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Samsung Instinct from Sprint Mobile : Just a few days after hitting store shelves, Samsung Instinct has become the fastest-selling EVDO handset in Sprint history. Instinct boasts many advanced phone features including Visual Voicemail, allowing users to listen to messages in their order of preference and manage them with a simple tap of the screen. We had high expectations going into the launch so our initial order to Samsung was the largest for any Sprint EVDO handset to date, said John Garcia, President of Sprint's Wireless Division.
The record pace of Samsung Instinct sales has led to temporary shortages of the mobile device at some locations across the United States.
We know we have a winner in Instinct, especially since Sprint's EVDO Rev A network offers five times more mobile broadband coverage than the AT&T 3G network based on square miles, added Garcia. Initial indications show extremely heavy use of the mobile phone for email access, web browsing and GPS navigation with Live Search for Sprint providing access to directory information on-the-go, interactive maps and one-touch click to call access. With all of the carriers, manufacturers and models out there, getting a new phone can be dizzying. If you don't need the latest and greatest phone in your life, think about which features you can eliminate and look for cheap options on sites like Wirefly. It wasn’t long ago that I was still making monthly payments of $92 to Verizon Wireless.
I was trying to make as many extra payments on my student loans as possible, so that didn’t sit well with me. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Republic Wireless is an alternative cell phone carrier that has plans ranging from $5 to $55 per month.
Instead, you can choose the $5 WiFi plan, or the $10 base plan with unlimited everything over WiFi, and unlimited calls and texts over cell. If you go over the amount of data you purchased, you’ll have to buy more (which can be done instantaneously from the Republic Wireless app on your phone). This is one of the biggest concerns most people have, especially if you’re an Apple lover. However, if you look on eBay, you might be able to snag a Moto G, Moto E, or Moto X (1st Gen).
If you buy your phone through a third party, you’re eligible for the 30 day monthly plan refund, and you can always sell your phone. If the phones are a deal breaker for you, you might want to look at other alternative carriers that let you bring your phone with you.
Even though you can net some great savings with Republic Wireless, it’s not for everyone. I actually know a few people on Republic and love it, but there are some challenges, especially if you have issues with your wifi. Join our online community and receive the first chapter of Hustle Away Debt absolutely FREE. The Samsung Instinct phone was first available exclusively to Sprint customers on June 19 breaking records for the initial launch of any Sprint product. The strong early response tells us that wireless customers recognize Instinct as a highly-innovative and convenient touch-screen mobile phone combined with the fast speeds available on the largest national mobile broadband network.

Sprint and Samsung are diligently working around the clock to increase inventory in all sales channels. We appreciate the support from our customers and we are committed to working with Samsung to ensure that every customer who wants an Instinct can get one. Samsung Instinct from Sprint Mobile also offers the ability to quickly share pictures, watch live TV, listen to commercial-free radio and more as Sprint's first EVDO Rev A consumer device. Some of the components of the phone may have been replaced, but the phones usually come with a good warranty. The company offers a wide selection of models, and you can easily compare them no matter which carrier you have. Many companies don't like to see their existing customers go, and may offer discounts that are too good to pass up.
Quite a price to pay just to text and surf the web (I’m not very attached to my phone).
It’s the perfect solution for me as I work from home and have access to WiFi a good 90% of the time. Republic Wireless phones use special hybrid technology to enable WiFi-to-cell handover, so only the Moto E and Moto X (both 2nd Gen) are available to purchase from the store.
I had an iPhone 4S before that, and an Android phone before that, and both OS’s have their strengths and weaknesses. If you ever have any questions, besides opening a support ticket, you can check the forums and ask other community members for help. Since it requires special hybrid technology, Republic Wireless needs to modify the OS accordingly. With plans ranging from $5 to $55 per month, a 30 day money back guarantee, and having a refund available for the data you don’t use, there’s not much to lose!
I am interested in learning more about the customer service and whether the quality is good.
I can’t believe that people pay full price anymore when there are so many low-cost options out there. Verizon and AT&T are the only choices if you want to be able to have service without having to be right in the middle of town. I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Republic Wireless lately, but really appreciate this in-depth review of all the pros and cons! When I got my Moto X my family kept asking about it, and they were amazed I was paying so little. Instinct became available to all customers on June 20; sales continued to be brisk with Instinct breaking Sprint's record for the first week of sales for any mobile device. Samsung has increased efforts to deliver new supplies of Instinct on a daily basis and manufacturing plants are operating at full capacity to keep up with the demand.
Samsung Instinct was recently named Best in Show in the third annual Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Award competition in April at CTIA Wireless 2008. There's a stigma about refurbished phones, but they are generally backed by the company that's selling them, and will perform all your phone functions for less.

When talking to new carriers, explain that you are already with another company and ask what they can do to convince you to switch over. After a week of him experiencing good service, I decided to make the switch and haven’t looked back. If you’re worried about going over, Republic Wireless has made it easy to monitor your usage.
Again, you can get a used one online if the $130 (Moto E) or $300 (Moto X) price tags are too high. There are a lot of settings you can tinker with to optimize your usage, but you might feel like paying extra is worth less hassle. She writes about balancing financial responsibility with living life, gratitude, and tackling student loan debt on Journey to Saving. I have Verizon and when it’s spotty I can hardly take it (and I know they have some of the best service). I look forward to the day when we do have more options and I can stop being a slave to Verizon. We have AT&T and I really haven’t been happy with it at all lately, we are looking into switching as soon as we can!
They’ve always been prompt and when I had to call them, they walked me through a fix very patiently. In the first few days of availability, many Instinct cell phones were purchased by existing customers upgrading their wireless device - we thank our customers for their endorsement of this phone, our Simply Everything pricing plan and our company.
The overwhelming success of the Samsung Instinct mobile phone reinforces our expectations; people want choices when looking to buy a powerful touch screen phone and the Samsung Instinct is a top contender, said Bill Ogle, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Mobile.
Instinct was also honored as Most Innovative Product at CTIA Wireless 2008 by the editors of LAPTOP, a leading mobile technology magazine.
You can check it from the app on your phone, and play around with the settings to lessen how much data you’re using.
Review how much data you’ve been using with your current provider before considering it. However, new phones come with 5.1, and Republic Wireless continues to fully support all its phones. Whether your currently already expired or expiring soon, you are qualified for offers like free LG Rumor 2 and Samsung Instinct s30 Copper for only $99 with a contract extension. Samsung is working around the clock to meet the consumer demand for this fast and easy-to-use mobile phone.
CNET also recognized Instinct as the Best Cell Phone in its annual Cream of the Crop CTIA 2008 awards.

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