding.

My mother offered to take over the final 20 months of my family plan contract and cancel her own, then I’d start a brand new contract in my own name. We now had three contracts between the two of us, one which was tied to a placeholder phone number. We both wanted to continue being serviced by Bell, and in fact wished to sign longer contracts with more expensive plans. Ergo, $80 total to return my number to the place it started when it shouldn’t have left in the first place.
Now all of their unnecessary fees have been dropped and they are happy, despite all the suffering they have endured. She said I'd rather not do anything over the phone so i'll go into the store to talk with them (NOT necessarily going to renew the contract, as we were going to do the same thing that you tried to do!) When we went into the store we were told that the contract had already been renewed for another 3 years, which she didn't want! Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines.
My mother insisted that she did not renew any contract, but Bell claimed that she made a verbal agreement over the phone to renew her contract.
How did the store not notice the account they were changing already had a contract, I’ll never understand. Even so, no one had any interest in removing the contract that existed purely to cost us unnecessary money while providing no service in return. I’ll admit, this employee was much more sympathetic and helpful than the rest of the people we dealt with.
We spent 10 hours today going back and forth with Bell-Aliant and each other trying to sort this mess out. From almost the moment in the early 18th century when the French started to build New Orleans, settlers built levees, and in so doing, entered into a complex geoclimactic relationship with about 41 percent of the United States.
I was then informed that to keep my own number and carry it to the new account, it would be another $40.
That was the last she thought of it, and was fully under the impression that the contract had never been renewed. Two visits back to the store, dealing with several employees, a manager, and customer service again.
Even though we had no idea the contract existed, did not agree to it, were not told OF the contract when getting a new one, and were only getting the new one because the old was was over. I sure hope Bell doesn’t feel entitled to a useless contract with us because they crossed their wires.
Bell informed us that since my brother an account user got a new phone his plan was extended 2 years(He was sixteen at the time. This mostly led to the store claiming we needed to talk to customer service… and vice-versa. We were not informed of this at all nor were we informed of the 30 day cancellation period when Bell called.
Even though there must be some law about a 16 year old getting a new phone without the account users(dad's) permission as well as a two year extention on a three year contract without being informed. I was really skeptical and taken back by such exorbitant fees to move a number within the same provider, but reluctantly agreed to pay it. I understand is first line service reps can’t handle these situations, but I was very understanding of that and simply wished to speak to someone who could help me. When I inquired about this the reps answer was it is your responsibility to ask about the 30 day notice. I was also informed that the now abandoned account would still sit there for a month and I’d have to pay that as well. A rep also told me the 30 day notice was on the contract but when I flipped through our contract that was signed three years ago there is no rule listed only that we must abide by the terms and agreements!! I need to know if anything can be done about this situation because Bells seems set against helping me.

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