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I was very tired of continually seeing adds on the television for this local phone company or that local phone company about their low, low, really low phone rates. You see we actually have two separate phone lines in our home so our overly expensive phone bills were twice a problem.
What prompted me to call our local phone company was one of those ads in the newspaper from an internet phone service with ridiculously low monthly rate, including long distance. After about 30 minutes the phone bill on my home office phone line was reduced by around 30% and I received three times as many long distance minutes with the same features. Well keeping the same features and also increasing the long distance minutes by a factor of 3, I was able to reduce its monthly cost by 44%! At the same time, therefore, I was able to reduce our Bell internet service by 30% per month. In each case all that happened was the monthly charge was reduced with the same identical features.

The only point I am trying to make here is not to wait for your local phone, internet and television services provider to call you.
Most of them will simply sit back and take your money while they offer lower plans to their new customers or to those who call and ask for them.
Call your internet provider as well as your cable or satellite television provider as well for a better deal.
And wouldn’t that be nice with the holiday credit card bills starting to roll in any day now? The 1st Edition was recognized by The Toronto Star on April 09, 2009 in their Personal Bailout Survival Tips series. The 2nd Edition was part of a CBC News' The National news segment on March 2, 2010 in which Dan was interviewed. Irish are Number OneThe University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish men's football team are number one.

Live the MUSKOKA LIFESTYLE for under $60,000 Located at Hidden Glen Marina & Trailer Park. In the case of the Bell internet service I was able get them to connect us to their higher speed service even with the 30% reduction in cost. It’s not fancy but I pay only $50 a month for unlimited service and the coverage is great and never a bill.

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